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The Walking Dead: Say the Word

Daryl: “Nope, not her. We’re not losing anybody else.”

After last week’s jam-packed episode, this one felt like a rest. And doesn’t everyone need one in the prison? They have lost a third of their people and are getting a little low on women, if you don’t count Little Ass Kicker.

We still had lots of zombies and zombie killing. As one of my friends on facebook said, “Rick’s gone loco.” He’s decided to singlehandedly clear the jail and woe be to anyone that gets in his way. I actually thought that he might take out Glenn. I realized that Rick hasn’t lost any of his family up to this point, while everyone else seem to have already been through this. There is the fact that the reason he lost his wife is because he didn’t kill someone he should have and even more than that, it was probably his traitorous best friend’s baby that was the actual death of her. While Rick is off losing his mind, the rest of the group is trying to figure out how to keep the baby alive, no easy task in this new world. Maggie has found two tins of formula, but that isn’t going to last very long.

The daycare was one of the saddest sights I think I’ve seen on this show. All those little hands with children’s names on them. All of those children are dead. Maybe it was a bit hokey but it really brought home the enormity of the loss that has happened. At first, I was worried that they were going to run into some little toddler zombie and then I actually hoped that they would find a live child in the closet, but everyone would have taken their children home long before either of those scenarios would occur.

We got to see a lot more of what is happening in Woodbury. Things are building at a slow burn there. I trust Michonne’s instincts. There is something rotten here but would I stay there given the choice? Damn straight. Andrea is right, there is food, shelter, other people and safety in Woodbury. I actually thought the first shots in the episode were leading to a flashback. I was kind of disappointed when we didn’t get Milton’s back story. If I had children I might do anything the governor wanted to stay there and if it only meant not seeing things, I would be only too happy. I’m not proud of this and I would like to believe that I would be Michonne, but I think most people would do the same thing. As the Governor says, “People follow the rules and whether or not it’s true, they believe it’s what keeps them alive.” Sometimes I think that applies in our society today just as easily as it applies to Woodbury. All you have to do is scare the heck out of people, and they are ready to do almost anything.

It easy to see the Governor’s side of things. He seems like a reasonable man. He didn’t even lose his temper when Michonne held a sword to his throat (I’m pretty sure she’s going to regret not killing him). Sure, he has a zombie daughter hidden away, but everyone is a little off now. Sure, they have gladiator fights ringed with zombies but hey, there isn’t any TV. What are people supposed to do on a Saturday night? That kind of reasoning is what keeps evil people in power, and the Governor is a master manipulator. Michonne says that nobody leaves unless they are made to leave. I think Michonne was just made to leave. Would Merle have let Andrea follow Michonne if she had tried? I was afraid that they were going to shoot Michonne, but they wouldn’t do it in front of Andrea. Maybe later.

Bits and Pieces

Rick is pretty broken. I am holding on to the hope that he finds Carol and that snaps him out of it. I know there’s a grave and everything, but maybe there isn’t anything in it.

It was obvious that Daryl is the second in command. He took charge as soon as he ascertained that Rick was out of it.

The poncho was a nice fashion statement.

The scene between Glenn and Hershel was lovely.

I actually didn’t want Michonne to find Penny, which is extra creepy of me.

Michonne seemed right with the world after killing those zombies. Andrea spoke about Michonne disappearing. I don’t think she meant physically.

Loved the changes in the Governor’s face as Michonne talked about Penny. He was genuinely scared that she actually knew, but she didn’t.

Axel and Oscar are working hard to become part of the group. Oscar is growing on me.

Gross bit I could live without -- the zombie that ate Lori. Seriously, that was over the top yuck.

Daryl with the baby was adorable.

Who’s on the phone?


Milton: “Mere words cannot describe the festivities ahead.”

The Governor: “I’m here. Daddy still loves you.”

Michonne: “People with nothing to hide don’t usually feel the need to say so.”

The Governor: “She’s all personality, that one.”

Glenn: “It’s wrong, but I’d trade any number of people for one of ours any day.”

Andrea: “You go for a jog to blow off steam. This is sick.”

Daryl: “She got a name yet?”
Carl: “Not yet. I was thinking maybe Sophia. There’s Carol, too, and Andrea, Jackie, Patricia or Lori. I don’t know.”
Daryl: “You like that Little Ass Kicker. That’s a good name, huh, Little Ass Kicker.”


  1. So that zombie ate Lori and all her bones too? That's a bit strange and unrealistic. They should have shown a body becasue now people will say she's still alive.

  2. Wonderful review. Can't wait to see what happens next. Of course this wasn't comparable to last week's masterpiece but it was still a well executed episode. I'm most intrigued by Michonne. That scene in which she slaughtered the cage-full of zombies was superb! Can't wait to see everyone collide in the coming weeks!

  3. I'm quickly losing interest in this show. The acting is not good. Andrea, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie are about the only ones who can actually act.

    Andrew Lincoln remains one of the worst actors I've ever watched on TV. I don't see what others see in him, acting wise. He overdoes it all and pulls me right out of the story.

    Glenn's monologue to Hershel about T-Dog was an example of the poor writing on this show. It's a TV show. Maybe if they had SHOWN the viewers something about T-Dog – anything about his past or even given him more than one or two lines every other episode – his life (and death) would have mattered.

  4. I'm a little confused: are we supposed to assume that Carol is definitely dead, because we saw the grave? Ditto Lori, because we saw the engorged walker? I'm a bit advocate of Billie's TV Rule #10--Carol, especially, is troubling me.

  5. What's the matter with everyone. I'm watching repeats of this series on 5star and it's better than most everything I'm seeing at the moment, save Utopia and on a par with the final series of true blood.

  6. Daryl is awesome and he's the most popular character for a reason he's likable he's caring and he's nothing like his brother

    But I do like his brother cause he kicks ass


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