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Revenge: Collusion

"Say yes and I'll buy you a house."

I take back pretty much every negative thing I said about Revenge this year. Yes, the first half of the year could have been more compelling, but Mike Kelley was obviously just rearranging the chess pieces for a season that could potentially blow last year's stunning debut out of the water.

I love that everything is falling into place; The Initiative, Aiden, Grayson Global, Nolan & Padma, The Stowaway plot... nothing feels tacked on anymore, which makes watching the show a joy again. Okay, so Charlotte and Declan can still grate, but I've moved past that since they barely get any screen-time anymore, anyways. I was most impressed by the reveal of The Initiative's master plan; obviously there's more to learn, but it primarily consists of a catastrophic Manhattan blackout (thanks to Nolan's Carrion program) and then making billions via disaster-relief organization StoneHaven which Grayson Global has just acquired. Suffice to say, it's an intriguing real-world plot (nothing overly cartoony like world domination) and it effectively imbues Emily's quest with a chance to do good by throwing a wretch in the conspiracy's plans. My biggest gripe with the show this year was that we were moving away from one woman's personal revenge story into an Alias-lite conspiracy angle that was ill-fitting of the show. I now see that this enlarged scope affords the show some higher stakes and wraps Emily's vengeance in a greater good which is the only thing that could possibly redeem her in the long run (not that we want that to happen).

I'm glad that Aiden has taken center-stage this year. It's his revenge story as well, and we now have the very real possibility of him going up against Emily after his sister was "killed". I have a feeling the blackmail videos are years old but we'll learn more soon enough. I do love his dynamic with Miss Thorne and I can't wait to see them collide throughout the rest of the season (although they are awesome as a couple).

I'm also ecstatic that Nolan isn't an idiot, and that he figured out on his own that Padma was anything but honest. This could have been dragged out until the finale and I'm so thankful it wasn't so we can get to the good stuff. Here's hoping he gets revenge-y a la Emily.

Vengeful Bits

- Emily's opening dream with her transitioning mid-sex between Daniel and Aiden was quite peculiar and intriguing.

- I was sure Aiden would shoot Jason. Too bad.

- So Emily offers people houses in exchange for favors? God I love her.

- So I take it the Graysons weren't expecting Charlotte to announce her name-change at her birthday surprise?

- I have a feeling that Conrad's new plan with one of the Ryan brothers is going to directly cause the boat accident we saw in the premiere. That should be coming up soon, right?

- So did Nolan really give Padma the real Carrion program? Or a tracking decoy of some sorts?

- The video of Aiden's sister was brutal. Something's fishy, though.

- Aiden was quite chilling with his "if she's dead it's on you!" proclamation. I don't think we've ever seen Emily this creeped out and apprehensive before.

Devious Delights

Ashley: Good morning.
Victoria: Charlotte, would you excuse us for a moment, it seems that the cat has dragged itself back in.
Ashley: Here's the report you asked for.
Victoria: So this is the new communications director? Don't you know that politicians tend to keep their concubines in the closet?
Ashley: Spoken like a woman that no one is sleeping with.
Conrad: You'll be happy to hear that miss Davenport and I have put our past behind us and we are now looking to the future.
Victoria: Now I can only imagine what kind of horrifying footage that will yield.

Padma: What's wrong?
Nolan: Well, the key is a little pedestrian.

Aiden: What do I have to do?
Helen: Kill Victoria Grayson. You have 24 hours.

Nolan: (To Padma) Did you know there was a secret passage, because I am totally hosting a murder mystery now.

Nolan: (To Emily) I hoped I helped your cause with your faux-beau.

Emily: (To Nolan) My advice? Play her like she's playing you.

Daniel: You think we'll ever get back to being the people we once where?
Emily: Maybe. Just not tonight.

- Thoroughly engrossing and packed with momentum, this hour was another win in a newly invigorated season.

4 out of 5 new names.

Previously posted on Nad's Reviews.


  1. I agree that the show appears to have gotten back on track. While I do love and miss the "victim of the week" stories, the reveal of the master plan was perfect. Not too small; not too large.

    Aiden versus Emily? Now, that is going to be fun to watch!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this ep, too.
    Looking forward to a (hopefully) explosive season
    I have a feeling about Padma being a casualty in this
    raging war; and Marco being a savior.

    Ems is really a master in her game.
    She "supposedly" divulged her intentions to Daniel
    because she knew that he's not an idiot like his mother
    thinks he is.

    I'm a bit sad about where Aiden is going.
    I have a premonition that he's not going to season 3. :(
    Though there is bad line that's starting to form
    between Ems and Aiden because of the latter's obsession
    in getting back his sister, I hope that Aiden overcomes
    this negativity with Ems because of the deep bond they

    I'm with you regarding the video that The Initiative is
    using to pull Aiden's strings.
    I am quite sure that Ems will dissect this video with
    Nolan's help.
    Let us always remember that our Team Revenge is always
    one step ahead.
    The final scene between Ems and Aiden was really
    something; with Aiden pinning the blame on Ems for his
    sister's supposed death.
    For the first time, Ems was truly hurt by someone she
    both totally trust and love.

    Be that as it may, I am sure Takeda trained more than
    two "warriors".
    Besides, Ems still has a lot of years to account for
    with a lot of people she might had "bonds" with.

    I also wish that Hiroyuki Sanada, the original Takeda
    comes back.
    I like him better than Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, sorry.

    Good review, Nadim.

  3. Platinum I really hope Aiden is Emily's endgame love but they will probably make that Jack since he's her childhood love. I do want Aiden to stick around until next season.

    And Chris, exactly what you said: not too small, not too large is just what I felt. I too miss the victim of the week and the red market pen (after we got that 2 weeks ago) so I'm sure we'll get back to those soon enough! :)

  4. I miss original Takeda too..he was a better actor. Good thing Nolan knows about Padma..I'll bet they are blackmailing her just like Aiden. Holding her family or something..
    We shall see how Aiden fares against Ems. Conrad was not wearing shorts..Good.


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