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Lost Girl: There's Bo Place Like Home

Bo: "Sometimes you just have to go home, whether you want to or not."

It's never a good thing to be the person in the teaser stuck by the side of the road. Thankfully, this isn't Supernatural or Vampire Diaries, or both of those poor people would've been slaughtered. Although when I first saw the couple broken down on the side of the road, I knew something was going to happen to at least one of them, and since they were sort of telegraphing that the woman was vulnerable, it was nice that the guy bought it.

That scene did feel kind of random though, at first. Why do we care about these people we've never met, that are in a location so removed from our normal setting that it felt like a different show? Cut to Bo starting her trials and failing miserably. The urgency of Bo devolving into an Underfae would be more compelling if she wasn't the lead. The show simply wouldn't work without her. I suppose they could go down the unexpected road and actually have her fail. But then they would have to figure out a way of bringing her back.

That could be an interesting LostGirlverse plot, actually addressing the whole Underfae phenomenon. Are those creatures truly stuck as they are, or is it something that can be reversed? What if thousands of years of Fae history and knowledge is wrong? It might be fascinating to have Lauren lose Bo and see her frantically search for a way to bring her back, only to stumble upon a cure for all Underfae... anyway I'm getting completely off topic now.

Either way, the Dawning plot is clearly going to be an ongoing one where Bo has to go through a lot of trials and tribulations. The first hurdle for Bo is getting over some of her childhood traumas; Kyle, her first kill that she did before she knew what she was, her adoptive mother who called her a demon and a whore before throwing her out, and the small town she escaped filled with people she clearly never wanted to see again.

The Poludnica (I love that they showed us the exact spelling of its name in one of Trick's books) or 'Lady Polly' was an elemental Underfae that was summoned by Dougie on the night Bo killed Kyle and fled from town. I think she represented a dark mirror for Bo, and also a literal ghost from her past. Defeating her was enough to bring Bo to the realization that she needed to confront her adoptive mother, leading to perhaps one of the best scenes in the series.

At the beginning of the episode, I didn't understand why the writers went down the dementia path for Bo's mother. Then, I sort of got the impression her condition was caused by Lady Polly, so I thought she would get cured by the end of the episode. When she didn't, I was mildly surprised, but I think it was better that she wasn't just miraculously cured, because it allowed for some real emotions to come to the surface. Bo couldn't hold onto her anger when the woman she was directing that rage at was no longer there. I honestly wasn't expecting that scene to be what it was. It gave Bo's first trial some very real weight, and I think that made the episode better than it would've been otherwise.

The other side of this episode was the strained relationship between Bo and Kenzi. It was very well done that at the beginning of the episode Bo and Kenzi didn't have the same chemistry, but as the episode went along, it slowly returned to nearly normal. Still. they aren't quite there yet, and that has a lot to do with the questions still surrounding Kenzi. For the characters. that question is 'what happened between her and the Norn'? For me, it's 'did the Kitsume really take Kenzi's new powers away... or did they return when Dyson killed her'?


So Bo is devolving into an Underfae. And since she is very powerful, she'll become an Uber-Underfae. Actually, there was some subtext that they might not let her live if she became an Underfae because she'd be so powerful.

Lauren and Bo seem to have made up over the Kenzi kidnapping falling out.

Trick figured out that Dyson got his love back. I really like the idea that Dyson is willing to wait for Bo, giving Lauren her time with her. In fact, all the Trick/Dyson scenes in this episode were good. Dyson is playing the silent martyr, but not in a bad way and it works for him.

The Jessica character was kind of irrelevant, just a named victim.

Cherry pie eating contest got Kenzi psyched, which was yet another instance of Kenzi loving food. I wonder if maybe her appetite has something to do with her now missing rash.

Dougie could've easily been a bad guy, but he wasn't. He just went through an awkward Goth phase. I liked his comment about having to go to another town for his favorite make-up.

Kenzi called Lady Polly “Tornado Tits” and “Senorita Shitstorm”.


Bo: "Oh, I could really use some of your patented nerdness right now."
Lauren: "Bo, I hate to say this, but this is one of those cases where your Faeness trumps my nerdness."

Kenzi: "I ass-provised!" I loved that Bo prompted Kenzi to ass-provise her later on in the episode.

Kenzi: “You were Goth? Here?”
Doug: “I had to go two towns over to get my favorite guy-liner.”

Bo: "Then we get the hell out of here, right?"
Kenzi: "Does a horse shit in the barn? No, seriously, is that where they poop?"

Kenzi: "Country make-over. Gee, I can't wait."

Jessica: “God, you are so weird. Reminds me of that girl who used to sniff glue in Chem class.”
Bo: “Jessica, that was you.”

Kenzi: "I feel like I fell in some Amish."
Bo: "Own it, Laura Ingalls."

Doug: "We can lose her in the field."
Kenzi: "Oh, great. Nothing bad ever happens in the field."

Not the greatest road trip plot, but the resolution was very well done.

3 out of 4 glasses of Cherry flavored wine.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Another decent outing. Yea! I'm so glad that the Lost Girl ship has seemingly righted itself this season. It's nice to actually be looking forward to a fourth season!

    I agree that Bo's final scene with her mother worked far better than I would have expected. When it started, the whole thing felt a little bit forced and cliche. But damn if Anna Silk didn't make me start crying part way through. And her mother managing to process what was happening enough to tell Bo she loved her kind of wrecked me. In some ways, Bo's hometown resolution seemed a bit rushed, but it still managed to be emotionally satisfying.

    I, too, loved the Dyson and Trick scenes this week. Surprisingly, it never occurred to me that Bo and Dyson will live much longer natural lives than Lauren, meaning that Dyson can wait for his time with Bo. I was quite touched by his willingness to stand aside so she can have this time with Lauren.

    Re: the opening --- as soon as Brad climbed under the car, my husband starting venting "What the hell is he doing? That's the most dangerous way to change a tire ever! Idiot!" And I said, "He's doing it that way so the car will fall on him, and then the girl can come back and start screaming when she finds his crushed corpse." We had to laugh when it all played out that way.

  2. The whole Dawning thing just feels so forced to me. Why had no one mentioned it before this season? And this whole episode felt weird because Bo mentioned her mother and the horrible way that relationship ended, what? once? Now we're trying to sell that she's been terribly haunted by it the whole time? I can see why should would still be upset, don't get me wrong, but I wish they would've set it up more.


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