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Haven: Burned

Audrey: “Sometimes people have to go away even if they don’t want to.”

In which the player is played and Haven becomes an even creepier little town. This was an interesting episode with some major developments. It’s pretty clear that we are coming to the end of the season. The Scooby gang is back on track and the quadrangle is now a triangle again. I must say I like it much better that way. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Weekly Weirdness

This week we got every parent’s nightmare - a child that can make you do whatever they want. Ginger can make people do and believe what she says. As you might expect, a lonely, scared child with such a power is a very dangerous thing, even to herself. Ginger and her father were on their way to Haven to seek sanctuary when she tells them, in a fit of anger, to get away from her. He and the driver literally did that, and she was left by herself sitting in a van on the side of the road. Little children think they want to run the world but are actually terrified if they do. Ginger finds solace in her new friend Duke, who she almost kills in a game of pirates.

Ginger is also a target of the Guard and they kidnap her father in order to try and get control of her. They want to control her so that they can control Audrey and make her go away when she needs to. They need Audrey to leave so that the troubles will go away. One of my rules is if someone is mean to little children then they can’t be counted as good guys. The Guard dropped quite a few points in my book. I don’t care if you are desperate. You don’t use little kids to get the job done.

The Overarching Mystery

We learned quite a bit this week. The barn is more than a barn (well, that was obvious). Audrey must enter it to make the troubles go away. They go away when she disappears. Lucy didn’t want to disappear. She tried to run and was caught and it sounds like she was made to go into the barn. That may explain the rift between Dave and Vince. They were on different sides of that action. But Audrey is a different person and I think she might go into the barn if it would help the people around her. We also learned about this season’s big bad. The bolt-gun killer is a skin-walker. Is he building an Audrey? Will he go into the barn as her? Will it work? The skins were uber creepy. I’m wondering who the bolt gun killer was originally. The father of the Colorado kid? Maybe some of our questions will be answered next episode. I hope so.


Well, so much for Jordan. It helps that I never liked her, but I did feel somewhat sorry for her. She obviously cares for Nathan (and I think Nathan cared for her), but you don’t get over that kind of betrayal. Oh, and she is mean to little kids so she can’t be on the good guy side. It looks like Duke and Nathan may finally be bonding. It is nice to see Nathan be less of a jerk. Maybe dying taught him something. I’m glad we can get back to Nathan and Audrey with Duke pining quietly in the background.

Bits and Pieces

The girl who played Ginger did "scary girl" quite well. I would not want to be her mother.

Duke was a lot of fun as a pirate. He really is just a big kid sometimes.

Ginger’s dad neutralized her power, but then why did he run away from the van? What happens the next time she doesn’t get what she wants?

I've noticed in several episodes that for police officers trying to sneak up on people, Nathan and Audrey make a lot of noise.


Duke: “What did they get you for, kid? Grand theft tricycle?”

Jordan: “People have bigger things to be pissed about.”

Jordan: “If we had Ginger, we’d have you. If we had you, we could control Audrey.”

Jordan: “I did this to end the troubles. I did this for us.”
Nathan: “There is no us.”
Jordan: “Ya, I figured that part out.”

Nathan: “You good?”
Duke: “Me, ya. You just keep this town from imploding until I get back.”

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