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666 Park Avenue: The Comfort Of Death

"This is just the beginning, Jane."

ABC pretty much cancelled 666 Park Avenue a couple of weeks ago. However, the four remaining episodes (including the series finale) have started airing in Australia and are thus pretty easy to find online. I owe it to the show to finish the season as it doesn't look like the network will be burning off the episodes before the summer. After watching this hour, I have to say it already looks like things are moving in the right direction.

A lot of the show's flaws are still there, but it feels like the writers are finally bringing all the pieces together for a satisfying ending. The episode's most significant aspect is undoubtedly the return of Gavin and Olivia's daughter Sasha. I liked the reveal that she was in fact Laurel, and Tessa Thompson pulls off the character's shady demeanor well. After all, it's looking increasingly likely that she's the devil's daughter and Thompson is quite effective in the ominous role. I'm really looking forward to learning more about her and seeing her dynamic with the parents unfold.

In other news, Henry continues to be an utter bore and I'm starting to feel like it's Dave Annable's fault. The guy is an utter charisma-vacuum. Rachael Taylor is marginally better but I'm getting frustrated by tiresome Jane. At least she was proactive here pursuing different leads and getting even more involved with The Drake's history. The creepy dying man (who conveniently got infused with bad mojo at the end) was an unsettling presence, and I kind of wish he didn't transform into barely-threatening 60s guy. Nevertheless, I'll reserve judgement until I see more because we got a lot of momentum in this one.

I appreciate the writers tying annoying Louise to sneaky Alexis with the former being responsible for the latter's paralysis (before she got involved with Gavin, that is). Here's hoping these two off each other in the near future.

I'm not going to miss 666 Park Avenue after it's gone, but it will always be a missed opportunity in my eyes. This could have been one heck of an epic show, and it sadly settled for average.

Sinister Snippets

- So Brian actually cares for Alexis' feelings now? How did that happen? Hasn't he been trying to get rid of her all season long?

- The Order of the Dragon lady has to be the single worst actress ever cast on a network primetime show. Utterly laughable. Seriously.

- I really wish Jane would get with the cop. He's infinitely more intriguing than Henry.

- So if Louise was actually wasted at the party, would Brian really hand her off to his mistress? How realistic.

- Henry as mayor is such a hysterical notion.

- Standout scene: Jane realizing she can "do anything" as she pulls the girl out of the mirror followed by the black goo attacking her.

- Skin peeling makes me sick. Nevertheless, cool cliffhanger.

An entertaining hour, but it's too little too late.

3.5 out of 5 long-lost daughters.

Previously posted on Nad's Reviews.

1 comment:

  1. The guy is an utter charisma-vacuum. What a great and funny line, Nadim, and how true! LOL

    It is a shame to think what a wasted opportunity this show was, but it does look as though the writers are going to bring it in for a satisfactory ending. Or, at least I hope they are going to. I agree, however, that many of the characters are poorly written and/or poorly acted and I won't miss them when they're gone.


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