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Lost Girl: Fae-de to Black

Bo: "Seriously? Your kryptonite is kitty litter?"

So I liked this one a lot. All the interactions clicked, the Fae hijinks plot was fun and witty as usual. In other words it was another solid, albeit mildly forgettable episode.

Bo undercover as a couples therapist almost felt like a perfect fit. Although Lauren had a point about the ethical grey area of Bo seeing clients. Still, I wonder if she would've put up the same argument if Bo was pretending to be a sex therapist. The Bo and Lauren plot thread was an important one to address. Dyson had a seemingly endless battery for Bo to feed on, but monogamy with Lauren means that her food source is far more limited. Given her lifestyle, Bo really can't keep that kind of relationship with a human. It does make me curious if she tried to live a normal life, would Lauren be enough then?

Dyson and Tamsin seem to be finding a groove, well, not really, but they aren't bickering so much. In fact, for the first time I started to like Tamsin, her quips and nonchalant attitude were fun. I am looking forward to finding out her story. She mentioned to Bo that she was a Valkyrie, and that brings up all kinds of interesting story potential. I'm not so hot about Hale's new gig as the new Ashe, though. It's been kind of funny, but he kind of crossed a line when he rejected Kenzi. Trick may be technically correct, that she isn't a Fae, but how many times does she need to prove herself?

Which brings me to the thing that brought this episode down for me. I know everyone had their issues, but Kenzi doesn't really ask for help, so you'd think everyone would take notice when she does. No one is allowed to be mean to Kenzi. It felt like they were ignoring my favorite puppy. Whatever happened to her when she crossed the Norn is getting worse, and I'm officially worried about her. I'm hoping it turns into a good plot device that will bring Kenzi into the Fae only club, but I'm not sure if that's where the writers are going with it. Plus... what in the frilly heck happened to her in the last few seconds???


The picture to the right is a close up of the list of Doctors working in the Therapy Clinic. Priceless.

Dr. Nemo was a fish and Dr. Bob was a cat... too funny.

Never give Kenzi unrestricted access to a corporate credit card.

Dyson generously sacrificed himself to heal Bo, you know, because somebody had to do it.

So Tabitha's childhood dream was to be a mermaid?


Bo: "Why is everything always about sex?"
Kenzi: "Uh, wondersnatch? Hi, have we met?"
Bo: "You don't have any chocolate in your purse, do you?"
Kenzi: "Technically, nyet."

Tamsin: "Tox screen on the street pizza?"
Dyson: "Can you not call him that?"
Tamsin: "Tox screen on the street pasta?"
Dyson: "Nice."

Bo: "Guys, not here, no!"
Guy in therapy 1: "We can be home in five minutes."
Guy in therapy 2: "Ten if we pick up whipped cream."

Bo: "Do we have a problem here?"
Lauren: "Bo masquerading as a therapist is a serious ethical offense. Not to mention the fact that you're completely unqualified."
Bo: "Oh. I see. So you think I lack the intellectual whachamacallit to pull off this fake doctor crap?"

Kenzi: "How do we feel about ascots?"

Tamsin: "She's a suicide Fae."
Bo: "Who's in therapy! Besides, none of these victims are committing suicide."
Tamsin: "Splitting hairs. It's like Occam's beard trimmer."

Dyson: "Are you feeding?"
Bo: "Of course."
Dyson: "On a block of wood?"
Bo: "No. Lauren."

Dyson: "I smell layers. Chemical compounds, a hint of vanilla."
Dr. Palmer: "Oh. Oh gosh. Is it the incense? The candles? The cat litter?"

Trick: "Ambassador Brunhilda only comes out of her turret once every four months."

Tamsin: "Okay, I'm warning you. do not unwrap the wang."

3 out 4 Cat scratch fever victims.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. "Dyson generously sacrificed himself to heal Bo, you know because somebody had to do it."
    Hahaha. Good one, J.D.

    I'm also so interested on Tamsin's backstory.
    She's pretty funny and i'm starting to warm up to her character, too.

    Kenzi is Kenzi.
    Always willing to help but is always hesitant to ask for one.
    The thing that happened to her?
    Maybe it's one of the Norn's "pets"?

    It's nice to see Bo and Lauren having that talk regarding Bo's feeding.
    I hope the "no Dyson" promise lasts.
    I don't like seeing Lauren hurt.

  2. I mostly liked the character dynamics in this one. Exploring the implications of a succubus trying to have a monogamous relationship with a human given her feeding needs was an interesting move. And I was genuinely feeling Lauren's pain in their final tete-a-tete.

    BUT, I'm really irritated with Kenzi. I get that she feels ignored by everyone with their new relationships and responsibilities, and I do understand how hard that is for her. I know she just wants to hang with her good buddy Hale, but he's the Ash now. She can't just go barging into his office willy nilly. Especially when he's in a meeting! Exercise a little common courtesy.

    And, in this case, it's not like she really needs to go to Hale with her problem. Go to Trick for goodness sake! He's mostly just tending bar like always. He's got time and is usually an endless font of information on all things Fae. I just don't understand why she wouldn't talk to him about what went down with the Norn. She doesn't want to get yelled at?

  3. Tamsin was so cool in this episode..
    Bo and Lauren addressed an important issue with Bo's needs..I hope they can stay together..
    Kenzi did behave rashly with bursting in on Hale..but somebody should have listened to her. I hope she gets back okay.

  4. Tamsin was insane cool with her takedown of the creature of the week. I just like her more and more.

    As much as I agree with your statement that anyone being mean to Kenzi is like someone being mean to your favorite puppy, I kept wondering the same thing Jess did. Why not go to Trick? Or Lauren! She has warmed up to her and she is a doctor specializing in all things Fae. I get where Hale would've been her second choice after Bo, but she shouldn't have stopped there.

    I'm conflicted about the Dyson/Bo hookup. On the one hand, what was he going to let her do, die? On the other, he lied to her by not telling her he still loves her which felt really manipulative and icky.

    While Lauren was right to be concerned about Bo seeing patients, bringing up the fact that she's 'just a high school dropout' or whatever she said seemed like a damn low blow.


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