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Scandal: Blown Away

“The person they’re looking for, the one they think shot the President? That’s me.”

I’m not even sure where to begin. I keep focusing on one highly insignificant detail of the episode and it’s hindering my reviewing ability. Becky killed the dog. She killed the DOG. That bitch needs to die. Like, now.

Before I begin my review in earnest, I need to gloat I bit. TOLD YOU BECKY WAS EVIL! Okay, I’m done. With this development, I propose a new rule of television: anyone who approaches a character at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is evil. Think about it: Alias, Dexter, Ringer, and now Scandal. Evil people just hang out at AA meetings waiting to accost our beloved main characters with their evilness, which has been cleverly masked by attractiveness.

Huck kept me guessing. I figured he was playing Becky when he said he’d run away with her, but then it turned out that it was actually his plan. Yikes, Huck. Becky understands him in a way his coworkers and the audience just can’t. She knows, for instance, that he’s less mad at her for shooting the President than he is at himself for not seeing through her. She knows what makes him tick because it’s the same stuff that makes her tick. This detail really draws him to her and is why it takes a while for him to decide to do the right thing. That ‘right thing,’ of course, has absolutely devastating consequences.

Verna sells out Huck to keep her job. I sort of don’t blame her. First of all, I’m sure she makes a much better Supreme Court Justice than anyone wackadoodle Langston would appoint. Secondly, having cancer does not necessarily disqualify you from working and, frankly, it’s offensive to suggest so. Finally, Verna doesn’t know what’s going on with Becky. Everything points to Huck being the shooter.

I think I’ve finally warmed up to James. Before this, he’s always seemed a little wishy-washy to me. I loved that he knew Cyrus was giving him the baby because he found out about Defiance. Will they go through with the adoption or was James’s shopping spree just a ruse to meet with David? I want James to get a baby, because he wants one so badly, but I really do think Cyrus should be kept away from impressionable children. I mean, any kid with him as a father is going to have problems.

Oh, Cyrus. I just don’t know what to make of you. One minute, you’re vulnerable and hurt because you think your husband is cheating on you. The next you bribe him with a baby. Also, you had a chick killed last year. I think they keep bringing Charlie in as Cyrus’s errand boy to keep that fact fresh in our minds. Honestly, trying to figure Cyrus out is so frustrating. Jeff Perry is just too good of an actor. Where is Cyrus coming from? What is he thinking? Who the hell is he? Will we every know?

Now onto the bigger question: who is behind this all? Hollis has already made inroads with Sally, but there was nothing said to suggest that he was the mastermind of the plot. Could it be someone else? If so, who and why? Could it have been Sally? She certainly has the ambition, but is she evil enough? She was awfully quick to land on the South Lawn and settle herself into the Oval Office.

Bits and Pieces:

Am I wrong or did Sally give the impression that she would step down if/when Fitz is back to full health?

Loved Harrison ordering Olivia back to the office. He’s adjusting well to his second-in-command status.

The only one who hates when a pet dies on a TV show more than me is my dog, because every time it happens I have to find him and hug him until he makes that adorable noise he makes when squeezed.

I loved how Huck described Becky’s heinous, horrible crime as “his family” being killed. They were his family in a way. Poor Huck.

It was a very good episode, but I actually think last week’s ep would have made a better ‘Winter Finale’ than this one. It was more cliffhangy.


“You’re going to be President for about the next fifteen minutes and then your time will be done, and I will still be on the bench. If I have to rule from the confines of an iron lung, I will be on the bench.”

“The seat your butt is filling on the Supreme Court belongs to me to fill as I see fit. [...] It is mine, and I mean to have it, and for someone other than a left-wing, baby-killing, homosexual-loving godless creature such as yourself.”
I hate Sally but I love Sally, you know? Kate Burton is fantastic.

“It’s been four hours without a political hit in your veins. Thought you might be huddled in the corner, mainlining C-SPAN and trying to snort shredded pieces of the Congressional record up your nose.”
Hehe. Funny image.

“He’s much younger than me and very handsome and a bit of a slut. Before he met me, he was a bit of a slut, which I found very sexy. And I shouldn’t have. Because now my young, handsome, slutty husband is cheating on me, and I am going to grow old alone.”

“He calls you the love of his life. Don’t you dare give up on him.”
A rare, perfectly genuine moment from Cyrus.

“That Bible-thumping bitch is blackmailing me!”
Verna has quickly become my favorite recurring character.

three and a half out of four remote control sniper rifles


  1. Nice review, sunbunny.
    That Becky is one twisted bitch. I really hate her in using Huck.
    Huck, because of his loneliness, finds himself clinging to Becky believing to have found his soulmate. Then at the last minute, felt betrayed when Becky didn't show up at their meeting place. I think Becky was really testing him to see how he will react; thus, the recording and playing Huck's conversation with Harrison in his favorite family's house while Huck discovered the dead people.
    Verna is a favorite of mine, too. She's one hell of a fighter and a survivor. She sure knows how to play dirty. I really hated the Evil VP dressing down (wigs off) Verna in the hospital; she took it all in though, with dignity while holding her spoon. :)
    I agree with you, sunbunny, Kate Burton nailed the bible-thumping bitch to a T.
    Abby is one hate f***er. Hahaha.
    Though I think this really happen, it's quite creepo discussing funeral arrangements for someone who's still alive.
    I missed Bellamy Young.

  2. I thought the previous episode was better in the cliffhanger sense, too. Dan said that he was going to stop watching this show if it turned out that Huck had been the assassin. We're also both saying that if Fitz dies, we're done -- and I think I'm serious about that.

    Sally did say -- or someone said -- that when Fitz recovers, Sally is no longer president. But I somehow doubt she'll give up the power she's been lusting for that easily.

    Cyrus is indeed a fascinating character, and I really like James. I was pleased that James saw through that transparent baby ploy. It'll be interesting to see if James will follow through in bringing down his own husband.

  3. While I agree that the last episode was more of a cliffhanger, this one astonished me. How many twists could there possibly be in one hour of television. Just when I thought things had settled down a bit, we're off on another direction. Loved it.

    Because we have seen so little of Tony Goldwyn this season, I am a bit concerned that he is being written out. I'm kind of with Billie -- this show will suffer a lot if he is not in it.

  4. I checked Goldwyn's IMDB and he doesn't seem to have another project going on. I don't know why they've been minimizing him so much. His relationship with Liv is my main reason for loving the show.

    I had a horrible idea the other night. What if Fitz develops some sort of brain damage that manifests as the classic soap opera amnesia? I'm not sure the writers would be that clich├ęd, but since it's popped into my head, I've been a little worried.


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