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Doux News: May 12, 2013

This week: Cutest vampire couple ever breaks up -- Renewals and cancellations -- New shows -- This week in casts -- This week in cats -- Best commercial ever

I don't tend to do gossipy stuff, but I'm sad to report that my favorite co-starring love bunnies, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, have broken up. How awkward that they're probably going to continue doing love scenes together. It's just too bad. Damon and Elena are the only couple on TV I'm shipping right now, and Somerhalder and Dobrev are both cat lovers. Oh, well. Hopefully it'll be one of those amicable "we don't have a problem working together" breakups.

Renewals and Cancellations

So I was looking at all of the shows that just got renewed or canceled this week and wondering where to start with Doux News this weekend, and instead, ChrisB put together a post on Renewals and Cancellations, 2013, bless her. There haven't been any upsetting cancellations for me personally this year -- what about you guys? Two shows that I review, Dexter and Breaking Bad, are ending this summer, but they've both run quite a long time and I think they'll both actually come to a conclusion, which is all any TV fan can ask for.

Two renewals that I sort of don't get, though, are Community and Defiance. Here on Doux Reviews, we've talked here and there about how season four of Community has lost that unique spark of creativity that made it a must-watch show. Maybe not everyone feels that way, though. Comments?

Syfy's Defiance got a second season. It has the feel of Farscape crossed with Firefly, two shows that I enjoyed, and it stars a number of actors that I like tremendously. I dutifully watched the first few episodes, but I couldn't make myself watch this week's; I deleted it unwatched. Why isn't Defiance clicking for me? Are you watching Defiance? What do you think of it?

New shows

The good news is that Joss Whedon's new show, whatever they end up calling it (I think I'll call it SHIELD), has gotten the green light. Woo, and may I add, hoo! And yes, we'll definitely be covering it here. Mark Greig, our resident Marvel expert, will be doing the honors.

There will be a trailer for SHIELD airing tonight during the season finale of Once Upon a Time, which, coincidentally, is about to be spun off. The new series will be called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. (Or possibly something else. Like SHIELD, they were having trouble coming up with a title.)

The new J.J. Abrams sci-fi drama, Almost Human, is a go, too. Along with other stuff. (It's okay if I only mention stuff that interests me, right? If I wrote about them all, this section would be a mile long. Plus, ChrisB does a terrific column on new shows every few weeks.)

It's not definite yet, but now that Touch has been canceled (never got into that show, although I did try it), Kiefer Sutherland is in talks with Fox to do a limited run revisit of 24. I'm on board for that. I saw all of 24, although I never felt compelled to write about it. (Well, maybe once.)

This week in casts

Kenny Johnson from The Shield (which is not SHIELD) will be on board for an arc in the upcoming final season of Dexter. Very cool.

Colin Ferguson, former star of Eureka, will be doing a season-long arc on Haven.

Enrico Colantoni, currently doing a character arc on Person of Interest, has been cast in the upcoming Veronica Mars movie. Not a surprise, since he played Veronica's father for three seasons, but nice to know.

This week in cats

I had several cat features to choose from this week, but wound up with this one. Very cute. Although I think it has delusions of Henri le chat noir.

And finally, I hate commercials, but this may be the Best Commercial Ever. Although it might not make you howl if you've never been into Star Trek.

That's it for this week. Comments? Raves? Are you participating in the Buffy Re-Watch? We're having a great time.

And Happy Mother's Day!


  1. To hell with ABC and their indecision, I'm going to call it The Phil Coulson Power Hour

  2. I saw that ad earlier in the week and laughed myself silly. So funny! I particularly loved Leonard Nimoy singing in the car. Yeah!

    I'm still watching Defiance and liking it just fine. It isn't knocking it out of the park or anything, and some elements don't work for me, but it is usually the first of our Monday shows to get watched. I'm hoping it finds it's footing a little better soon, and takes things to the next level. It's ratings are some of the best SyFy has seen in a long time, so I'm not surprised it got a second season pick up.

    On the "picked-up pilots" front, those shows that Josh Holloway (Intelligence) and Tricia Helfer (Killer Women) are starring in did get picked up. So now I can get excited about them. Except that neither concept sounds all that interesting to me. Erg. I'll probably try a couple episodes come fall, because I can't resist those two actors and I'm excited that they've got leading gigs, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hang in. I'll probably check out Almost Human, too, even though the concept sounds exceedingly cheesy. I'm intrigued by the Karl Urban factor.

  3. Colin Ferguson on Haven - yeah!!! And, that commercial is hilarious!

  4. Isn't it sad that I am more excited about a possible further 24 than I am any of the new pick-ups.

    The creative minds at Audi's ad agency went to town with that one. I don't know Star Trek at all, but even I got many of the jokes and laughed out loud.

  5. I'm watching Defiance, and it doesn't remind me neither of Farscape (which I didn't see except for the first twenty minutes or so) nor of Firefly (which I saw multiple times and quite enjoyed). Instead it reminds me of another show. "Seaquest DSV". No surprise, since both shows were created by the very same Rockne O'Bannon. Both Seaquest and Defiance fill great stories with likable, but one-dimensional characters. Now, Seaquest was a great show. For the first year. The second season was a disaster, the stories became stupid and some very likable characters were gone (Dr.Westphalen, Lt. Cmdr Katherine Hitchcock, Chief Crocker,..). The third season was an improvement, despite Roy Sheider being replaced by Michael Ironside, but never reached the glory of the first one. That said, I guess it really depends on individual actors, whether they click on you or not. Roy Sheider and Jonathan Brandis did, while Grant Bowler and Stephanie Leonidas don't. I'm not saying they are bad actors, not at all, but for me to enjoy seeing them they need good character development, and that's something we don't have here, not even a hint. Julie Benz is certainly great, but I guess she is not enough (and Seaquest had Stephanie Beacham).

  6. Loved the commercial. What an house, insane.

    I'm happy for Tricia Helfer, hopefully "her" show will work out.

    Do not try to understand about Community.

    Time to watch (and take notes) another Buffy episode !

  7. "Dramatization. Do not store cargo in the passenger seat." Always read the fine prints.

  8. I quite like Defiance and I'm always looking forward to watch the next episode. I find it at least as enjoyable as I found Caprica to be, which is to say, so-so. It's still, without a doubt, way better than Revolution.

    All the episodes primarily being about self-contained weekly story arcs are a bit getting on my nerves though, I hate procedurals.


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