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Justified: Peace of Mind

"I guess I'll quit today."

This one seemed low key for the penultimate episode of the season. But I thought it was rather cool that, as we're nearing the end, a lot of the characters did some pretty good things.

Limehouse gave up many thousands of dollars that the Holler needed, and let Ellen May go free. In turn, Ellen May embraced her new faith and confessed her sin to Cassie, the preacher's sister. (Even Cassie got some effective screen time, expressing how she felt to Tim about her lack of faith and the loss of her brother.) Drew risked a nasty death in prison to insist on protection for Ellen May. And Ava realized that she couldn't kill an innocent woman in cold blood.

Colton came to the realization that he'd killed enough people and done too much wrong, so instead of killing two women and a fellow veteran, Colton deliberately committed suicide by cop. That exhalation of cigarette smoke after he died was sort of amazing, like a visual representation of his soul leaving his body. He was at peace with his decision. It almost made me like him. And Tim obviously knew what Colt was doing, and I think he may have chosen to help a fellow vet out of this life.

(The beginning of the scene in the tent started out somewhat comical, too. Ellen May and Cassie were having a heart to heart, Colt entered, then Ava, then Tim. Sort of like Kentucky French farce with tent flaps instead of doors. I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did.)

Boyd was consistently Boyd-like, quoting Emerson, charming Nicky Augustine, taking one logical step after another to contain a losing situation, and finally at the end, deciding to do the only thing left that he could to protect Ava, which was getting rid of the evidence. (Maybe he should have gotten to that point sooner.) I also enjoyed seeing another side of Nicky in that sincere and heartfelt apology he gave to Ava, and the pleasant way he interacted with Boyd. Not that I think Nicky is sincere or pleasant in any possible way.

And then there's Raylan. I liked that he was so intent on Winona telling him she was having a girl that he didn't even notice the noise and congratulations as he came in the door. And that he insisted on helping Drew save Ellen May. We haven't gotten enough quality Raylan this season, have we?

But of course, the episode ended with a foreshadowing of badness in the season finale. Theo Tonin now knows where Winona is. The thing is, on every other television show, we could be certain that nothing would happen to the very pregnant Winona. But since this is Justified, I'm wondering if she might actually die. I'm already worried about losing Ava, because it just feels like her character's arc is coming to a close. Losing either of them would be devastating to Raylan, to Boyd. Are they going to go there?

Bits and pieces:

-- What forms did Winona want Raylan to sign? Something to do with custody? Not that that's important now.

-- It almost looked like Limehouse had Ellen May in Raylan's old, ratty motel room.

-- Limehouse was flirting heavily with Rachel. Very funny. Roar!

-- Paranoid Nicky Cush listening for drones overhead was really funny, too. As was his inadequate armor.

-- Can I completely ignore Boyd's horrendously racist remark about dark meat at Thanksgiving, please?

-- Why is Drew still in his uniform? You'd think they'd have gotten him into prison duds as quickly as they could.

-- Did Rachel let Johnny go? I hope she did. I'm somewhat fond of Johnny and I'm hoping his story isn't over yet.

-- Hallelujah, Justified fans! The show was just renewed, so we're getting another season! Not that I'm surprised.


Raylan: "I don't know shit about girls."
Winona: "That is so sweet, saying it like I don't already know."

Rachel: "Does this mean you're finally getting a haircut?"
Please say yes, Raylan. I'm not a fan of how Timothy Olyphant has been looking this season. Although it's nearly impossible for him to look bad. Wait, I'm remembering a bad movie where they made him shave his head. Much worse than long hair.

Boyd: "A man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth deserves to have it permanently shut."
Ava: "Who said that?"
Boyd: "Boyd Crowder."

Boyd: "Seeing as how Drew Thompson is already in the marshals' custody, why you're cutting off the tail of my cousin and offering him up is opaque to me."
Nicky: "I'm gonna need Google Translate on my phone if I'm gonna keep talking to you."

Limehouse: "Your presence gives me the fidgets."

Tim: "So we are literally searching every outhouse, dog house hen house, just on the off chance that she's here?"
Nice reference to the famous line by Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. I wonder if U.S. marshals quote him all the time?

Raylan: "It's my job being a dick. It'd be weird if you liked me."

This episode was completely different from last week's excellent romp, but think it was just as good. Four out of four prostitutes that don't look like Julia or Eric Roberts,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Great episode.

    I loved seeing Raylan´s soft side with Winona or in general when talking about the baby. Please don´t kill them. And I thought Winona was talking about insurance papers.

    This move from Boyd (I think he helped the Detroit guys here) will destroy the frenemy releationship with Raylan - especially if something bad happens.

    Boyd gave me chills in his last scene with Ava. The way he talked all forgiving and understanding but with that cold, distanced voice was creepy and I feared for Ava and still do.

  2. Man, once I saw Picker or whatever his name is, was the fix-it man, I had to pause it. It would straight up break my heart if they kill Winona and the baby. And Raylan would never recover from that, man.

    I don't think Boyd specifically meant to help the Detroit guys find Winona. Nicky made a point to remember Raylan's full name when Boyd was lamenting Raylan's meddling in his plans. It was a quick little exchange that you could miss.

    On a lighter-ish note. You see that lightning fast trigger finger on Tim!? Dude ventilated Colton in a split second.

  3. I'm going to miss Colt. He was getting better each week.

  4. I spent most this episode worrying about Ava and now I have to worry about Winona as well. Tim is also on my list of people I am concerned about; he looked distinctly uneasy about having to kill Colton.

    Hard to believe another season is coming to an end so quickly. But, at least we have another to look forward to.

  5. I find myself so worried for Raylan now. I don't think they would kill Winona and the baby, and if she survives you just know she's going to find a way to blame Raylan for this. And I don't see see how he could have caused Tonin's guys finding her - he barely even has contact with Winona. He didn't do anything this time! I'm afraid she's going to cut him off from his kid and deny him all visitation or something, and then if he loses that, which seems like the only hope he has for the future, I'm afraid he will blow his brains out. :( And then we'll have no show. :( :(

  6. Jimmy: “Why don’t you kiss my dimpled ass?”
    Railin': “Don’t see how that invitation has anything to do with my request.”
    Lol, that was a good idle comeback.

    Drew getting to embrace Ellen May was more than I dared hope for!!!
    And even though I knew/figured nothing bad was gonna happen to Winona immediately, my mind half-assedly imagined all the way that guy could've rigged that rocking chair and I was kind of amused to find out that all it could bother conjuring up was 'built shoddily' so that it harmlessly crumpled under her weight, though leaving her thoroughly annoyed. But yeah I was surprised with the dread I felt. Wasn't even thinking about the baby.

    And, poor Tim. I liked Cassie confessing to him that she prayed Boyd was the one she could've seen shot in front of her. There was something more sad than brutal about it. She misses her brother.


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