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Lost Girl: Caged Fae

Bo: "Creepy prison nursery with observation deck, just when I think I've seen all things Fae."

I thought this was a solid opener. Nearly every plot point left dangling from last season was at least mentioned, and it was pretty much stated that everything is going to be addressed -- from Kenzi's rash caused by her experience with the Norn, to Dyson's regained love, and the biggest being Bo's blue-eyed dark side. I have to admit I was completely fooled for the first few minutes. I honestly thought that our Bo was gone, and the group would have to figure out how to bring her back. It looks like that process will be more of a season long arc.

The writers do seem to be going full on dark with the realization that Bo is back to her killing ways. Whether or not it is conscious is debatable. It does cast a long shadow on the season from the get-go. The good thing was that Bo seems to be Bo most of the time, she even moved forward (finally) with Lauren. Their coming together scene was sweet, mostly because of Lauren's reactions to Bo. It wasn't even awkward when Dyson showed up and caught them kissing. Of course he was stoic as usual. I wonder though, was it just me, or was he giving Kenzi some long lingering glances? Could there be something there?

The undercover in prison plot was fun, and totally over the top. There were two big plot reveals that I didn't see coming: the pregnancy scheme by the Warden, who just so happened to be a male Amazon, and they were both handled well. They also provided Bo some time to interact with Lauren and prove that she can handle anything even without her powers. Kenzi was in fine form too, acting like the queen bee that all the male Fae were a bit wary of. I wonder what the rest of the Fae world would think about the fact that a human is bossing around the Blood King and the Ash.


I don't want to imagine what Skunkape smells like. Poor Lauren.

I don't usually comment on hair styles or fashion, but Bo's bangs were just horrible and the prison uniforms were unbelievably cool looking, complete with Bo's trademark cleavage.

Vex seems to be a permanent new addition, and he was still in an arm sling, so I'm guessing not much time has passed since the events with the Garuda.

The opening credits are finally gone, yay!

Did we know that Bo's last name is Dennis?

Sylvie was nice, and was promptly banished to the place were all cool bit parts go to after an episode is over.

So Hale is the new Ash. At least he's a good guy, and we don't have to worry about his agenda for once.

Stop hurting Bo when she can't heal.

Everett's injections were probably prenatal vitamins, too bad for Lauren having her mentor torn to pieces and eaten by Amazons. Ick.

The prison's logo looked vaguely like female genitalia.


Bo: "What're you in for?"
Sylvie: "My family was starving, I stole some bread."
Bo: "So you're Jean Valjean?"
Sylvie: "I'm Sylvie, we just met?"

Bo: "So in summary they are charming, maternal, and they carry tasers."

Bo: "Doesn't take kindly to pervy authority figures."

Hale: "The Amazons won't listen to me."
Kenzi: "Because of your stupid penis?"

Warden: "I want you to scrub, a little slower."
Bo: "And I thought working retail was humiliating."

Bo: "You wore your redneck wig."
Kenzi: "And my monster truck thong. Go method or go home."

Kenzi: "Abort, abort, operation chained cooch!"

Entertaining as usual, and it felt like good set up for the season.

3 out of 4 Fae prison exploitation parodies, complete with a pervy Warden and Amazon guards with overly polished night sticks.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Yay for Bo and Lauren! Although my favorite scene was Kenzi undercover as Bo's conjugal visit. Why is everything Kenzi says funny? Is it her delivery?

  2. This was a fun take on sleezy women-in-prision exploitation films. As always the highlight was Kenzi (words aren't enough to describe how much I love her), swiftly followed by Bo and Lauren finally becoming a couple. I am going to enjoy this as much as I can now because I know pain and broken hearts are just around the corner.

    I was a little surprised to see the Seal of Rassilon on one of the prison walls. Was someone on the production team expressing their love of Doctor Who, or is this a clue that the Time Lords are this season's big bad?

  3. Nice review, J.D.

    I also immensely enjoyed this opener.

    Kenzi is her usual outrageous self.

    And finally, Bo and Lauren are officially together.

    And Vex is again providing the weird moments. hahaha. Love this guy.

    I miss The Morrigan. I love her and Vex together in a scene; better with Bo, too. :)

  4. I'm so torn on Doccubus. I'm always happy when there's a positive representation of a lesbian relationship on TV (yay for progress!) but I just can't help rooting for Dyson. I really like Zoie Palmer but I just don't like Lauren. Maybe it's all her lying in season one?

    It's a given that Kenzi is the best part of any episode of Lost Girl. I love how much fun she has doing everything. I also really want her to end up with Hale.


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