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Supernatural: Remember the Titans

Sam: "What do we know that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?"
Dean: "I don't know. You?"

I didn't know what to make of this one, other than the obvious: supernatural hero saves the world, sacrifices himself, suffers and dies. Yes, Prometheus equals Sam.

We've had gods before, and even Greek gods (plus there was the faux labors of Heracles recently), but the previous god outings were a bit lighter and trended evil. It was nice to have a good guy god for a change, but it felt like we got all this interesting stuff about proto-gods and heroic titans just to kill him off in the end because the writers were telling us that Sam will be sacrificing himself for humanity. Come on. Hasn't Sam suffered and died enough yet?

I did like the casting of Prometheus. The curls, the beard, the bod, very Greek god. Great casting of Zeus, too, because he looked and acted, well, Zeus-like. And how about that God-trap, like a devil's trap but with alterations? Have we seen one of those before? I love stuff like this.

And I liked that the Winchesters were completely not intimidated by the task of taking on Zeus. When you've defeated Lucifer, eaten fast food with Death, and taken out angels, a Greek god is no big deal, right? Zeus disappeared, so I assume Artemis's arrow killed him. Did she just zap the body away? The death of gods that don't die made me feel sad, like they're telling us that anyone and anything can die. (Yes, I know, Sam.) And it was sad that it ended with the Winchesters burning the body of the titan who gave humanity fire.

What else did I like? Definitely Dean being proud of his status as a Men of Letters legacy. He loves that bunker. It's so sweet. I also loved Dean's face as Sam was making classical references and good guesses to talk down Artemis. But I was sort of ticked about the final scene where Dean was praying for Sam, though. I'm always the first to say that even after eight seasons, I'm still into Supernatural – but I just wasn't with this sacrificial thingy this time.

Bits and pieces:

— I was into Greek mythology when I was a geeky teen, so I knew it was Prometheus as soon as they showed a crow (okay, an eagle) eating his liver in the teaser. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus

— Liked the cop who was sure Prometheus was a zombie. "Boys? Aim for the head."

— I do wish we'd gotten more of Artemis, goddess of hunters. She felt like a plot device when she should have been cooler.

— Was that Weekly World News? Or World Weekly News?

— Great Falls and Livingston, Montana. The motel had wagon wheels and antlers as well as western-themed murals and really ugly plaid. Dean was agent Bonham and Sam, agent Jones.

— It's hiatus time. The next Supernatural episode airs March 20. And I get a brief writing break.

— For more about Prometheus and the classical aspects of this episode, check out this post by Doux Reviews contributor Juliette Harrisson.


Dean: "I got to say, I'm a little disappointed."
Sam: "Yeah, 'cause you wanted to shoot zombies."
Dean: "Damn straight I wanted to shoot some zombies."

Dean: "You mean like a real life Kenny?"

Sam: "Maybe we should just get another room til we figure this one out."
Dean: "All right. But you're the one going full cavity for the hex bag."

Sam: "Do we call 911?"
Dean: "And tell them what? That the dead guy we stole from the morgue is alive and having a coronary?"
I thought the heart attack thing was clever. If there are no opportunities to die another way, then the ticker gets him.

Dean: "I feel like I'm sitting shiva."
Sam: "Well, that's not... never mind."

Sam: "What you got?"
Dean: "Dragon penis."
Sam: "What?"

Hayley: "So we're hanging our lives on the writings of a dead man who is named after genitalia?"
Dean: "It's a loose translation."

Good episode, but I don't think I like the direction we're going. How many out of four dragon penises?

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I give it 3 out of 4 dragon penises...wow that didn't sound right lol. I agree with you about the sacrificing thing. How much more must they sacrifice?

    I didn't really like the portrayal of Zeus. He seemed like a goatee twirling bad guy. If and when they ever show God on the show, I hope it's not like Zeus. They would really need to go all out with that, considering the build up. With these 3 quests thing, is God finally going to make an appearance?

  2. Great review as always Billie.
    But was this a good episode?? I don't know. I enjoyed it but I was somewhat disappointed.
    I think, if you are going to take on the Greek Gods & Goddesses, you have to at least have a whole season arc about it.

    Now, here it was just - here comes Zeus - there he goes. Greek Gods are not that casually vanquished in my book...

    Still, the Dean & Sam (main)story moves on beautifully. I think we're up for some kick-ass season finale this year.

  3. I enjoyed it, although I agree that the greek gods and goddesses are too good of a subject to be shoved in one episode.
    Always find it priceless the look on Dean's face when Sam flexes some of this intelectual powers.

    Concerning the whole sacrifice thing, I can't get the idea out of my head that Sam is going to pass the tablet tests, but the final test will be the actual test and Dean will sacrifice himself for Sam..."there is no greater love than to lay down your life for another....." just a thought.

    Ok, guys now go vote for Supernatural on the TVguideMag facebook page!

  4. I was a bit disappointed and I feel this episode was pretty weak.
    But Dean rules!

  5. @ Austin: There's only one person right for casting God...

    And that's Morgan Freeman :p

    At least that's the only way I won't be dissapointed if they ever plan on casting God.

    On the topic of the greek gods. I liked Zeus, but it's a pity how fast he died... I first thought he might be used like Death, but they finished him as quickly as most other gods we've known in this series...

    Just because of the fast deaths of both Zeus and Prometheus, I'm giving this one a 2 out of 4 dragon penises.

  6. I'm not sure what to make of this one. I loved all of the interactions between Sam and Dean, but the story itself felt a bit rushed. I agree that if we're going to spend time with the Greek gods, let's spend some real time.

    Your lead quote was one of my favorites in a long time. There is usually one good Dean quote, but this one was exceptional.

  7. Eagle, not crow.

    2/4. I'm tempted to go even lower just because they wasted such a great concept.

    Damn it, Supernatural. I wanted so, so badly to love this episode. As soon as I saw the eagle and realized the Prometheus connection, I became excited about where it was all going. And that only increased when I realized that the dying-once-a-day guy was Prometheus himself. But then the kid shows up, and from that moment on I knew what was going to happen almost down to the second.

    I don't think this show's lost its creative spark - this season's largely been better than the last, in my book (speaking of great concepts wasted...) - but whoever wrote this one must've been having an off day.

    It's not that giving Prometheus an illegitimate kid with a mortal was a bad idea in and of itself, particularly given the frequency with which that sort of thing happens in Greek mythology, but to follow such a predictable course with it...

    This is why the ability to see the future would suck. Without surprises, there's no tension or excitement. I mean, imagine knowing everything that's ever going to happen in advance, but then having to go through the motions anyway. That's how I felt through the last 30 minutes of this episode.

    And the biggest waste of all was Zeus. The casting was perfect; he was munching through the scenery like there was no tomorrow. In another episode I would've loved him. It would have been brilliant to see him square off against Kali (she survived the season 5 god massacre, didn't she?), or debate politics with Typhon-Seth, or maybe just smite an angel to remind us of when gods were scary. Instead we got... this.


    I'm not sure this was the worst episode of the series, but it's almost certainly the one that left me the most disappointed.


  8. This episode was a cool idea on paper but on screen it was pretty much a stinker from start to finish. The Greek gods deserve better.

  9. It was an okay episode. Not great, not horrible. Just meh. Prometeus was hot, though

  10. I agree, it could have been much, much more. I wish they had explored the idea of Artemis as the goddess of hunting - she should be a real ally for our hunters. Also, Artemis was notoriously virginal and also a protector of young kids.

  11. Tbh I hate greek myth with a passion and how it saturated my youth with all these karma houdinis. So while the more unbiased side of me definitely agrees that certain standalones deserve 2 - 3 episode expansions, I did not want to see more of this interpretation of Zeus and was glad for once at the predictiveness (having said that I love the evil Bryan Cranston energy that guy brought). The cooler gods of season 5 were wiped out in a standalone too. But I loved /our guy/ Prometheus and even Artemis got the right look for her... a shame she didn't get an opportunity to be fleshed out.
    Also why was Sam the one trying to distract the boy with an ice cream sundae lmao? LET HIM GRIEVE. Well you know what, my bad. Dean was really good with Ben, and despite Sam's keener sensitivity I don't remember him bonding with a kid before


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