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Arrow: Trust But Verify

Dig: "I'm not going to let you William Tell an innocent man."

Happy 18th birthday Thea, welcome to prison. Vertigo huh, I can't say I'm upset with this turn of events, especially when the character has been asking for it since the beginning of the series.

Don't get me wrong, I like Thea, but she seriously needs a solid dose of the real world. Her entire story line in this episode felt like one long case of "I can't handle my own problems so I'm going to be overly judgmental of someone else's". I guess it goes with the theme of trust. Thea couldn't trust that her mother was being honest about her relationship with Papa Merlyn (who now has a name, Malcolm).

Tommy couldn't trust his father, either, and scored a lot of points with me when he called him on it. I guess it took a while for Tommy to grow on me, but I'm actually starting to like him as a character. And oddly enough, I'm starting to like Tommy with Laurel too. I wonder how long that'll last. They are keeping up the club plotline, too. How much do you wanna bet that it'll open in the last episode of the season, just in time for a huge fight?

The main plot involving Dig and Oliver stopping an ex-military commando squad who were taking out armored cars was okay. The highlight for me was the guest appearance by Ben Browder, who was so clearly going to be the mastermind behind the robberies. Unfortunately, he won't be returning because of the arrow shot through his heart... damn it. Am I wrong, or was this the first episode without a big name villain?

Dig and Oliver finally sorted out their trust issues at least, and that's another good step in the right direction. So was bringing Carlie in for a bigger role as the damsel in distress. It was nice that she didn't trip or get in additional trouble, and when Dig set her free, she actually got away. Dig's other plot, going undercover with Ted Gaynor and the seriously evil-sounding security firm wasn't quite so successful. It screamed obvious to me, and in another good writing move Ted realized it was obvious, too.

There were some significant developments on the island. For a little while it looked like Oliver might have found a good use for those new duds he stole in the last episode. But in a mirrored plot, his undercover mission failed horribly. Not surprising, since it was pretty painfully obvious the commander was just stringing him along until his trap was inescapable. What I didn't see coming was the sudden and inexplicable reveal that Oliver's island mentor is working with the bad guys. I'm totally confused by the random plot twist.


Moira's continued interactions with Papa Merlyn are fun, but not because of any real chemistry. I still don't like her much, even though her motivations seem to be a bit less ambiguous.

Felicity is back, just to break a military grade encryption and spoil Dig's cover. Way to keep up the lines of communication, Oliver. I'm starting to wonder why she isn't seeing through Oliver's laughable excuses yet. Is she blinded by a crush on him or something?

I liked it that Dig caught Ollie planting the bug on him. But I really liked that Dig didn't just destroy it.

Yet another loud party with a huge crowd of pretty extras. Have we met those friends of Thea's before?

Carl Ballard was mentioned in relation to the Glades which keep getting mentioned, ya think the season arc must be centered around something going on there, maybe?

Dig's connection to Gaynor was such a clich├ęd plot device. I hope the show isn't falling into a rut.

The tension at the dinner with Tommy, Laurel, and Papa Merlyn was well done. Come to think of it, all the dinner scenes in this show are well done. I wonder if the writers just like to eat?

The Arrow Shot of the week goes to: The arrow through the air filter on the commando's mask.

So Papa Merlyn has his own Arrow Cave. I guess to confirm to the audience that he's the Black Arrow. It was still a pretty neat set, though.

Dig with the grenade launcher. Because you have to have a grenade launcher.


No Felicity quote this week. I feel robbed.

Dig: "Mission? This isn't Afghanistan."
Ted: "Oh, don't I know that. Over there we were trusted with millions of dollars in weapons and personnel. We were conquerors. Now we're nannies with tasers."

Laurel: "Your father is even beginning to call me now."
Tommy: "Don't waste your minutes."

Definitely an improvement over last week, but I'm starting to feel that the show's promise might not be realized anytime soon.

3 out of 4 Grenade Launchers (oh come on, what else was I gonna use).

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Dig with the grenade launcher. Because you have to have a grenade launcher.

    LOL. I thought exactly the same thing as soon as Dig shot it. You and I have watched the same DVD commentary, I would guess.

  2. The episode was decent enough. ALWAYS glad to see Felicity again, though they're getting to a point where she HAS to be close to figuring out what's going on. I would have liked to see one little scene added to the episode, Felicity coming back to her desk to find a bottle of that wine waiting for her. If Oliver's not going to let her into the Scooby Gang(and he REALLY should, she's got real potential), he could at least start showing his appreciation for her discrete help. :)

  3. It took me a while to recognise Ben Browder, and in the end it was only because I knew he was in it and which character he was playing... he isn't ageing so well! :o(

    I thought the ending of the episode was a pretty good way to introduce the Vertigo storyline which is supposed to be such a big deal!

    Should we start a pool as to who will discover Ollie's secret first? You know someone else will figure it out before season's end! Thea? Felicity? Laurel?
    I haven't made up my mind yet... I was leaning towards Thea, but each time Ollie asks Felicity to do something I'm like "she'll figure it out!!!" ;o)

  4. Were the writers planting the seeds for a possible Oliver/Felicity romance? If so, I’m all for it. Get her that wine already, Oliver! And, yes, she has got to be next one to figure out about Oliver being the Hood.

    I like Thea, but the writing for her is inconsistent. Or erratic, as she would say it herself.

    "You forgot something."
    "I'm the one with the grenade launcher."

    Dig for the win.

  5. I got the impression that Felicity realizes something is up but is smart enough to know it's unwise to probe further. She seems amused by Oliver's lame excuses for needing her help.

  6. Ben Browder was 50 years old when he filmed this. He looks amazing for 50. His voice is sexier than ever, by the way. Nathan Fillion is much younger and hasn't aged as well. He is mighty round and puffy on Castle these days. Sorry, big Farscape fan. Liking Arrow so far, just wish Stephen A would tone down the stubble. It looks like he has a moustache all the time and I hate moustaches.


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