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Revolution: Ties That Bind

Miles: "What do you think will happen when Monroe figures out that necklace?"
Aaron: "I don't know. He'll turn the lights on and buy the world a Coke?"

Another fairly good episode, even though I kept thinking of other shows and movies while I was watching it.

This week's Lost-like character flashback did its job. Nora hasn't done much for me before, but I sort of like her now. She had to be a mom to her younger sister at a very young age (Supernatural -- and the scene where the two of them were hiding under the bed was the Sawyer flashback from Lost.) I thought they were going to the cliche-writing well again with the kidnapping and torture of a sibling, but no -- Mia betrayed our heroes to secure safety for herself and Nora. Too bad for Nora. That's got to be hard.

But the highlight of the episode for me was Tom and Julia Neville, a Monroe Republic power couple on their way up. It was Julia who figured out how to get their son Jason out of a dangerous diplomatic mission to California (I had to laugh) where the heathens send you home in a box. (Or were the heathens in the Plains Nation?) But it was Tom who carried out her dangerous plan, and it worked. And now Julia wants Tom to get rid of Sebastian Monroe and take over leadership of the Monroe Republic. The thing is, she's not wrong. Monroe isn't anywhere near as interesting a character as Tom Neville. Bring it on.

The Nevilles are so much more interesting than the psychopathic Sergeant Strausser, who actually did his impersonation of Darth Vader in this episode ("Apology accepted, Captain Needa.") Don't get me wrong, I like David Meunier; he's a terrific actor and he plays an interesting continuing character on another show I review (Justified), but he's just too much of a Nazi caricature to be running around in a sci-fi show. Why didn't Nora kill him? Why didn't Miles kill him, either? Damn.

Finally, we got a minute of Randall and his prisoner, Grace, who are tracking the Holy Grail Egg Pendants and who know that Monroe now has one. And then there was a huge camera pullback (Warehouse 13), and there it was! A huge honking machine!

Bits and pieces:

-- Charlie spent half the episode eavesdropping on Nora.

-- Apparently, the pendant is indestructible, too. Is it made out of nutronium? (Star Trek)

-- Lots of people looking for other people while carrying torches. (Lost)

-- The jump off the cliff into the water scene? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I could almost hear them yelling, "Oh, shiiiiiittttt!" Except it's NBC, so it would have to be "Oh, craaaaapppp!"

-- The Monroe Republic flag is ugly, isn't it? Flags shouldn't be ugly. Even for oppressive city-states.


Tom: "How long have you known about this?"
Julia: "Rose let it slip a few days ago, but you know me. I'm thrifty. I like to save up for a rainy day."

Tom: "I love you."
Julia: "I know."
God, I love them already. And Star Wars.

Miles: "We'll never see each other again."
Nora: "That's what you said last time."
And apparently, it was just as true.

Strausser: "Did you ever consider that maybe society was sick, not me?"
Miles: "No, I never considered that."

Two and a half out of four rainy days,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I am loving this show more and more. I laughed when I read your bit about Butch Cassidy as I had exactly the same thought as they were going over.

    I'm enjoying the flashbacks, sometimes more than the present story. This week's with Nora weren't the strongest, but it helped to illuminate some of the choices she has made.

    And, that was certainly one hot kiss! It will be weird to see Miles as Bella's dad this weekend...

  2. Just saw this and agreed with Chris;I'm really growing to love this show more and more with every episode. They've built a fascinating world and I'm actually very intrigued by most of the characters.
    Kim Raver in particular was SUPERB in this. Her machinations are delightful and I really want to see her interact with Elizabeth Mitchell!

    Oh and the child flashbacks creeped me out. I was extremely scared for Nora and Mia all alone in the world. Truly awesome hour.


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