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Supernatural: Clip Show

Note the Jiffy Pop. Great touch
Sam: "So we have a dungeon."
Dean: "Finally."

Of course, the Winchesters need their own dungeon. I love that the bunker is so extensive that they don't even know what they have.

And of course, this wasn't actually a clip show, although there were a few actual old film clips. I liked the double entendre, since unfortunately, people from past episodes indeed got clipped. There was something very sad about those three people dying. They're why Dean and Sam do what they do. Crowley chose the very thing that would make the Winchesters seriously consider giving up.

Not too many shows could pull off an homage to The Exorcist and make it work with another homage to Thing from The Addams Family. It was weird seeing the beautiful Alaina Huffman in pieces, but she's doing a good job as Abaddon, the Knight of Hell. I also like the idea that curing a demon is basically untwisting their soul. I'd love to speculate about which demon the Winchesters will attempt to cure in the finale next week, but the previews pretty much ruined that for me. We have a couple of obvious candidates in Abaddon and Crowley, though, so I'll leave it at that.

I'm also enjoying Metatron. His description of the in-fighting factions in Heaven made it sound like Congress. It's nice that he already has all the trials in his memory, although I somehow doubt he and Castiel will succeed in shutting the door to Heaven. Dean and Sam might do it with Hell, though. Couldn't demons still sneak through the back door in Purgatory? (I'm unclear about how the whole doors in Purgatory thing actually works.)

Is Cas gullible, or what? This is about the thirty-fifth time he's been led down the garden path by someone, or possessed, or brainwashed, or influenced by the pizza man. Cas needs to take some self-actualization courses or something. And of course, Dean still feels betrayed. Maybe it's that Dean just can't get Cas to do what Dean wants him to do.

Although if he did, Cas wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Gotta love an angel in a convenience store. My favorite scene by far was Castiel shopping for things he thought would please Dean: Beer, toilet paper, beef jerky, pie, and Busty Asian Beauties. What did the thing with the egg mean? It must be a reference to a movie I haven't seen.

Speaking of dense, leaving Abaddon alone wasn't the best move by the Winchesters, was it?

Bits and pieces:

— Sam is nauseous and starving at the same time and everything smells bad. Obviously, he's pregnant.

— The first trial on the Angel tablet was to cut out the heart of a Nephilim. I'd never heard of them, so here. I liked the white eyes. We've seen the white eyes on angels before, of course. (We have, haven't we? Eight seasons! I'm tracking eight seasons!)

— The three victims were from "Wendigo," "Provenance" and "Shut Up, Dr. Phil." "Hearts in my cupcakes!" Abaddon was introduced in the terrific Men of Letters intro episode, "As Time Goes By."

— Crowley has copies of Chuck's Supernatural books. Of course he does.

— The sensitive priest was played by Donnolly Rhodes, who played Doc Cottle in Battlestar Galactica. He also played another character in the second episode of Supernatural that was even already mentioned, "Wendigo."

— The films were in a box labeled "Case 1138." Was that a deliberate reference to George Lucas's first movie?

— Crowley's phone number is 666. Loved the little devil face as his sig.

— This week: Lost Creek, Colorado; St. Louis, Missouri; Prosperity and Indianapolis, Indiana.

— Where's Kevin now? Metatron's motel room?


Sam: "Please tell me that's everything."
Dean: "Yeah, no. See, the Men of Letters kept files on every demonic possession in the last three hundred years. We got Borden, Lizzie all the way to Crane, Ichabod."

Dean: "I've had that hangover. Jager, man."

Sam: "Do we have a room 7B?"

Castiel: "You don't understand. I need pie."

Metatron: "In public, It's Marv."

Metatron: "...which is why we need to shut down Heaven. Do you like crepes?"
Metatron, like Death, is obsessed with human food. So cute.

Dean: "Dude, we got needles, we got thread, we've seen Young Frankenstein about a thousand times... yeah, we're golden."
Sam: "This is going to be disgusting."
Dean: "Uh huh."

Crowley: "First things first. What are you wearing?"

Sarah: "You grew up, Sam. I do miss the old haircut, though."
Wow. I sure don't.

It's hard to rate a penultimate episode because so much of it is set up for the finale, but I enjoyed this one. What did you guys think?

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Speaking of dense, leaving Abaddon alone wasn't the best move by the Winchesters, was it?

    I'd say it was outright stupid, not to mention completely out of characters.

    I hate when the writers take the lazy route. Any suspension of disbelief just goes out the window.

  2. I liked elements of this episode, but was incredibly annoyed by the Abaddon stuff. I mean, I don't mind having Abaddon back, because Alaina Huffman makes her fun, but that was a hella stupid plan. I actually yelled at the television several times, "This is the stupidest plan ever!"

    It wasn't just that they left her alone so they could take a call from Crowley, it was that they chose her as the candidate in the first place. It's a completely new form of exorcism to you, and you think the best test subject is an uber-demon known as a 'Knight of Hell'? It's not like they knew Crowley was keeping his guys away from them at that point. Plus, consecrate the ground and the supplies before you revive her, dumbasses! The whole thing just required the boys to behave exceptionally stupid, and it irked me.

    But, I did like Metatron and Cas teaming up. I sort of hope they succeed and that next season we get to explore the unintended consequences of locking up Heaven and Hell.

  3. Me thrice. The writing in this episode was incredibly lazy. I understand if you want Abaddon free, but it was completely out of character for Dean and Sam to act so stupid. Not even a devil's trap on the floor? Placing her severed hand right next to her? Shoddy writing nearly ruined a solid episode for me. I especially loved the old clips. It was suitably creepy. But some of the writing...don't Jared and Jensen have any say in the matter? Surely they know their characters are such stupid noobs.

    I have to touch on something I've mentioned before and it makes me very uncomfortable. We had yet another black actor that was evil and pretty much tortured. Now, I'm not saying anything was deliberate. But just as Supernatural has a history of killing all the cool female characters, so too do they cast black actors primarily as demons/monsters. It's something I've noticed and I cringe every time. Rufus was the only good black character I can think of...

  4. I absolutely agree with you guys! The Winchesters would never have done anything so monumentally stupid as leaving A KNIGHT OF HELL alone. It was an obvious plot device and it annoyed me.

    I like that each week they discover something new and awesome in the bunker. Fingers crossed for a bowling alley. How cute is it that Dean wants a ping pong table?

    It's so perfect that Crowley is going after the Winchesters by killing people they helped. It's so horrible. What are they going to do?

  5. I completely agree with you on Cas and the fact that he just can't seem to learn from past mistakes. Wasn't that pretty much his entire character arc in season 6, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that the end DOESN'T necessarily justify the means. In that season, he compromises one moral principle at a time, all for a "greater good", and suddenly found himself the villuan by the end of the season. Now here he is, killing what he consideres to be an innocent girl because some angel he hardly knows tells him it's for the greater good. Honestly, the parallels between this ep and Cas' mistakes in season 6 were so obvious that I thought Metatron was going to pull a switcheroo on Cas, and that the real test would be whether or not Cas had learned his lesson and developed the moral fortitude to say no to something he considered wrong--to NOT kill the girl for some supposed higher good. I guess I called that one wrong.

  6. real test would be whether or not Cas had learned his lesson and developed the moral fortitude to say no to something he considered wrong--to NOT kill the girl for some supposed higher good. I guess I called that one wrong.
    This really bugged me too. I hate the fact they are rolling over the idea that innocent life deserves to live.

    Killing the Phoenix was wrong as well as the creature in the HP Lovecraft episode.

    The only reason it is OK to kill demons is because they will not leave innocent life alone, hence it makes them evil.

  7. I liked this episode and I was really creeped out by some parts: the footage of the exorcism and the hand. God, the hand just freaked me out big time.

  8. Like the rest of you, the writing in this episode was lazy and was just an obvious set-up. I hate when that happens, except that I am intrigued by the set-up. Very interested to see where this is going.

    Love Cas and Metatron together. Great chemistry and, like Jess, I would like to see both heaven and hell closed next year. That would make for some interesting stories.

  9. The episode was really good to watch, The bit with Castiel threating the clerk over pie was very funny. I agree the boys leaving abbadon alone was silly but I didn't think she was able to psychically put herself back together :S that was new.

  10. In regards to Cas killing the girl , at first he seemed to hesitate as he didn't want to do it but then only did it because she attacked them. But then I kind of think she wouldn't have attacked them if she had been provoked. Also having Crowley phone number as 666 was a nice touch

  11. Thanks for your brilliant reviews Billie. I’m on my rewatch and keeping them ad company :) just wanted to mention, this episode, Crowley 1by1 killing people the boys saved, is the epitome why in the entire run of the series, Crowley has been their best frenemy. Reading the Supernatural books, being the only one “not to underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares “ and understanding them deeply enough to hit them where it hurts by targeting their saved victims (in a less obvious than hurt one of them way). Brilliant. Signed-Kotre


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