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Revolution: Clue

"So what do you say? Road trip?"

I'm pleased to report that I enjoyed this episode. Revolution is having a pretty good back nine. I particularly enjoyed the mystery aspect, which is where the episode title came from. I assume.

Although when the episode began, I thought I was going to hate it. Twenty-one days of torture? Man, I would have ratted Miles out in the first five minutes. And after twenty-one days, how could Monroe possibly believe that Miles would still be in the same location? Come on! It was also less than believable because it was TV torture -- the sort that doesn't involve permanent disfigurement, and you come out the other side looking a bit drawn with a few artful bruises. So it was...

Nora. In the torture chamber. With the white dress. Speaking of which, why the dress? That made zero sense. Did Monroe think that the candlelight dinner would work?

So then we had half the cast and several continuing characters and mysterious murders at Fort Hanson, and that was actually fun. Who could be the bad guy? Was Nora brainwashed and doing it under the influence? Was it John Sanford? Jason Neville? Jim from Alphas? Some other character whose name begins with J? I knew it couldn't be Neville; he's just not the type to go undercover for so long, and the murders didn't feel like him. I even thought for awhile that Nora was still in the torture chamber and imagining it all. But it was...

Jim. At the Army base. With a switchblade. Darn. I liked Jim.

And then there was the Tower quest. Rachel and Aaron actually, finally reached their destination this week, only to discover everyone else was smart enough to get there more quickly by taking a helicopter. The Tower was revealed to be an underground DOD installation in Colorado, which of course reminded me of Stargate SG-1. And we got a surprise, massive cliffhanger that actually got a worried-I-might-lose-a-character-I-like reaction out of me. Which was...

Rachel. In the tent. With a grenade.

Bits and pieces:

-- Did Miles seem a bit unconcerned that Nora just disappeared for nearly a month?

-- While Charlie and Jason were kissing for the first time, panicked people in the background were evacuating Atlanta. Was anyone else thinking Gone With the Wind?

-- Jim told Miles, "You'd better put on a dress 'cause you're all I have left." Talk about clues.

Two episodes left in this season, and I have no idea where they're going. Will Aaron turn the power back on? Will Miles blow up the Tower and take us back to an electricity-less status quo? Will Tom Neville and Miles duel to the death?

This was an odd episode, but oddly enough, I enjoyed it. Does that make it three out of four inappropriate white dresses?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Putting a female captive in a nice dress and inviting her to eat is apparently part of the Villain Code of Conduct. Ben did the same thing with Kate at the beginning of the third season of LOST, for example.

  2. The thing which always surprises me about Revolution is that we're still less than a season in. The show feels like it's been running for years. But I liked this one. Jim was the least likely suspect, ergo, it had to be him. Damn! I liked him, too. And great ending -- though I'd have been tempted to remove the grenade pin outside of the tent, count to five, and then roll it in. Stupid TV assassinations!

  3. Guess I'm showing my age, but the white dress took me back to Raiders. Either way, it's been done.

    I liked the mystery in this one as well, especially as it revealed how tenuous so many of the relationships are. Doesn't take much to have everyone turning on everyone else. Plus, it was a good way to remove a bunch of characters before the end of the season.

    Very interested to see where the writers are taking us. I'm fairly certain it will be somewhere unexpected. I certainly do not expect to lose both Rachel and Monroe in one huge explosion.


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