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Haven: Last Goodbyes

Audrey: “They don’t call them troubles for nothing.”

Sleeping Beauty on a town-wide scale. I quite enjoyed this episode. It was more light-hearted, even though the core theme was self-sacrifice (which we know is coming up for Audrey). We didn’t get as many answers as I expected, but things are moving along nicely. And it was good to get a bit of a recap through the interrogation of the inner circle.

Weekly Weirdness

Will Brady is in a coma and his family has pulled the life support. They are taking him home to die, but Will isn’t ready yet, so he heals himself by pushing his coma out onto the citizens of Haven. I quite enjoyed Will and his sharp sense of humour. I’m glad that Audrey didn’t let him die. I’m not sure if there is any way to recover from the head trauma he received, but I would hope so. He was obviously a good guy if he was willing to sacrifice himself for the town.

The Overarching Mystery

Well, we know whose skin the bolt gun killer is wearing now and I must say I’m relieved. It now makes sense why the writers brought in all these extraneous characters. I would have been quite annoyed if they had killed off Vince or Dave. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t kill off Nathan or Duke. Funny thing is, I was just starting to warm to Claire. I wonder if Audrey will get any of her questions answered. I wonder how the skinwalker knew the details he/she used to prove she/he was Claire? I hope not through torture. I was thinking that Claire’s files would have had most of the information except for the bit about the push-up bra. Maybe he/she’s can change skins and has been wearing Claire’s skin off and on for a while. Ewww.


It was interesting that Claire had become part of the inner circle. Did the skinwalker worm their way into the circle deliberately? Vince and Dave are not exactly warm and friendly with Audrey anymore, so they didn’t seem to fit as people who are now close to Audrey. It really is just back to the Scooby gang. Nathan and Audrey seem to be a couple again. Audrey tried to apologize for pushing Nathan away but it seems he was with her all along. That was a nice bit of the show.

Bits and Pieces

I actually thought the show was going to go with the classic gambit of isolating everyone in a room until they figured out who was the skinwalker. I’m glad they went in a different direction.

It was interesting to hear Audrey say to herself “okay, alright” trying to stabilize herself. It’s exactly what I do in a difficult situation. I bet lots of people do the same thing.

Loved the “I’m the Droid you’re looking for” T-shirt.

Nolan North, the actor who played Will Brady, has mostly done voice work for video games and animated series, which is interesting because I liked his acting better than most of the one-off people on this series.


Will had most of the good ones.

Will: “Right, 'cause only the most hard-core criminals roll in with only one shoe.”

Will: “Yes, Officer Skeptic.”

Will: “Let me fill you in. Nap-time is not a super power.”
Audrey: “They’re not super powers, they’re curses.”
Will: “Oh curses! Why didn’t you open with curses? Curses makes sense.”

Will: “You have cop face. I sense a theory coming.”

Audrey: “Yes, it was a gas leak, town-wide, again.”

Will: “It’s been real, Audrey Parker.”


  1. I was upset they did not care to call Dwight

    and one of the Reasons he did better than the rest of the one-off people on this series he have a history of working with Emily Rose on the Uncharted Series

  2. i felt this episode was mainly filler and trying to re-motivate audrey to fight her fate, though i believe she'll still do what she thinks is best for the troubled/haven, even if it means going into the barn, irregardless of nathan's objections. When has she ever listened to him when her mind is made up? The troubles come 1st for her. Never warmed up to claire so won't miss her. I think they could have found evidence about skinwalker in a better way bolt gun wound in scalp perhaps? Dr.luccassi could have pitched in there. The interrogations seemed to be opportunities for the guys to swoon over audrey and vice versa really no investigative point to them at all. And she still lets the teagues off easy, even though they were lying as usual

  3. Is Haven done for this season? Or just a "mid-season" break?

  4. I think the last two episodes of the season are going to air January 17th. I haven't read anything about it, but I suspected they were pulled from the original air dates because the next to last episode, if I remember the previews correctly, partly took place in a school where there was a murder, and the day it was to air was the same day as the Newtown shooting.


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