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Doux News: 2013 Premiere Dates

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the season of Santa, it was the season of hiatus, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had streaming TV before us, we had no new shows before us, we were all looking towards the winter television season…

So here’s a schedule of the upcoming show premieres and returns! We’ll update this as more shows become available, and there’s a link on the blog’s right sidebar to help you keep track. Let us know in the comments if there’s a show you want us to add to the list. (It’s perfectly appropriate to use this page as your personal TV calendar. That’s how much we love you.)

Thursday, January 3:

Person of Interest

Friday, January 4:

Merlin (SyFy American premiere)

Sunday, January 6:

The Biggest Loser
Downton Abbey (PBS, American Premiere). And ChrisB will review it!

Monday, January 7:

Deception (NBC). Judging solely on the billboard that recently popped up on Sunset Blvd., this is NBC’s version of Revenge

Tuesday, January 8:

Cougar Town
Justified. Because how awesome is this promo?

Friday, January 11:

Fringe returns, and then finishes a week later with a two-hour finale.

Monday, January 14:

Lost Girl
Being Human

Wednesday, January 16:


Thursday, January 17:

The Vampire Diaries

Saturday, January 19:

Ripper Street (BBC America) (I have no idea what this is about.)

Monday, January 21:

The Following. Because “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” needs a resurgence.

Tuesday, January 22:

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (BBC America). Seriously, this is just on the list because I have a random FlashForward SnarkQuota to meet, and I’m falling short this year. But here’s a bizarre video promo:

Wednesday, January 30:

The Americans (FX Cold War drama)

Thursday, January 31:

Do No Harm

Sunday, January 31

The Puppy Bowl (It is the cutest thing in the world.)

Monday, February 4:

Monday Mornings. A medical drama--sounds dull. But it's got Jamie Bamber and Alfred Molina. Alfred Molina! And Ving Rhames!

Thursday, February 7:


Sunday, February 10:

The Walking Dead

BSG: Blood and Chrome, the prequel to BSG: Blood on the Dance Floor

Tuesday, February 14

Zero Hour (ABC thriller about clocks) (Really)

Sunday, February 24

The Academy Awards

Tuesday, February 26:

Cult (The CW) It’s Alaric’s new show!

Friday, March 8:


Monday, March 18:

Bates Motel

Monday, March 25:


Sunday, March 31:

Game of Thrones

And now I’m off to watch a far, far better show than I have ever seen…


  1. That feb. 7th is BETTER to remain the same !!!

  2. Some additions from my personal calendar: Bunheads returns Monday, January 7 and Cougar Town returns on Tuesday, January 8 (now on TBS!).

  3. Is that Being Human premiere for the British or American version?

  4. It's for the American version. There is no official airdate yet for the British version but it will start sometime next month.

  5. Am I going to be the only person watching THE AMERICANS?

    I saw a promo for DO NO HARM this afternoon, which they should have titled "DO NO HYDE" or something like that. I'm going to give it a shot because the lead was on my beloved RESCUE ME.

    THE AMERICANS, since it's on FX, may run a few seasons.

    I think DO NO HARM will end up like AWAKE and THE RIVER – running one season.

  6. The Americans sounds good! I hadn't heard of it. I've added both it and Do No Harm (as well as Jess's suggestions) to the list.

  7. Are you (I hope!!!) going to review them, Josie?

  8. No plans as of yet, HBR. I bit off more than I could chew this fall, and I'm sorta looking forward to a relaxing winter season. Once Fringe ends, I'll just have Vampire Diaries until Game of Thrones starts up, and (unless some new show captivates me), that sounds like a nice break.

  9. One of my friends keeps trying to get me to watch VAMP DIARIES. Every week she hits me with texts about the show.

    On the other side, I have a new, but close, buddy who bombards me with texts and pics to get me to watch GAME OF THRONES.

    Then there's a cabal of acquaintances who blast me for dropping FRINGE after the third or fourth episode of season one.


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