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Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising

“It’s like werewolf Thunderdome.”

Do we know enough about what’s going on around us to risk people’s lives? ‘Chaos Rising’ continued this season’s plots incredibly well, like the growing mystery around the Alphas, and how Scott’s lack of know-how about them may be a huge hindrance. It also gave newer, less important characters attention when it was absolutely necessary, and gave the better ones more time to shine and steal the spotlight. The real strength here, though, was the episode’s forward momentum, which makes it easy to believe that the show hasn’t come close to a half tank yet.

You could argue that there’s every chance things could fall apart in a few episodes time, but that can’t detract from the place Teen Wolf is at now. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the few genre shows out there that is completely self aware in all of its insanity and idiocy, and that only makes it more likable. Even the characters that range from werewolves to who-the-hell-knows are almost all well-drawn and relatable.

Peter is one character that the show seems to have utilised incredibly well. From that snarky attitude, to his dense knowledge of the wolf world, there’s a lot of potential with him. He also passed the Stiles test, i.e. made him look like an idiot in less than two seconds (I guess pretty much everyone has), so he’s probably here to stay. I also loved seeing Ms Morell back again, even if she only dropped by for a split second. Was she forced into locking Scott and Derek into the vault with Boyd? I’m guessing since she helped Allison hide that she’s got good intentions and is being manipulated by Deucalion.

Just like poor Boyd, who has been locked up for four months, getting all pent up and wolfy and is looking to tear the nearest person to pieces. Too bad Erica’s a goner. I actually liked her a lot, and she fit into the Teen Wolf ‘verse really well. I’m not sure I ever got the same amount of personality from Boyd. I doubt he’s going to be any more than a supporting player for the most part, but I can’t help but think the wrong wolf bit the dust in this case.

Not that I’m dissatisfied with what happened this week. Season three is so far hoisting the high bar set by season two in almost every respect. The risks are definitely worth it if the rewards are this much fun.

4 out of 5 XXL condoms.


Stiles’ face when he pulled out those condoms was definitely a big highlight this week.

Are Derek and Isaac roomies? Derek has zero interior design skills, either.

Lydia’s gay-dar is incredibly well honed.

Derek’s little sister is alive. Wonder what went down there?

Looks like Allison is about to find out exactly what her mother was up to.

What’s the deal with Lydia at the end of the episode?

He Said, She Said

Stiles: “Where do you live?”
Peter: “In an underground network of caves hidden deep in the woods.”
Stiles: “Whoa, really?!”
Peter: “No you idiot, in an apartment downtown.”

Derek: “We don’t have the time to figure out every little detail.”
Scott: “But what if this detail, the reason why they waited, what if it’s the most important one?”

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  1. Do they film in Los Angeles? I could swear some of those neighborhood shots looked like Buffy.

    I agree with what you said, Panda. Teen Wolf doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is -- a cheesy, fun teen supernatural show. That's why it works.

  2. I've been really enjoying this season.

    Billie, they used to film in Atlanta, but they began filming in Los Angeles at the beginning of season three.

    I also don't think Erica is COMPLETELY dead? She looks dead, but what is really bugging me is that I swear her eye moves when Allison sees her, and why would her head flop when there was no seen force?

    I'm a little bit in love with Peter and Isaac.

  3. I knew it was Los Angeles!

    Dare I admit that I have a thing for Derek? :)

  4. Y'know, as much of a blowhard as the lacrosse coach is, his whole Risk/Reward exercise with the quarter was actually a pretty clever way to illustrate the concept so that the students could grasp it. I like that they made him less of an a-hole in Season 2, and that trend seems to be continuing.


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