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Lost Girl: Confaegion

"If I hadn't just had my nails done I'd rip your beating heart out myself."

Lost Girl is always so much more fun when the Morrigan is around, being delightfully evil and looking stunning in fabulous dresses. We definitely need to see more of her, but not too much, because an overused villain is never a good thing.

This was the long awaited Kenzi/Lauren bonding episode, as well as the now traditional "something Fae related makes everyone act all kinds of crazy" episode. In season 1 we had a super fae spider driving Bo, Kenzi and Hale loco. Last season an escaped convict put something into everyone's drinks and body swapping hijinks ensured. And now we have the Morrigan's parasites causing Bo, Dyson and Tamsin to revert to shallow teenagers who just want to eat pizza and play spin the bottle.

This episode wasn't as much fun as 'Original Skin' (seriously, how do you top Kenzi in Dyson's body?), but it was still a good laugh. I love it when the cast get to act out of character, especially Kris Holden-Ried. You can just tell he relished the chance to switch off Dyson's brood mode and cut loose. The highlight of the entire episode was his dance to Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf' while Bo and Tamsin cheered on. The dance itself is only mildly amusing, it is the musical selection that pushes it over the edge.

As fun as that was, the meat of the episode was Kenzi and Lauren finally being forced to put aside their differences and get along. It is safe to say that Bo's BFF and main squeeze have something of a rocky relationship. Kenzi claims to be still bitter about that time Lauren "spy banged Bo", but I think the real reason is Dyson. Kenzi has been a long and proud member of Team Dyson (she even has the t-shirt). Deep down, Kenzi still has hope that Bo and Dyson will be together one day and sees Lauren as an obstacle to their happy ever after. This episodes doesn't really do anything to change that, but Kenzi and Lauren have come to a new understanding and acceptance of each other, sealed with a fist bump of approval. I guess nothing brings two people together like desperately trying to find a cure for a fae parasite that makes people act like children while fighting of an attack from pig men.

Vex was dealing with being powered down. Seems the annoying one is having performance issues. I loved the examination scene with Lauren and the revelation that there is a pamphlet for Fae impotency. Vex's storyline reminded me a lot of Spike's in season four of Buffy. Like Spike, he is a villain with questionable English accent, who has lost his powers, and is forced to live with enemies, deciding to become a good guy. Sort of. Although he did provide this episode with some amusing moments, I still can't stand Vex and am glad he has gone off to find himself. I hope and pray he takes a (very) long time to do it.

Even though it was parasite induced, it was nice to see a different side to Tamsin, beyond bitch mode. Not that I don't love Tamsin in bitch mode, because I really do, I just don't want that to be all she is. We also got to learn a few things about her. We now know that she's a Valkyrie, which for some reason means she has to send people she cares about away. We'll probably learn more about what that means as the season develops (I'm assuming it doesn't involve carrying the souls of slain warriors to Valhalla). It is also a good bet that the deep dark secrets she and Bo confessed to each other (in poem form) are going to come back into play at some point. Even though they forgot most of it, the three of them had some lingering memories of what happened.

Notes and Quotes

-- The Morrigan didn't seem too bothered about Tamsin being infected or possibly getting killed. Guess she's not on her Christmas card list.

-- Lauren might not want to talk about it, but I really want to know what happened when she went to get that swab.

-- With just a human lover, Bo isn't healing as fast as she used to. How much longer can they continue to ignore that elephant?

-- I'm surprised how quickly Kenzi has bonded with Vex, a sadistic killer who not so long ago wouldn't have thought twice about killing her and Bo.

-- The Ash's Staff of Destiny gave Kenzi's some serious ass-kicking powers. It's too bad she had to get rid of it, but I know I wouldn't like having a magical stick stuck to my hand 24/7.

-- Right hooking Vex just went to the top of the list of reasons why I love Lauren Lewis.

Lauren: "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I actually have this pamphlet."

Bo: "Don't Kanye me!"

Bo: "Can I have the car keys?"
Trick: "No."
Bo: "If I don't get the car keys I am going to count to a hundred, in French."

Bo: “Remind me to book you on Dancing With The Fae.”
Kenzi: “Is that a thing?”

Three out of four real poems that rhyme.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. I guess nothing brings two people together like desperately trying to find a cure for a fae parasite that makes people act like children while fighting of an attack from pig men. LOL, Mark.

    I loved this one. It made me laugh, it had a strong story for Kenzi, the Duran Duran scene was great, the Morrigan returned, and Vex is now gone. Can't be bad.

    Terrific review, Mark.

  2. Nice review, Mark.

    Enjoyed this ep, too.

    Now that Bo no longer has
    leverage against the Morrigan,
    I wonder what the next leverage
    Bo will be able to chalk-up in
    the future.
    Scenes between these two are
    always enjoyable to watch. :)

    Vex doesn't stay down and quiet
    for long.
    It'll be interesting to know
    what he's up to next.

  3. Dyson and the Duran Duran scene was pure comedy gold..Tamsin showed a more likeable side and Kenzi rocked..
    Vex and his odd accent will return.
    More Morrigan soon please. Nice review as ever.

  4. This was the first episode this season that kind of felt like the Lost Girl I fell for. The first two outings were not good for me, but this week the characters felt more like themselves (oddly, considering three of them were way out of character), and the dynamics seemed more natural. Until this week, the Bo-Kenzi and Bo-Lauren dynamics have felt off to me. And Trick feels like he's been reduced to comic relief sidekick. It's a bummer.

    Plus, to be honest, I'm not really digging the Lauren-Bo pairing. I liked the pull between them in S1, but the writers squandered my investment in that relationship with hinky plotting in S2. And given how recently the whole "Bo killing Nadia" business went down, it just feels too soon for Bo and Lauren to be hooking up and all lovey dovey. It doesn't feel earned to me. I needed them to actually work through the pain of the things that went down at the end of last season, then maybe find their way back together. I'm not feeling it right now. Maybe, like Kenzi, I'm just more Team Dyson. :)

    Also, like Kenzi, re: Vex --- I'm gonna miss that asshole. He was fun. And I love the Spike comparison, Mark. Very apt.


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