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Arrow: Dodger

Felicity: "Have you given any thought to what might happen if this doesn't work and the Dodger absconds with your family jewels? Sorry, that came out very wrong."

We have yet another good villain in Dodger (James Callis from Battlestar Galactica). Unfortunately, he's yet another villain of the week... sigh. At least the episode was a good one, which continues the trend of quality episodes.

Dodger was a pretty cool villain, and totally different from the Count. He reminded me of the Riddler, without, you know, the riddles. He's a thief that doesn't like to kill unless he's betrayed, he avoids the law at all costs, and he can sure dodge well -- he even managed to evade one of Oliver's arrows. ( I guess that's why they call him "Dodger".) Let's hope he's reoccurring, because he was far more fun than some of the other bad guys that have popped up this season. There was also a small Battlestar Galactica reunion between Callis and Rekha Sharma (Claire Abbott) who played a second fence for Dodger's stolen diamond.

The team is already butting heads, since Felicity won't just lie down and let Oliver be a vigilante. It's like Dig finally has an ally in the whole "you can be so much more" side of the argument against Oliver. Friction in the group is a good thing, though. The team gelled later on in the episode, and Felicity even shed her geek-girl ensemble so she could dazzle us with her drop dead gorgeous undercover look. Seriously, I had no idea she cleaned up that well. I think her addition to the Arrow gang is a good thing.

New character Roy Harper says his mom is a Vertigo addict, which may or may not be true. Either way, it was a good enough story that Thea dropped the charges against him. That was the somewhat convincing side of his introduction story. The beginning where he stole Thea's purse and then she managed to track him down with nothing more than a wallet chain for a lead was a little farfetched, unless the writers are establishing that Thea is a good investigator. At least the two characters had a bit of chemistry. Roy Harper is played by Teen Wolf alum Colton Haynes, and the character is the real name of Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy in the comics. I'm not sure where they're going with his character, but I'm all in favor of anything that gives Thea more to do.

The other two relationships that started in this episode had their ups and downs, too. Oliver asked McKenna out, and their first date was a total bust. Then he went back to apologize and McKenna got a spot on the task force. I wonder if Quentin only asked her because she said she was dating Oliver? With McKenna now hunting Oliver, things might prove awkward as they go forward with their relationship.

On a brighter note, Dig finally asked Charlie out. Sure, they had some emotional issues to sort through, but they ended with a very nice kiss.


I absolutely loved Felicity locking the door on Oliver.

Moira hired China White to kill Malcolm Merlyn, which probably means we'll have some actual movement on this character, finally. Was it just me or did China White's wig look a lot better?

Not much on the Island this week. Slade's sick from an injury, so Oliver goes and finds those magical herbs and encounters someone tied up in Yao Fei's cave. This is the first time he doesn't do the moral thing; he acts out of survival when he finds a guy there bound and beat up.

Frank, Moira's old friend and ally, is played by same actor who portrayed the accountant from The Dark Knight. He even gave off a similar vibe.

The Glades "Undertaking" plot was originally intended to fix that part of the city, now it is going to "Lay it to waste".

Oliver steals a bike while wearing a tux... very James Bond. The following car chase was pretty decent, especially for television.


Dodger: "Why are you doing this? I'm exactly like you, I only steal from the rich."
Arrow: "I'm not Robin Hood."

Felicity: "I got an idea."
Oliver: "Mhmmm."
Felicity: "Your crush object with a badge said they were working with Interpol?"
Oliver: "Yeah."
Felicity: "Why don't I work up a little tech, you just distract her with a little flirty-flirt, slip said tech onto her phone, turn it into a micro-transmitter, and bloop, we'll learn everything she knows."
Oliver: "Hmmm. It's not how I typically get my information."
Felicity: "How do you typically do it?"
Oliver: "I find the person, and then I put the fear of god into them until they talk. But we can try it your way."

Slade: "You're not gonna last an hour out there."
Oliver: "Well I guess you better hope I get back in forty-five minutes, then."

Another solid episode, and three indicates a pattern. Perhaps this uptick in quality is here to stay.

3 out of 4 Giant Ass Diamonds.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. This show just gets better and better. I never thought I would be this invested in it. But the cast is just terrific.

    It's a great addition to have Felicity in the gang now. I'm so having a 24-Chloe-vibe with her, and I'm loving it.

    Also great that Manu Bennett is still in the flashbacks. He was my fave character in the little I saw of Spartacus. I hope Slade survives and stays on for many more eps.

    And then, in comes this week's latest addition to the cast. Mr No-Shirt no. 2, Colton Haynes!! And possibly as a sidekick to Arrow. I immediately had visions of Amell/Haynes having steamy workouts together in the basement. Shirtless of course. That's bound to happen, right?? And I don't think CH would mind. After all, he has spent 2 seasons on TW, a show that obviously doesn't have a budget for clothes whatsoever.

    Also great to see James Callis again. He always does a great villain. Hopefully he'll be back.

    The only problem I have with the cast is, whenever Moira speaks - all I can hear is the Borg Queen. And when Quentin is around, I'm always waiting for him to pull out his wand (from the Dresden Files), and do some spell. I guess they were too good as their previous characters Borg Queen/Wizard...and I can live with that.

    Now, all we need is for John Barrowman to return.

  2. LOL on your comment twice, TJ. :) Loved the review, J.D.

  3. As I hoped, Felicity has proven to be a wonderful addition to the gang. I love the way she stands up to Oliver and is not even slightly intimidated by him. Not to mention, I am always fond of a woman who can keep her head in a crisis.

    McKenna's being asked to join the task force seemed odd to me. Does Lance suspect who the vigilante is? Or, is he just going to mess with Oliver's love life any chance he gets?

  4. Moira was the Borg Queen?!?!?!?!

    My favourite moment was the BSG reunion between Baltar and Tory! ;o)

    Both sets of relationships were VERY painful to watch! :p

    And Yay Felicity! She's definitely going to be a good addition to the Hood gang! :o)

    Oh, and LOVED the 'not Robin Hood' line! :p

  5. Yes, Moira(Susanna Thompson) was one of two actresses to play the Borg Queen. Alice Krige played her originally in Star Trek: First Contact. Susanna played her in a pair of two-part episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, then Alice returned to play her for the ST: Voyager series finale.

    As much as I loved Felicity this week, there were a couple of things I would've liked to see. One, at the end of the episode it would've been nice if Ollie & Dig checked up on Felicity to see how she was doing, I gotta think she'd be pretty shaken up after having that bomb collar strapped to her neck. She's not used to being in dangerous situations like they are. It would've been nice for them to show a little concern. Two, on a slightly sillier note, the boys couldn't have made ONE appreciative comment when she walked into that charity event looking like a million bucks? I mean c'mon! :) Though I gotta be honest, I think she looks prettier with the glasses, they really suit her.

  6. Yes CrazyCris, Susanna Thompson played the Borg Queen in Star Trek Voyager, except for the series finale episode "Endgame", when the original actor Alice Krige from the movie First Contact played the BQ.

    Kind of gives a totally different aspect to Moira, doesn't it?:)

    I usually don't have this "previous character"-problem with actors, but here it is very distracting that I always expect Borg minions to walk into the room every time Moira is present. But I do think Susanna is doing a great job here in Arrow, and I guess I just have to live with those somewhat unfortunate visions of mine...

    Same goes for Paul Blackthorne, who I loved as the wizard Dresden in The Dresden Files. A magic wand in Quentin's hand is soo out of character for him, but yet it still appears everytime I see him...

    I guess I have a vision problem...:)

  7. Patrick,

    I so agree with you about Felicity. A little bit more appreciation from the guys would have been in place. And their (non)reaction to her million dollar look. That was just colder than the Titanic iceberg.

  8. I just assumed Oliver and Dig were mature and sensitive enough to not stand there with their tongues hanging out like cartoon dogs.

  9. I'm not saying they should've been wolf-whistling at her, but would it killed them to compliment her? At the very LEAST they would've traded a "whoah!" when she was out of earshot. Mature or not, they're still guys. :)

  10. Okay, you have a point. I'm just choosing to believe that they both decided to go with professional behavior. :)

  11. Billie, in my world women looove a nice compliment. Am I totally disillusioned??

  12. Sure! I'm not speaking for the women of the world, here -- I was just responding to the "why didn't Oliver and Dig compliment Felicity" comments. It starts to get awkward in a work situation, too, and Felicity does sorta kinda work for the Queen family.

  13. Nice review, J.D.
    Enjoyed this ep and all the play of the characters.
    Felicity has yet again proven how much of a trooper she is.

    It's intriguing to see Moira and China White together and planning a conspiracy against Merlyn.
    I'm already excited to see how much action this makes.
    I think a great showdown is in the making between China and Merlyn.
    Sure hope so.....

    Roy Harper and Thea Queen, anyone?
    Far out, but can be. :D

  14. Btw, TJ, I liked The Dresden Files, too. :)

    I liked Paul in that series.
    But i'm starting to not like his character here in Arrow.
    He's too smack-faced here. :D

  15. Any of you folks commenting about Paul Blackthorne in The Dresden Files tv show ever read the Dresden Files books? As fun as the show was, the book series it was based on is WAY better, it's by far my favorite book series, and it's still going strong. If anything, it's getting better as it goes(barring a couple of tiny hiccups).


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