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Haven: Thanks for the Memories

Agent Howard/The Barn: “Think of me as your ride.”

Very cool cliffhanger. I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with Haven this year. Some episodes annoyed me while others seemed to be up to the standards of the previous two seasons (they weren’t incredibly high standards, but they were standards). The season finale won me over and I’m ready and waiting for season 4.

I really didn’t know how they were going to get around Audrey having to disappear but they managed it and with a certain amount of style. Audrey has gone into the barn but so have Duke and a previously dead Arla and only after Nathan shot up Agent Howard. Jordan shot Nathan but he’s not dead and that should have stopped everything. Curiouser and curiouser.

Weekly Weirdness

We didn’t have any new troubles but I think we could count the barn as our weekly weirdness. It is a supernatural amplifier of Audrey’s ability to stop the troubles. It appears when Sarah/Lucy/Audrey call it and leaves when they are ready. I’m not quite sure how it relates to the meteor storm except that Audrey leaving also makes sure that the meteor storm is the pretty shower of falling stars rather than death and destruction. James has also been in the barn and can’t survive outside it. Someone did kill him, probably believing that his death would end the troubles, but it didn’t work. I originally thought that it was because Lucy took him into the barn, but then Jordan shot Nathan and that didn’t work either. Not to mention that Nathan is still standing. Maybe Audrey has to kill him herself for it to be effective. Or maybe the reason the troubles go away for good is because Haven is destroyed by those crazy meteors if Audrey is grieving. Hopefully, the answer to those questions will come next season.

Overarching Mystery

Well, we got many answers and of course, more questions. We now know who the father of the Colorado Kid is (Nathan) and we know why Audrey has to come out every 27 years (to recharge with love). Funnily enough, we still don’t know who killed the Colorado kid, what happens if you shoot up Agent Howard (aka the barn), why the meteors haven’t stopped falling and why Nathan is still standing after being shot twice in the chest. We also don’t know what will happen to Duke or Arla. It was quite the surprise that Vince is the boss of the Guard and now we know why Vince and Dave are always fighting. Audrey is human but we don’t know if the barn is alien or supernatural. So on with the mystery for next season.


We were meant to suspect that Duke had turned on Audrey, but of course he hadn’t. Yes, Nathan, Duke is in love with Audrey too. For a police officer he isn’t very observant. Why did Nathan send Duke after Audrey? He’d been shot twice - wouldn’t the barn be a good place for him to be? It makes for great tension in the triangle but doesn’t make a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the scene where Audrey is shown Sarah and Nathan together. The attempts by Nathan to dissuade her and the looks on his face when she saw him and Sarah together were priceless. Exactly, how do you tell the woman you love that you cheated on her with some former version of herself. It is all a bit timey wimey. Vince and Dave were still at it this week but it was Dave’s turn. Vince locked him in a trunk and then shot him with a tranquilizer dart (which didn’t actually seem to have much effect.) It seems they’ve been arguing since the 1950’s so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Bits and Pieces

James's first stop was the town bakery. Good choice.

The meteor hit on the lighthouse was quite spectacular.

Loved the shout out to Genetically Modified Foods.

Did Duke know Jordan was going to shoot Nathan? Did he tell her to do it?


Audrey: “I don’t know what kind of relationship you’ve had with my son."
Arla: "We’re married. We’re in love.”
Audrey: “Until I tell him that you’re a psycho serial killer.”

Audrey: “Well then see, that’s where we have a problem, Morpheus.”

Duke: “I’m tired of living in a disaster movie.”

Dave: “The little guys got all the fight in them.”

Arla: “You used me to bring James to her.”
Duke: “Yahtzee!”

Duke: “I guess someone’s going to have to stay here and watch skinquilt.”

Audrey: “Ready?”
Nathan: “What’s the big deal? It’s just a barn.”

Sarah: “James’s father, he’s not even born yet.”.

Nathan: “This would be weird even if we weren’t meeting in a giant supernatural steam room.”

Audrey: “Why didn’t you tell me.”
Nathan: “Not exactly sure how that conversation would have gone.”

Duke: “You’re not stopping it. You’re supposed to stop it."


  1. For a horrible moment I thought this was a series finale - until everyone started shooting everyone else! Really can't imagine where they'll go next with this. I was thinking "it's aliens!" when they first went into the barn then "No, it's not aliens". Then my logic-o-meter basically blew up (amazing it lasted that long really...)

  2. Like you, Haven has been hit or miss with me this season. I especially didn't like the too many episodes of jerky Nathan. Nice to have our sweet boy back.
    I loved Audrey's goodbyes to everyone, especially Duke. As much as I am a Nate-Audrey shipper, I do love Audrey and Duke's wonderful friendship.
    Those three are the reason I watch the show.
    Great cliffhanger...I haven't the slightest idea where they will go from here.
    Thanks for keeping up with your reviews!!

  3. I thought this was a fabulous episode! Thanks for the review.

    I'm very curious to see where they take us next.

  4. Just wondering if anyone is still watching Haven, what you all are thinking about season 4 so far...I am enjoying the new twists and turns...

  5. I love the new season! I wish someone was reviewing it. I am addicted to Billie and company's reviews.

  6. It's a pity there's no more reviews of Haven and also revolution.
    I'm disappointed that all the shows I'm watching at the moment aren't being reviewed. Resurrection, The Leftovers, The Last Ship, The Strain and Forever.


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