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666 Park Avenue: Sins of the Fathers

"What's a little pain between friends, right?"

It definitely feels like we're rushing towards the finish line now. Although it's not very well executed, you can feel the writers trying to raise the stakes and rearrange the chess pieces for some sort of final showdown.

This was especially apparent with Sasha who suddenly took center-stage as a sort of heroine with a plan to kill Gavin Doran (her own father) through any means possible. Her machinations were entertaining, but didn't really carry much weight as we've only known the girl for a while and don't quite understand her motivations. Plus now that she's down the staircase of doom, I doubt we'll be learning any more about her anytime soon.

For me, the episode's highlight was creepy Cory moving into The Drake. In fact, the guy had a perverted yet lighthearted touch to him that fit the show well. I enjoyed him harassing Jane (and then Louise) and I kind of wish he joined the show earlier as he adds a much needed dose of humor. Plus it's always good to have a tangible antagonist instead of Gavin who's hard to read.

Still, there's so much I want answered and I have a feeling the writers don't intend to wrap things up with a bow. Is Gavin plain and simply the Devil? How much does Olivia know? What is their exact arrangement? I just really want the details and I'm going to be pissed if they don't at least give us those.

Sinister Snippets

- The priest seeing demons was really weird. Are we to assume the old lady with the demonic face is evil? Seriously?

- God, Louise is annoying.

- Gavin had his first vulnerable scene of the series at the cemetery. I'd forgotten how talented Terry O'Quinn was.

- Skin by Zola Jesus is a song I adore so I was quite glad they used it during Alexis' mini dance.

- How did they afford the Julius Caesar dagger?

- Well the good news is Louise won't have to worry about getting drug prescriptions with that magically refilling cabinet.

- Marriage proposal. Wow how I so don't care.

- The Sasha confrontation in the basement is the first time I see a badly-acted scene by Vanessa Williams. If her acting prowess can't save a scene, then you know the show's a mess.

- Drunk Louise arriving at Cory's place as a cliffhanger? Ooh how totally lacking in suspense.

I enjoyed the momentum, but 666 Park Avenue is still a frustrating misfire.

3 out of 5 Caesar daggers.

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1 comment:

  1. I agree that Cory added a much needed dose of humor. But, it is all too little too late. I am interested to see how the final two episodes wrap this all up. As you say, too many balls in the air; not enough time.


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