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Revolution: The Longest Day

"What makes you think I'm in it to help people?"

This was very much a relationship episode.

So Tom Neville loves his son, after all. He may not be able to handle the fact that Jason has a mind and opinions of his own, but I'm glad that Tom is capable of caring. And that gun ambush thingy at the end? It says a lot for the character that we can watch Tom rise from a crouch and kill attackers coming from -- was it four or five? -- different directions, and you just go wow, that was awesome, instead of hey, that would never happen.

I also enjoyed Miles and Tom banding together to go off looking for their kids. When Nora and Charlie were both in danger, Miles chose Charlie (not a surprise), and that scene where Charlie hugged Miles as hard as she could was actually rather dear. Nora said there was no future for herself and Miles, and I agree. Especially now that Nora has been captured by the bad guys.

Apparently, Sebastian Monroe has become so insulated and paranoid that there is no one left for him to trust. This week's most disappointing development was the death of Jeremy Baker, who made the fatal mistake of convincing Monroe to go have a drink with his soldiers and try to relax a little. Monroe killed his last and only friend for nothing, and we the viewers lost Mark Pellegrino as a cool guest star. Damn. Monroe has to go.

But it doesn't appear that the Georgians are going to take Monroe down. The president of Georgia compared Monroe to Sherman and said she would surrender in order to save the lives of her people. Rational and probably smart, but I somehow doubt it will happen.

I was right about the nanobots healing Rachel's horrible broken leg, but the magical healing scene turned into more of a reveal about Rachel's motivations. She said that she has no desire to help others. Did she mean it, or was that kid truly beyond help? Her statement to Aaron that her motivation is power (and I'm assuming that was a double entendre) sort of took me aback, since it's impossible to tell what's going on inside Rachel. (Dan said that it was like J.J. Abrams simply moved Elizabeth Mitchell's Lost character, Juliet, over to Revolution. Well, yes.) I believe Rachel loves Charlie and that she loved Danny, but that doesn't make her a humanitarian.

I'm confused about how the nanobot-healing thingy is related to the power going off, but they stop working when the lights go back on, right? I'm sure that doesn't mean that Rachel's leg will go back to its previously broken state, though. When Aaron started pushing that filthy nanobot thingy into Rachel's knee, I was thinking, geez, at least wash it off if you're not going to sterilize it! Of course, if it heals, it doesn't have to be sterilized. I also started thinking that Revolution's obvious contrast between advanced technology and primitive conditions is starting to work for me. How about that.

The flashbacks this week were to Miles and Rachel seven years after the blackout when Miles was the Butcher of Baltimore and about to torture Rachel. I fully expected a reveal that Charlie is Miles's daughter, but it didn't happen. (Not yet, anyway.) Of course, flashback Rachel is still tied up and a prisoner, so we probably haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe the writers aren't going that way. Maybe they'll surprise us.


Bits and pieces:

-- A drone attack with a 90% kill rate. Not at all topical, huh? I was thinking about the "compound fracture as a vehicle to write out characters" comment in my review last week when everyone ended up under the rubble.

-- I'm a bit confused about the mole stuff. Can someone enlighten me?

-- This week, the Rebel Georgian Coalition was in Ashland, Kentucky. At least until it got all blown up.

-- Best line: Baker: (to Monroe) "You shouldn't be cooped up here like some kind of recluse. You're not peeing in jars, are you?" I bet he is. Doesn't that sound like something Monroe would do?

Three out of four nanobot thingies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "I'm a bit confused about the mole stuff. Can someone enlighten me?"

    A "mole" is an undercover enemy agent. Miles thinks they have one, for whatever reason.

  2. Thanks. I do know what a mole is. :) I just don't recall when it was first mentioned. Was this the first time? (I probably should have said that.)

  3. Nonsense. You're both wrong. A mole is a semi-cute, semi-creepy rodent that lives underground and wears glasses. :-)

  4. Best thing ever said to a mole, ""There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing
    as simply messing about in boats."

    But I digress. Interesting episode that gave us a lot to think about. I'm interested in the Jason/Charlie romance, but not too keen that Dad is in on it. He will only use it against one or both of them.

    I, too, loved the hug Charlie gave Miles. I was glad he didn't pull away from her. These two have come a long way.


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