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Psych: Nip And Suck It

"You're not 55 anymore."

Shawn and his dad have a complicated relationship. But they both live to catch the bad guy. What happens when the two don't agree on who that bad guy is? In a case of a dead plastic surgery patient, this is the situation. In a case of "c'mon son" writ large, will they let their rivalry stop them from doing their jobs? No. Of course they won't, don't be ridiculous. Let's review...

So, what I liked about this episode was it was interesting to see Shawn and Henry have different opinions on a killer... And honestly, I wasn't sure who specifically did what til the end. I thought surely if Gregory "Gonzo Gates" Harrison was on, he'd be the killer under the "the known guest star is usually the killer" rule. But, then I said, wait, we know Lori Laughlin, too. (And then I thought the fact "we" know either of these people by name on sight is scary and a little sad. But anyhow...) The twists were pretty good.

The chase to catch the killer had some amusing moments, particularly the sign "Suck it" that Henry stuck out the window when he double-crossed Shawn and Gus. I liked it that he appropriated their insult catch phrase of choice. I also dug that the lady plastic surgeon and Henry kind of had a thing. She's clearly younger than he is, but she was kind of cool with him. I was more invested in them in one episode than I was with poor Rachel-The-Underwritten and Gus in six.

A few qualms. First, in the case of the actual killer...They sorta telegraphed she was somehow involved by having her mention a glaringly specific "incidental" fact: she was from North Dakota. Once she said that, we all knew a clue had been dropped. I dislike that obviousness trying to not be obvious. Also, a little of Gus being self-conscious about his looks goes a long way. Though, his blubbering fearing a break-up with Rachel (a cookie basket spells trouble...) was funny.

But my biggest issue was: I think the Shawn and Henry relationship over the last seven seasons has moved beyond the fight they were having throughout this episode. Shawn was beating the tar out of his father's abilities with all this anti-age stuff, and Henry was saying a lot of the old "you don't know what you're doing, young whipper snapper" stuff. In both cases, I mean, yeah, sure, pieces of these issues have remained over the years. But they seem like more or less dead issues. Henry is proud of Shawn and trusts his work, for the most part and Shawn, despite the fact he walked in on his parents earlier this year, seems to have gotten over his dad-related resentments. So, really, the conflict here seemed at best passe and at worst, forced because someone, somewhere wanted to write this episode and couldn't figure another way to do it.

In short, they should have had a different angle for their insults than not trusting each other's work, or at least dialed down the conflict angle they went with. I don't know, maybe I'm being too judgmental. Maybe when it comes to work, the buttons to push are closer to the service. I just thought it was a weird step back in time. And what I really will miss is if Shawn no longer sees his dad - begrudgingly - as a wise adviser. I don't think he should ever grow out of that. It's a good component of the show.

On the other hand, I did like how Shawn heard his dad talking about wanting to be a better dad to Shawn after the divorce and how Henry is thinking of becoming a PI. I prefer him as an employee of the police, but, that's all right.

Psychlights and assorted points:

Henry is, in fact, 55, which is what made that line funny, and also a little questionable. How old is Shawn? Henry's portrayer, Corbin Bernsen is 58. I would have said they were both over 60.

I'm glad Jules and Shawn are officially back together; but what was the deal with it happening behind the scenes without Jules even in the room?

I like, nay, love, how, in any situation, Lassiter is consistently unimpressed with anyone who tries to be a wisemouth, weasel her way out of something or threaten him. He's nuts, he's surly, and he's rude, but he's tough, too.

I want a cookie basket.

The difference between A Playa Named Gus and botoxed Gus was quite significant, wasn't it?

I'd be okay with lady plastic surgeon sticking around as a love interest for Henry. I don't think he and Maddie are destined to reunite. And I wouldn't be interested in that triangle.

Need Gus be so uptight about having a dude be his masseuse? C'mon son...That kind of humor is so 2002.

"Suck it" is a fantastic expression.

Next week: season finale. And we ask the question, will Chief Vick be replaced and also: if she is, would anyone notice?


  1. C'mon son! I love chief Vick. But I suppose that's mainly cuz I have a strange attraction to Kirsten Nelson.

    Anways, this episode was hilarious to me. From Gus' constant botox frozen face to Shawn's zingers. I died when Gus did that old man laugh when they were making fun of Henry. That and Shawn and Gus' little happy humming as they got the food from the truck. Though on the subject of Shawn and Henry's bickering throughout this episode; I always figured it was kinda just a son and father just having at each other like parent and child do. Just with a bit of extra vitriol. They get that they're good at what each other does, they just don't wanna admit it. I loved seeing Henry do a version of Shawn's ability, that was cool.

    I figure Shawn's around 35-ish, which would make Henry 20-ish when Shawn was born. I don't think that's so weird. I'm pretty sure Gus mentioned that they were in their thirties in an episode in the first or second season, and years had to have passed on the show by now.

  2. I didn't love this one for exactly the point you made. I was disappointed that the conflict felt like something we had seen years ago and that had, more or less, been resolved.

    I really think the writers dropped the ball on the break-up. This could have been a very interesting character developing situation, but now it's just done. Shame.


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