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Haven: Reunion

Audrey: “But I’ve seen the troubles destroy so many lives...”

Audrey doesn’t want to leave and there are many people who don’t want her to--but then there are many people who think she must. Audrey is caught in the middle with a very difficult choice. And things are getting even more complicated with the nastiest of daughter-in-laws hoping to accompany her to the barn. I was really glad the season finale was on next and I didn’t have to wait a week.

Weekly Weirdness

Robbie, who was bullied as a teenager, has returned to Haven as the successful motivational speaker Robert. But as much as Robert would like to bury the past, Robbie is back for revenge. He turns the people who bullied him into teenagers and then murders them in gruesome ways that reflect how they mistreated him. High school is a bad place for many people, and it sounds like Haven High was particularly vicious, but murder is a bit over the top. However, it did manage to get Audrey and Nathan together for a slow dance in the high school gymnasium. Why do I think that the whole episode was created just to manage that moment? In secondary weirdness there is Janine who turns everything she eats into cake. Wouldn’t you get tired of cake and wouldn’t it adversely affect your health? I do like cake but probably not for every meal for three years!

Overarching Mystery

Well we finally know who the skinwalker is - Arla, the wife of James, the Colorado Kid. I was way off when I thought the skinwalker might be trying to be Audrey. Of course “the barn” wouldn’t just accept someone who looked like her. And although Arla is a murdering bitch I did feel sorry for her (then I remembered Claire). It wouldn’t be pleasant to have your skin just slough off. There’s true love and then there is just nasty obsession. I’m pretty sure Arla has crossed the line. We also found out where James is. He is in the barn because he went in with Lucy 27 years ago in an attempt to revive him after he had been murdered. James was why Lucy was willing to go into the barn. Arla wants Audrey to take her back so she can reunite with James. We'll see if Audrey actually follows through. I’m not betting on it, even if James does know how to stop the troubles.


Poor Duke. Of course he loves Audrey but she loves Nathan. I can’t believe how many times I want to slap Nathan. Last night with Audrey and he goes off to look for a way to save her instead of hanging out. At least take Audrey along. Why exactly does she need to rest? Dave and Vince are at it again. They finally get Arla in their grasp and Dave decides to clock Vince instead and promises to release Arla if she tells him how Audrey can avoid the barn. Their sibling rivalry sometimes gets out of hand.

Bits and Pieces

I like Dwight but he didn't seem to fit this episode. He is marked as a guard, but isn’t really with them, but still talks to them. Okay, but why did he keep walking in and making statements that felt a bit odd?

Duke was a very cute teenager, but he was quite the prankster. Putting a snake in someone’s locker is not all that funny.

The skinwalker (who I was certain was a man)answered the questions I had from the last episode about her knowledge of people. Claire kept excellent notes and taped her sessions.

Loved the last shot of James walking out of the barn.


Nathan: “Mean girl, class dork, prom queen although it looks like she’s gained a few pounds. Haven High’s own little breakfast club.”

Duke: “You’re not wearing Claire so you’re not allowed to shrink me.”

Nathan: “I was a geek.”
Audrey: “The best ones are.”

Nathan: “What’s your trouble?”
Janine: “Cake.”
Nathan: “Excuse me?”

Audrey: “Should I just get another set of keys made?”

Audrey: “Why do I always go for the shy ones?” (The same thing Sarah said to Nathan.)

Nathan: “I’m going to fix this. I’m not going to let this be our last night. I’m not giving up.”

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