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Revolution: Ghosts

"Most people don't have the power to hand you a continent."

Who else feels like they just watched an episode of Lost? The revelatory flashbacks, the sudden last minute reveals with the screeching musical score - of course it helps that Lost's very own Juliette is the one dropping the bombshells!

I'm most impressed that Revolution looks like it's intent on answering the "big" questions. We've already gotten a lot of answers this year regarding the show's central mystery, and apparently we'll be getting a lot of the full story next week now that Rachel is about to spill her guts out to Aaron. Well done show. Keep it up.

I must say, Colm Feore is much more impressive than David Lyons as a villain. Randall is intimidating and authoritative in a way that Monroe simply is not, and he's a sinister delight to watch whenever he's onscreen. In addition, the flashbacks did a pretty good job of making him somewhat sympathetic particularly during the death of his son. Here's hoping he offs Monroe at some point and replaces him as the show's primary antagonist.

I wasn't too enthralled by Miles's quest to recruit Jim Hudson, as the latter's story was pretty predictable with his wife leaving him after discovering the truth. Still, I'll let it slide because it's necessary to build up the good guys and their army.

Revolutionary Bits

- I love how Randall is sarcastic with Monroe - insulting him and telling him to "lighten up."

- Although Charlie isn't as whiny and annoying as she used to be, I still enjoyed Rachel slapping the heck out of her immensely.

- Very thrilling scene with Rachel destroying the pendants as the Humvees arrive.

- So Randall was Rachel's boss at the DoD. Interesting...

- The episode's best moment: Charlie brutally stabbing a guy with an arrow and then picking up his big-ass rifle. The girl could turn out to be a great heroine after all.

- I was quite shocked by all the blood in this one, particularly in that awesome sword fight. Not complaining; we could all use a little gore sometimes.

- I think Charlie saved her mom a bit too easily. Didn't Randall have a gazillion soldiers?

- Very moving moment with Charlie and Rachel breaking down and hugging. Nora and Miles holding hands however, not so much.

- So what did Flynn "execute" in Kabul to cause the Blackout?

- What an ending! "There's this place... it's called The Tower". Next week can't come soon enough.

- Not as wonderful as last week's outing, but still a promising hour from Revolution.

3 out of 5 fried pendants.

Previously posted on Nad's Reviews.


  1. So far this second half of the season is improving on the first half... so I'm happy! I hope they keep it up! :o)

    Onthe flashbacks side, I'm more interested in finding out what happened while Miles was still with Monroe and why he felt the need to kill his best friend / brother!!! And what could have possibly happened between him and Rachel to justify those looks we've been getting? His brother's wife?!?!!? How biblical is that!!! And how will Charlie react??? :p

  2. Did I heard correctly :"Virus is in place."?

    So a computer virus caused the blackout? This is a very stupid idea (as if suspending the laws of physics was not stupid enough).

  3. Your first paragraph made me laugh. More than once through this episode I thought of Lost. Now, if we can just get Sawyer to turn up...

    I'm also with you on Nora and Miles; although, something tells me she is not long for this world. I could be really wrong, but it would not surprise me if we lose her before the end of this season.

    I would have preferred a bit more tension between Charlie and her mom, but I was moved by their hug. Charlie can be so badass, it is easy to remember how very young she is. Of course she wants to go to her mom.


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