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Lost Girl: Ceremony

“Hiya neighbour. Great day for a wander.”

After all the hype, after repeatedly telling us that this would be the most difficult challenge of Bo's life, that was it? That was the Dawning?

Well colour me disappointed.

Before I go on, I just want to make it clear that I don't think this was a bad episode. There was a lot I liked about it. I tend to like episodes that see the characters travelling through surreal fantasy worlds. As long as they are done well, which is something I feel this episode did. It might not have been full on weird, but I enjoyed Bo's trip through her own personal Bizzaro World (Bozzaro World?), where Lauren was Dyson, Dyson was Lauren, and Kenzi was...a less stylish Kenzi. But after all the build up we've been getting these past few weeks, I couldn't help but find this episode underwhelming.

I expected the Dawning would be a little more grand and epic than what we got. And I didn't think it would be over with so quickly. I honestly expected this whole Dawning deal would be season finale kind of thing. I think it was a mistake to have Dyson tag along on Bo's trip down the rabbit hole. This was meant to be Bo's trial by fire. It was something that she should've faced alone. By throwing Dyson into the mix this became just another episode about them, their relationship, and Dyson's need to be Bo's saviour. Dude, she's a grown Fae, she can save herself.

I did wonder for a second or two if they really were going to kill him off. But then I though "Nah". There was no way they were going to kill off Dyson. He's one third of the central love triangle. Or can we now consider it a quadrangle thanks to Tamsin? Then again, maybe not. This game of pass the parcel with Bo’s vagina has a new player this season.

Judging by all the pained expressions on Lauren's face throughout this episode, it now looks certain that she and Bo are heading for a big break up. I love my beautiful ship, but I'd be lying my backside off if I said I didn't see this coming. Happy couples rarely last in television, especially on genre shows. The question now is will Bo rebound with wolf or the Valkyrie? Normally I'd say Dyson, but there have been some pretty big sparks between Bo and Tamsin lately. Which would only make it all that more tragic if they inevitably have to fight to the death in the season finale. This is just pure speculation on my part, but I’m guessing Tamsin is going to be Bo’s Faith, a rival who becomes a friend and then an enemy due to unfortunate circumstance.

We got a few more references to The Wanderer this week. First there was the amusing use of the Dion song. Then there was Tamsin's cameo in Bo's fantasy world as the annoyingly chipper neighbour, trimming the bushes with bloody hands and acting all creepy. Being the mythology nut that I am, I remembered that The Wanderer is also another name for Odin. Seeing as Tamsin is a Valkyrie I think it is logical to suspect that The Wanderer in question is the Allfather himself.

But is he also the Bo father? Now that the Dawning is over and done with, it looks like the mystery of Bo’s papa is going to the primary arc of the final third of the season. Trick certainly seems to have his suspicions on who he is. I'm not sure who or what that horse dragon in his Chest of Secrets was meant to be, but he didn’t look like like a famous Norse god. Whoever he is, it's a given that Bo gets her super scary succubus powers from daddy's side of the family. Bo seems to think she can now control her power, but that's not how it looked to me. The power is clearly controlling her. Looks like Dark Bo is still on the menu this season.

Notes and Quotes

-- It has been so long since we’ve seen Hale I’ve started to forget what he even looks like.

-- Bo telling Dyson she was pregnant was funny since Anna Silk's real life pregnancy is starting to show.

-- Lauren and Dyson having a heart to heart was odd, but at the same time rather nice. Them being hostile towards each other had grown stale.

-- Am I the only one who found the whole "I'll wait for Bo's human girlfriend to grow old and die" thing more creepy than chivalrous?

-- The image on the Wanderer tarot card is based on Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, a painting by Caspar David Friedrich:

--Kenzi clearly went to the Katherine Beckett School for Running in Heels.

--The show's budget limitations were more obvious than ever. Could they really not find a nice location to use for the Temple?

--So what was the deal with this lovely lingerie model?

She kept popping up in various photos in Bozzaro World.

Is she someone important or just a scantily clad Cheese Man?

Stella: “Without a full feed, she will fail the Dawning. She will devolve. She will die.”
Kenzi: “She will surprise the shit out of you.”

Kenzi: “Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays. We gansta like that.”

Dyson: “I’m just a wolf, standing in front of a succubus, asking her…”
--He deserved that slap he got for that.

Bo: “I will reign as he did for I am his daughter. Together, we will bridal the masses, and ride unto victory. Even death will fear us. Only I will choose who lives.”

Two and a half out of four love quadrangles.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. I can't believe Dyson used that cheesy line..Bo and Tamsin fight to the death? Makes sense, but please let both live.
    I remember Hale's face..and his abs..ahem. Hope he comes back.
    So-so episode.

  2. I agree, Mark. While this was an interesting glimpse into Bo's psychological space --- and I loved the Wanderer references and the brief looks at her father --- it was a bit underwhelming as a culmination of this whole Dawning subplot. That was it?

    I'm also rather nonplussed by the relatively mild reactions everyone had to what Bo did to save Dyson. Stealing everyone's chi, while talking in threatening tones about bridling the masses and deciding who lives or dies, seems like something they should be a bit more concerned about. That was some seriously freaky stuff! I look forward to seeing where they go with it, but don't understand why everyone was all calm and happy at the end. Even Trick was putting on a "it's all cool" front. Why?

    Last week I thought the "wait for Bo's human girlfriend to grow old and die" stuff was sweet. But the way they played it this week was a bit creepy. I guess when it was something he was quietly doing without telling her, it seemed chivalrous. But when he's straight up telling her that's what he's waiting for, it does seem ghoulish.

    "Scantily clad Cheese Man" --- Too funny, Mark. You gave me quite the laugh. As did the Kenzi quote about her and Trick being gansta. Ha!

  3. This episode might not have seemed so anticlimactic if I hadn't expected the resolution of the dawning to be the season finale. But I enjoyed it, for the most part. I've had dreams like the Temple, so it seemed sort of familiar to me. (I always seem to be wandering around in weird buildings that flow into each other in my dreams. I think it has something to do with my work life.)

    I was also weirded out by Dyson butting in and following Bo into the Temple, and I also thought for a moment that they really were killing him off. But no. It seems like they need to keep reminding us that Lauren isn't fae and can't keep up with Bo, but Dyson can. It doesn't seem quite fair. It's species-ist, as Lilah on Angel would say. I'm also not quite sure I want Kenzi to turn out to be fae, either. Unless her type of fae is as cool as she is.

    That last bit -- do you think it was "bridle", as in horse, instead of "bridal", as in wedding? That would go with the representation we got of Daddy Fae.

    Good call on the source of the Wanderer card, Mark. I thought it was cool that they started playing the song "The Wanderer" but the music stopped before it hit the title in the lyrics.

  4. It probably should be bridle, Billie. But those Fae are a kinky lot so you can't really rule anything out. Let's not forget that Bo's mum said hello to long lost her daughter by making out with her.

  5. Great review, Mark! Love the Buffy references. I'm with Jess on the whole nonplussed reaction thing. I mean, maybe I would've understood it if she hadn't spoken, but what she said was sort of terrifying. Also, it was weird seeing Trick reassure Kenzi she was family when earlier this season he was encouraging Hale to push her away because she wasn't one of them.

    Anna Silk was pregnant! That certainly explains all the extra curvitude I was noticing.


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