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Doux News: February 3, 2013

This Week: The CW rises like a phoenix -- Do No Harm flops -- The Americans soars -- Emily & Kerry win big -- Wonder Woman takes a nap -- Superbowl Ads -- Alias cast members unite!

It looks like the CW will be Doux Reviews' network of choice next year. The network has picked up eight pilots and none of them are cheap teeny soaps. Quite the contrary, they're mostly high-concept shows that sounds very intriguing. I'm excited, are you?

Annie Wersching will be guest-starring on Revolution. Here's some info on who she'll be playing. Suffice to say, I love Wersching; she was incredible on the last two seasons of 24 so I'm hoping she'll help the freshman show go out with a bang this year.


NBC's new drama Do No Harm debuted this week to the lowest premiere numbers ever. I still haven't gotten around to watching it but I'm honestly intrigued even more now. Hmmm....

On the other hand, FX's cold war spy series The Americans got off to a great start and I loved the premiere. I have a feeling this show is going to stick around for a while and based on the pilot, it deserves to.

Tough Gals

My favorite badass Emily Van Camp, star of the delightful ABC drama Revenge, has reportedly signed on to the Captain America sequel. Goodie. This girl deserves to be a movie star. Let's hope she gets to kick some ass, preferably Scarlett Johansson who's also supposedly going to be making an appearance.

Kerry Washington, star of Scandal (my personal favorite show at the moment), won THREE awards at the NAACP Image Awards this week. Tony Goldwyn presented her with one of the statues and for those of you who don't know him, he plays her lover and the President of The United States on the show. Awesomeness.

Sadly, the Wonder Woman pilot Amazon has been pushed back and won't be debuting this fall. I was really looking forward to adding another superhero show to my list of favorites. The NBC pilot was admittedly atrocious, but somehow I had a feeling this one could work. Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess. It got me thinking though, who would you like to see cast as the superheroine?

Fun Fun Fun 

Since the Superbowl is tonight, I'm going to be spending my day tomorrow watching a lot of awesome ads (I'm a copywriter in an advertising agency so this counts as work). Just to get us started, here are a few that have already been released. My personal favorite is Kaley Cuoco in the Toyota ad. Oh, and the GoDaddy one is brilliant too.

And finally for all you Alias fanatics (I know you're still out there), a bunch of cast-members recently got reunited at the SAG Awards and it was glorious. I miss Sydney Bristow and the gang terribly.

That's all folks. Happy Sunday.


  1. Great news, Nadim.

    I'm piqued regarding the pilots, specifically The Tomorrow People.
    The plot sounds actiony. :)

    The plot of Reign sounds interesting. Especially the part on ..."secret history of survival at French Court amid fierce foes, dark forces and a world of sexual intrigue." Sexual intrigue? Now that's something. :D

  2. Good job, Nadim! I actually hadn't heard about all those CW shows. They must be looking at the success of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and thinking, huh.

  3. Eight pilots : one spinoff, some old ideas being refreshed, indeed, just like that, those synopsis's have a lot of potential. A good part of these pilots are set in the Future. Hum, interesting. Probably where the money is (now).

    Nadim !!!

    Have you "forgotten" that Community is returning on the 7th !!!! If so, well, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT !! This CANNOT be omitted, avoided, neglected nor forgotten. But you're forgiven.

  4. Loved this, Nadim. Great job. I like the sound of some of those CW shows. Might be an interesting fall.

    Have fun tomorrow at work! :-)

  5. Thank you guys! I'm glad this was an entertaining read!

    Oh and Celticmarc I apologize but I don't watch community and had no idea. I guess I better add it to my to-watch list! Ahhh so many shows, so little time!

  6. I never saw the original version of the Tomorrow People but I vividly remember the remake from the 90s so I am curious to see what the CW does with the material.

  7. YAY for Emily!!! :o)

    Boo for Amazon... :o(

    I can't start thinking about next year as it's too soon to know how this year's crop will live on... :p

  8. Nadim

    As I said....forgiven ! In a red-blue-yellowish Universe, we've ALL retired and so we have lots of time to watch everything we want to watch, when we want to watch it and however we like to watch it. No hassles. That's why I'm putting Cortexiphan in my coffee, tea and cereals.



  9. Walter!!! *snif*
    I'm still in mourning for Fringe... what's the next cool sci-fi show going to be?

  10. Wow, those people (Fringe) left a profound impression on some of us.

    CCris, I cannot say, but for starters, just look into the mirror. You'll meet someone pretty cool there.

  11. A new superheroine? I immediately was thinking - Eliza Dushku! It's about time she got a new show...

  12. Apparently TJ she did. It's called The Saint I believe and it's a remake of some British show. I think she's the co-star not the lead. I do hope it's an ass-kicking role which she does best. Hopefully third time's the charm because both Dollhouse and Tru Calling were cancelled after two seasons and 26 episodes EXACTLY (crazy coincidence I discovered).

  13. Nadim it's a remake of some British show AND a move from the 90s with Val Kilmer in the lead. If I remember correctly it wasn't too bad...
    I've never seen the original show though, way before my time! :p

  14. Wayyyyyyyy before...

    (tongue in cheek; you do the smiley)

  15. This edition of Doux News was seriously lacking in cats... so I've returned to address that issue!

    Here goes: Ninja Cats - Urban Legend? NOT!


    enjoy! ;o)

    (PS: I'm not a cat person, but when a friend posted this on FB I immediately thought of you guys!) :p

  16. Oh God Cris I totally forgot! Do you know that I'm the biggest cat person on earth?????? (My cat is 13 years old and he had a sister too). Please forgive me cat people, I'll make it up soon with the most epic cat video of all time!

  17. That's ok, you did such a great job with the news Nadim... you can be forgiven for the lack of feline attention. Just don't let it happen again! (or my invisible ninja cat will come after you, as soon as it can locate a flight from Alicante to Lebannon!) :p

  18. LMAO

    Notre folle Espagnole préférée a trouvé une magnifique perle sur youtube !

    I've just learned that in the Purple Universe, Bear is played by a cat in POI....

  19. Eliza Dushku and nr 26. Just realized she was Faith for exactly 26 episodes in Buffy/Angel.
    I guess we now know her (un)lucky number...


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