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Justified: This Bird Has Flown

Lindsey: "He's a marshal, Randall. It's what they do."

Gamecock management? Really? I guess we all have our dreams. But ripping off a man who tracks fugitives for a living? Maybe not the smartest move on Randall's part.

It was hard to tell throughout if Lindsey was on board with Randall or not -- at least until the end, when she was shooting everybody with bean bag rounds. I think Lindsey actually did like Raylan, but went along with the volatile Randall because she was afraid of him, or knew there was no reasoning with him. She must have spent every moment of their marriage trying to talk him down and defuse him, and I'm sure that can be tiring. At least she's free of him now. Until he gets out of jail again.

With Preacher Billy, her conduit to God, dead of snakebite, Ellen May came home with her tail between her legs, and Ava spent much of this episode talking herself into having Ellen May killed. I was sure that was how it would end, and I was dreading it, for both of their sakes. (It looked like Colton was dreading it, too.) What happened at the gas station? Did Ellen May realize she was in danger? I didn't think she was sharp enough to pick up on that, but since it was so obvious to the audience even before Colton got the phone call, maybe she did.

I don't like seeing Ava turning to the dark side like this. She was tough, before, but sweet. But what did I think would happen? I love Boyd, but he's definitely a bad man.

Interesting that Sheriff Shelby is still doing things for Boyd, like letting him listen in on his interview with Cassie. (Although Shelby certainly managed to make his displeasure known by getting in some digs at Boyd in the process.) I'm sure the Cassie story is far from over. She must be contemplating revenge, and let's not forget she left those snakes for Boyd's guys. I wonder if the Randall saga is over, or if he'll be back, too?

Finally, I was intrigued by how much fun Raylan and Rachel were together in this episode. It felt like she was seeing him differently. Were there some romantic vibes going on? Of course, getting involved with someone you work with is drama waiting to happen, but hey, everybody does it. No more Winona, no more Lindsey. If it's ever going to happen, now is the time.

Bits and pieces:

-- Raylan walking into Joe Hoppas's house while he was in the middle of a menage a trois and sitting on the bed to have a chat? Very Raylan. Personally, I wouldn't touch that bed for all the chickens in Kentucky.

-- Navi Rawat from Numbers, and with a southern accent, was at Joe Hoppus's trashed out house! And she's a fighter? She was staring at Raylan, too. (Who wouldn't?) Please bring her back. Pretty please?

-- The truck full of chickens was sort of funny, but I find animal exploitation sad. I did love Rachel taking out the chicken guy who was waving that sharp chicken knife thing near her face, though.

-- What will happen to Lindsey's bar? Does Raylan still have a place to live?

-- In this week's hair report, Timothy Olyphant's hair is probably the longest I've ever seen it. Isn't there some sort of code about hair length in the marshal service?


Randall: "I'll take a Mountain Dew."
Joe Hoppus: "Oh, an aristocrat."

Joe Hoppus: "Got the place feng shui'd about three weeks ago. Hippie babe over toward Berea, the type you just wanna shave down and domesticate."

Ellen May: "I just want to come home. Can I come home, please?"

Joe Hoppus: "Bitches. Chill."
Really? Joe, the nineties called and they want their idiot sexist expressions back.

Randall: "Boot says they're like the Bruce Lee of fighting chickens."

Boyd: "He sobered up after that, found Jesus. Runs a little no-tell motel, the kind with the free HBO but no ice, has a little lay congregation out back."
Anyone else want to meet Boyd's one-legged cousin Lonnie, now? I sure do.

Randall: "How many times did she shoot me?"
Raylan: "Couple more times than she shot me."

Raylan: "Randall, I know you're shackled and it ain't half fair, but you say one more word about chickens, I'm gonna shoot you again."
And then Randall did, and Raylan shot him. I laughed so hard.

Three out of four bean bag rounds,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Lindsey went with Randall willingly. She's a grifter/con woman and she likes it. Secondly, she didn't own the bar she was just a manager. The bar is owned by Kent the guy who told Raylan that Lindsey was upstairs in the last episode.

    I agree with you about Ava, she's becoming a monster and I don't care for it.

  2. I was really surprised when Ellen May was gone. I would never have guessed she had those kinds of smarts, and frankly, am still not convinced. I'm wondering if Johnny has something to do with it? We know he's after Boyd...

    Ava's descent has been coming for a while. I do think there is an element of her being with Boyd, but I'm not convinced it hasn't been there all along. I am sorry about the choices she's making now and I hope she doesn't regret them.

    I definitely got a romance vibe between Rachel and Raylan, but I hope they don't go there. He doesn't have a lot of luck with his women and I would much prefer that they stay friends. Besides, I don't think Art or Tim would be too pleased with that turn of events. They are already pretty vocal in their attitude towards Raylan. This might be the final straw.

  3. I was worried about the chickens, too, so I was relieved when Raylan said, "Oh, they've probably been fed, watered, and are watching cartoons by now."

  4. I could buy that Ellen May may've cottoned onto something when Ava called in and claimed to have changed her mind. Or maybe it was just Colton's energy. But yeah I'm interested to see if they try to explain Ellen May's spidey-sense, or just how it'll end for her. Wonder if Colton's gonna have to go down too now and I hope not.

    I like Rachel as his reliable buddy and hope it stays this way.

  5. I was relieved that Lindsay was gone after this episode. I absolutely did not understand her appeal as a romantic interest and the whole grifter/con sub-plot was silly. How does Raylan go from an absolute smokeshow like Winona to someone so rough and frankly boring like Lindsay? I get that the man is at his lowest emotionally, so maybe he deserves a pass. It's interesting though, with the exception of Winona, has Raylan ever actually pursued anyone? It seems like all these women come on to him and he's just down. Kind of funny.


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