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Lost Girl: Delinquents

Kenzi: "This is nature? The Discovery channel led me to believe there would be more green."

So this new Bo is just like old Bo, except with some blue eyed devil moments. Wait, that was old Bo, too. Hmmm, I guess the Dawning did nothing except make her technically more powerful. I kind of feel like that whole Dawning plot-line was kind of pointless now.

Looking back on this episode, I can see that it was Bo and Lauren's swan song, even though they only had two and a half scenes together (not sure if web chatting counts). So Jolene and Nelson were supposed to be a dark version of Bo and Lauren... how parallel. That parallel, I guess, was supposed to illustrate the issues with Bo and Lauren's relationship. That Lauren felt like she was being defined by Bo, and was losing herself to Bo's world. I suppose that works, but it feels a bit like a forced character choice to me, even though the writers have been building it up all season.

Still, I didn't see the break up coming, even though I should've. Well, I knew it was coming, just not in this episode. They never really got to be a couple either, which is kind of sad. Bo's love life in general is kind of sad, which I guess is a theme of the series. Because she's so sexual a creature, monogamy is tricky at best. However, it was almost worth the break up for that scene between Dyson and Lauren at the end of the episode. Watching them sit at the bar, talking about Bo without jealousy or anger, was lovely. It proved once again that Dyson is back to being the character he was in season one. You know, the fun, witty, and non-angsty guy that was missing during his whole lost-love period last season. He had some great lines too, and his scene with Bo was also really a good one.

I wish the Tamsin subplot was more interesting, because it was obviously important to the season arc. I did have a realization while watching her scene with Lauren, though. I think Tamsin's terrified of being close to anyone for reasons yet to be explained, so she pushes people away to keep herself isolated. Thus the bitchy demeanor. Except Bo has gotten under that mask she wears, and it's clear Tamsin doesn't want to betray her. Then there is her loyalty to her friend Acacia, who is obviously in mortal peril because of this job, so Tamsin reluctantly completes it. Both sides shown in this episode speak to her innate goodness, so why is she Dark Fae? Either way, I'm continually impressed by the character. She's a great addition to the series.

As for the actual plot, Tamsin's jar-o'-druid magic was an odd plot device that hasn't paid off yet. I wonder what wacky thing it's going to do to the characters in the next episode. Whatever it is, we do know that it will involve Bo, Lauren, and Dyson. So who is this Wanderer who hired Tamsin and Acacia? My money is on Bo's father, it's the only thing that makes sense. Speaking of which, how evil is he? Seriously, they cut off Acacia's hand and sent it to Tamsin in a box. Wow. So why did they cast Linda Hamilton only to do that to her? Does the character regenerate? Or is she dead? If so, that feels like a waste of a big name actor.


I loved the webcam scene where Lauren was freaking out to the Twig monster/Jolene attacking Bo. It was classic camp humor... sorry, had to do one pun.

I loved Kenzi twisting her camp outfit into her style, complete with a corset and shoulder pads... how Kenzi.

They are still keeping things subtly tense and off between Kenzi and Bo. Is that intentional? Has some of their acting spark faded? I hope not. Their relationship is one of the highlights of the series for me.

Bo as a pink shirt wearing camp counselor bothered me more than Jolene's horrible Muppet costume.

I loved how everyone kept raising their hands.

The hanging caltrops in Lauren's apartment were effective, although how did Nelson have the time to hang them all from a twenty foot ceiling?


Kenzi: "Robbers, my fine Russian ass. This is probably payback cause you and Dyson cheated on your Fae finals."
Bo: "Hey, I did not cheat."
Kenzi: "And now they've sent some revenge Fae for our skin. Or our tonsils."

Nelson: "She's the Narc."
Kenzi: "Narcing's not really my style."
Nelson: "What're you in the program for?"
Kenzi: "Theft, explosives, devil may care attitude."

Nelson: "Does anyone else think that these deaths might be some sort of freaky animal attack?"
Trudy: "Like a wolf?"
Dyson: "A wolf wouldn't leave the body intact."
Kenzi: "Yeah, not to mention they're really lame."
Dyson: "Oh, really?"
Kenzi: "Yeah, and surprisingly girlie."
Dyson: "I think you protest too much. I think you love wolves."
Kenzi: "Wolves wish I loved them."
Trudy: "Enough with the weird wolf talk."

Trudy: "Another social worker. Great. Just what we need to protect us against the crazed killer."
Kenzi: "Yeah, what're you gonna do? Pipe self-actualizations through the intercom until the killer surrenders to a group hug?"

Kenzi: "If it wasn't for me, Della would still be alive."
Bo: "That's not true. If your gonna blame anyone, blame me. I was sent to find this monster in a puppet costume. I failed, me."

Lauren: "The only way to beat it is to literally smoke it out. Once you catch it you have to cut its mane, that's where its power lies. No hair, no fight."
Bo: "Translation, we smoke it out and give it a make-over."

Nelson: "Any last words?"
Lauren: "This precious game of yours... is over, asshole!"

Lauren: "We're on a break."
Dyson: "Well, if you're looking for a distraction, I'm partial to bar fights and howling at the moon. I don't know if that's your cup of tea, though."

Lauren: "Whatever happens, it's not like she's irreplaceably perfect. Right? She's so stubborn."
Dyson: "She can be bitchy."
Lauren: "Impetuous... brave."
Dyson: "Noble-hearted."
Lauren: "Best sex I'll ever have."
Dyson: "Gods, yes."
Lauren: "How could I ever get over her?"
Dyson: "I'll let you know."

This was a flawed episode, with a not so great development for our core love triangle. I did love the bonding going on between Lauren and Dyson, but I feel a bit cheated out of a longer relationship between Lauren and Bo. This shouldn't have been a filler episode, but it was.

2 1/2 out of 4 Klingon tattoos

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Oh, boy. The hubby and I are going to be making jokes about that horrible grass monster for months to come! At least it turned out to be a costume within the context of the show, and not an actual creature.

    I was actually disappointed in the Lauren-Bo breakup, too. I didn't like how they got together in the first place, because it felt like they just jumped over a heaping pile of unresolved issues. And now they kind of did the same thing on the back end. It just seems like they should have tried to talk out their actual issues before throwing in the towel. If things aren't resolvable, they aren't. But how do you know unless you confront the issues? I'm not saying it was out of character behavior or anything, it was just frustrating to watch unfold. I would have really loved it if they tied the current issues and problems into the stuff they never discussed before getting together. Continuity!

    That said, the post-breakup Lauren-Dyson scene was really stellar. I agree, J.D., that it is wonderful to have back the Dyson we came to know in love in S1. Woot!

    So, did the young actor playing Nelson remind anyone else of the guy that played Duncan on Veronica Mars?

  2. Now that you mention it Jess, yeah he does resemble Duncan... my least favorite character from VM. God I hope they don't bring him back for the movie.

    Great point that the relationship was flawed from the beginning. I wanted something better for this couple, and I don't think it was ever developed as well as Bo and Dyson.

  3. I really liked the Dyson/Lauren scene. I half expected him to drop what he was doing and run to Bo's side the second Lauren told him about their breakup, but he's the bigger man than that.

    The story of the week was really, really stupid.


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