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Haven: Magic Hour

Duke: “Audrey, I’d do anything you need me to. I’d hunt down your past and fight your future.”

Finally, a great episode with an interesting trouble, some answers, a cliffhanger and Claudia Black! I am obviously a sci-fi geek, evident to anyone who was also excited by the appearance of Claudia Black of Farscape fame. I love how the sci-fi world recycles actors and how we geeks follow them. I really enjoyed the pieces of the puzzle we were given as well. All in all the best episode in a while. I hope the second part lives up to it.

Weekly Weirdness

Even the weekly weirdness was fun. Noelle can raise people from the dead and she’s a paramedic. Her sister Moira has figured out how to make money from it. Kill people and then blackmail them in order to get their loved ones back. The problem is that it must be done at the right time or people stay dead. Noelle starts a chain of events when she raises a little girl after she falls out of a tree and breaks her neck. Moira takes over from there killing the people she works for as a housekeeper. They are rich and wasteful and in Moira’s book worthy of a blackmailed death. She even casually shoots Noelle’s boyfriend when he gets in the way. There did seem to be a side effect in that Noelle had to take on the pain or maybe even the injury of the person she raised. That might get very uncomfortable. Moira didn’t seem to care as she holds her sister responsible for not raising their father when he died.

Overarching Mystery

Duke and Audrey fly off to Colorado to follow a lead about James Cogan, the Colorado kid. It gets confusing because then we see that James, the person Lucy was in love with, got married. All is revealed when Audrey “disguises” herself as Sarah and goes to see James’ mom - June Cogan. We find out that the Colorado kid is Sarah/Lucy/Audrey’s son. I wasn’t prepared for that! It was a nice twist and leaves the door open for Audrey to reunite with Nathan--oh yeah, except for the stupid Jordan thing. We also found out that Tommy is the bolt gun killer, except that it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t work with the voice or the pictures that we have but he certainly has a bolt gun and he certainly is involved. Why else would he shoot Nathan?


Of course, that is the real cliffhanger. Nathan is dead. Noelle better show up in time or we won’t have a triangle anymore. Nathan has gone off the deep end with Jordan, which I found completely annoying (as did Audrey from the looks of it). I was very happy when Audrey and Duke tried the kissing thing and Audrey decided against it. I would have disliked an Audrey/Duke pairing even more. Not that I don’t like them together, but they make really good friends and the Nathan thing hasn’t really been worked out - not to mention that Audrey is disappearing in 20 days. Maybe dying will give Nathan some perspective.

Bits and Pieces

Jordan and Dwight were in cahoots. I’m not sure what that means, but I like seeing more of Dwight.

Audrey and Duke had to share a room because of a lumberjack tournament. Loved it.

The place Duke and Audrey went to was called Nederland, Colorado. This is an actual place but it reminded me of Neverland, where little boys never grow old. I wonder if that means anything?

Duke didn’t look as disappointed as I thought he might be when Audrey decided against going any further than a kiss. Maybe he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship either.


Audrey: “I’ve been, what, at least two other people and one of them was in love with the Colorado kid, and he could be on the other side of that door and all I can think is I should have worn my other pants.”
Duke: “Audrey, you are officially a girl. But look, let’s just pray that he doesn’t have a unibrow.”

Nathan: “She took Duke.”
Claire: “That’s a polarizing choice.”

Audrey: “You took a photo album from an old woman?”
Duke: “It sounds much worse when you say it like that.”

Duke: “Why don’t we just focus on one past life at a time.”

Moira: “These clients waste more money in a day than I can make in a month.”

Audrey: “20 days, that’s not long enough for me to fix our friendship if I screw this up.”

Audrey: “Duke, you’re a genius.”
Duke: “I know... why?”

Nathan: "Bolt gun."
Tommy: "It's a nice one too. Modified it myself."
Nathan: "You're the bolt gun killer."


  1. Also very glad they stopped the Duke/Audrey pairing before it went too far - good decision writers. And completely believable that they both want to keep their friendship intact. Who hasn't gone down that path before?
    I am enjoying your reviews...but I have to be careful what I say because I am an episode ahead of you.


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