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NewsFlash: Nolan, Wormhole, Awesome

Totally awesome director Christopher Nolan is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, in talks to direct a new totally awesome science-fiction movie called Interstellar, written by the totally awesome Jonathan Nolan. "The story involves time travel and alternate dimensions," says the article, "and sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole."

Christopher Nolan--you may or may not know this--directed such films as Memento, The Prestige, Inception, and some thing with a crazy guy who thinks he's a bat. Jonathan Nolan worked on that same bat thing, Memento (he wrote the short story on which the film was based; it's a weird story), and the delightful show Person of Interest.

And it's time travel! Based on actual science (claims The Hollywood Reporter). Actual science is awesome. In fact, speaking of time travel and actual science, I recommend the film Primer, which is very science-y and very--you guessed it--cool.


  1. It could indeed be awesome. I love time travel stuff when it's done well.

  2. I think it should be noted, for the record, that Josie Kafka i totally awesome too.

    Show of hands?

  3. Which I am not, since I managed to misspell "is".

  4. Inception, ohhhhhhh I loooooved Inception...

    hum, "time travel and alternate dimensions" reminds me of an awesome show that ended recently....

    here here (??)

    ear ear (???)

    hear hear (???) for Josie !! (which one is it ?)

    (crap, I'm not the only one in the fan club)

  5. Public announcement :


    And thank you TO YOU ALL for those 5 years. Forever in my heart.

  6. Billie, hopefully it will be done well. To me, that means lots to puzzle over. I hope Nolan doesn't explain too much; Inception was awful explainy.

    Henrik, C-Marc: I hereby dub you both as awesome.

  7. I wish someone would make a film based on Heinlein's "The Door Into Summer"... most realistic, plausible and uncomplicated time travel story I've ever read.

  8. Wouuu ouuuuu !!! (not as much as you though)

    On the other hand, I still haven't received your autographed 8 X 10....

  9. Brad, I am so with you. I've read all of Heinlein more than once and The Door Into Summer is one of my favorites. I'd travel through time to rescue my cat, absolutely!

  10. The Door Into Summer was the first Heinlein I read. I bought it at a garage sale for 50 cents.

    I've been thinking we should do a "Best Time Travel Books, TV Shows, Movies" poll. My motives are entirely selfish--I've been in a time-travel mood lately.

    Marc, the 8x10 is being delivered by cat. It might take a while, what with customs and naps and such.

  11. Ah ok, puss delivery.

    A package delivered with a purr or two, cool. Don't worry, I'll feed it.

  12. oh my

    Having a terrible thought here :

    no cat delivery for Mister Finch in New York please.


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