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Nikita: True Believer

"You were supposed to tear that place down... you kept it running!"

What a rich and dense episode filled with character moment and insights. This is how you do a proper and admittedly stunning standalone hour.

I really appreciated the fact that as heavy as the episode's subject matter was, the writers still managed to inject a lot of humor and fun touches into the proceedings. The dialogue was appropriately snappy, and Team Nikita's delightful dynamic made me smile on numerous occasions. Michael and Sean in particular had some excellent moments in this episode. From Sean busting Michael's chops for becoming slow (thanks to his engagement), to both guys double-teaming Joshua and his partner, it was great to see the guys and girls working together so effectively throughout the hour.

However, the highlight was undoubtedly the insight into Nikita's psyche. With Mia acting as a reflection to her past, Nikki was forced to confront her actions and the plethora of feelings (disappointment, guilt) that surfaced once she decided to keep Division around. The storyline was marvelously handled, especially the incredible scene between Nikki and Alex in the infirmary. I love that their relationship is still the focus of the show and the scene was perfectly acted as the two held hands and Nikki opened her heart out.

Bits & Bullets

- Niki and Alex look hot in those short skirts.

- Amusing scene as Nikki plays Birkhoff and Sonya to see who can get her inside the prison.

- Alex getting shot shocked the hell out of me! And I adored Nikki's reaction to the issue: protective and angry like a mamma bear.

- The image of a bloody Nikita walking through Division (and effectively stopping Birkhoff and Sonya's fight) was a gorgeous visual.

- Cool continuity: Alex has to put up with the gunshot pain since she can't handle morphine.

- Epic action moment of the season so far: Mia savagely throwing Nikita out the window. Badass.

- Nikki immediately putting on her ring in the infirmary was a beautiful low-key touch.

- And for the first time this season, we got a heartfelt scene between Sean and Alex. I loved their enlightening conversation as they questioned each other on that they truly believed in. More scenes like this please.

- Loved the light ending with Nikki helping Ryan clean up his desk from all that "paper". Their relationship is thankfully still intact, for now...

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Division's different now. I'm going in to get her.
Ryan: Federal prison?
Nikita: Yeah. I've done it before.
Ryan: Michael can you-
Michael: Just because we're engaged, doesn't mean she listens to me more.

Birkhoff: (To Nikita) Don't expect me to start popping doors left and right.

Birkhoff: What else do you need for your suicide mission?
Nikita: Fitting. Alex needs a special fitting.
Birkhoff: What? I draw a line there. I'm not Amanda and this is not America's Next Top Operative.

Birkhoff: How are the shoes?
Alex: Comfy actually. I don't miss Christian Louboutin. Maybe a little. 

Birkhoff: Nikki I hope you've been practicing your yoga.
Nikki: It's Kendo nerd. And I'm gonna practice it on your head.

Ryan: Why do you think she turned?
Nikita: She shot Alex. I don't care.

Mia: I killed for Division. Innocent blood on my hands.
Nikita: You're preaching to the choir honey.

Nikita: Something happened Alex. I went there to kill this crazy bitch and I found myself looking in a mirror. She asked me if I was willing to die for Division. I didn't have an answer.
Alex: Nikita that's because you spent so much time trying to take this place down.
Nikita: Exactly. And in that time, no one thought I could be stopped. because they thought I was stronger or faster. It had nothing to do with that.
Alex: Then what was it?
Nikita: I was committed. I was more committed than my enemies. I believed. If I lose that...

Nikita: The B-U-T-R?
Birkhoff: The butter. Cause I'm slick like that.
Nikita: Gross. Where's my toy?
Birkhoff: Alright, keep your pants on.

Alex: (to Sean) This woman threw her out a window and she still wants to save her. You want to know what I believe in? Nikita.

Nikita: (to Ryan) Soldiers get a flag draped across their coffin. CIA's got a wall of stars. Division just deletes you.

- With just the right amount of humor and thrills, this was an outstanding hour of Nikita.

4 out of 5 gross B.U.T.R.s.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Amazing episode!!! I really hoped Mia would make it out alive... would have been interesting to see what becomes to one of these operatives once they're given back their lives!

    I wonder when Ryan is going to tell Nikki about the Damoclese sword hanging over their heads... :o(

    Nikki is definitely a mama bear when it comes to Alex! ;o)

  2. Nice review, Nadim.
    Definitely enjoyed this ep, too!
    Nikki really is such a Mama Bear. :)
    I'm a bit disappointed too that Mia died.
    I agree with CrazyCris, Fletch needs to come clean with Nikki re: the Jerko.

  3. Best episode of the season so far. Still stand-alone, but better than the previous ones. But I´m desperately waiting for Owen and Amanda. The one-on-one moments of this episode were fantastic every single one of them.

    Btw, will we ever get more information on the group Percy wanted to be part of in the end? Or did they just drop this storyline?

  4. I liked this one, but not as much as some of the rest of you appeared to. While I liked the dynamics of the group, and I think the additions are working well, the story itself was a tad too predictable for me.

    I laughed, Nadim, at your comment about the skirts. I thought Nikita's outfits, while always a bit OTT for a work environment, were completely inappropriate this week. Her red CFM heels made me roll my eyes.

    Also, major continuity error. In the scene with Alex in the infirmary, Nikita has a huge bruise across the left side of her body. In the next scene with Ryan, it is gone. She could have hidden it if she were covered up a bit more.. :-)

  5. I liked the episode, especially the insight into Nikita but I was expecting more, it was a bit weak.


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