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Haven: Real Estate

Holloway: “The things you own, own you.”

Hallowe’en episode! A bit late, as we are a week behind in Canada, but still fun. I felt like I had some of the old Haven back. What is better on a Hallowe’en show than a haunted house? And not just a haunted house, but a possessed haunted house?

The troubles are the high points for me in the episodes lately, and this was no exception. I can’t really connect with the new characters Claire, Tommy and Jordan -- and the old characters aren’t getting the play they need. My heart did warm to Claire, though, when she showed up at the Hallowe’en party as a cheerleading vampire slayer.

Weekly Weirdness

The trouble this week was Roland Holloway, who became so obsessed with his house that he actually became it. His trouble was/is that he inhabits things. His family put up mirrors so they could see him and he could see them, and in return he kept them trapped in him because he was afraid they would leave him. His wife left with the children in the only way she could. He lures Audrey in to kill her and her friends because he blames Lucy for being trapped in the house and losing his family. Although this type of haunted house has been done many times before, it was still scary and fun. A good old Haven trouble.

The Overarching Mystery

We now know who the Colorado kid was - James Cogan - and what he looks like. Is Nathan the new James? Does Nathan have to get out of the way so that Audrey/Lucy can reunite with her old love? I do enjoy Audrey’s flashbacks, although I’ve never heard of flashbacks being accompanied by a subdural hematoma. I wonder when she finds James if he will be young like her or have grown older? As you can see this episode created more questions than it answered.


Oh Nathan, you stupid guy! I’m really not enjoying the Nathan/Jordan thing. I guess Duke and Audrey would be okay, but if they start a Colorado kid/Audrey thing I might lose it. Audrey is obviously pissed at Nathan, and he doesn’t seem to care or he’s being a big baby and stomping off to Jordan. I’m not sure which is worse. Who knew that Duke was going to turn out to be the good guy?

Bits and Pieces

Loved having Vince, Dave and Dwight back.

It would have been fun if Duke, Audrey and Nathan were wearing costumes, but that might have been a bit much once they hit the haunted house.

Poor Tina and Chad. Don’t they know that it is never a good idea to go into a haunted house on Hallowe’en?


Audrey: “Do you think we can drink enough to believe anything those two say?”
Duke: “We can try.”

Audrey: “What’s with all these mirrors?”
Duke: “Rich people. They’re narcissists.”

Duke: “Yeah, I’ve hallucinated before. It’s much better than this.”

Vince: “Oh I forgot, you’re an expert on evil architecture.”

Dwight: “You want to build a bomb.”
Vince and Dave: “Yeah.”

Audrey: “This, this is your fault.”

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