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Teen Wolf: Currents

“Someone is going to die tonight.”

If the past few weeks were about giving us a chance to take a step back and look at where we were, ‘Currents’ was the show going back to full speed. Everything that had happened so far this season came to a head here, with even the less important stories making it to forefront, and it was one of the most cohesive episodes of Teen Wolf to date.

Over the past two seasons, Teen Wolf has grown into something far better than it had any right to be. Looking back at the pilot episode is funny now, seeing how small the show started out. With so many different players joining every year, it should by all rights be getting more jumbled, but that hasn’t happened yet. Last season we saw an influx of new bad guys and weres, with Boyd, Erica and Isaac joining the show, but things never felt too scattered. Now this season we’ve gotten a whole pack on top of that, and there are still no signs of the show faltering under that extra weight.

The Alpha pack is still being given the big bad treatment, and the writers haven’t given them much room for reprieve. Kali stands out the most right now in terms of plain evilness, after she forced Derek into killing Boyd with his own hands (or claws, whatever). Not only that, but we find out that she was the one who got to Erica as well. Even though Ethan is starting to soften up with his connection to Danny, everyone else is still hard and brutal. I really liked Erica’s speech, and seeing her go down while Boyd dies at the same time was really horrible to watch, and really well done on the show’s part.

So far I’m not sure where the Druid sacrifices fit in with everything else, but by the looks of things, it seems like it’s starting to seriously affect what’s been going on elsewhere. Scott had to split his team to save Deaton and Derek, and they managed to save both, thanks to Sheriff Stilinski being a better detective than his son, and Scott showing some initiative of his own.

I like the idea that Scott can become an Alpha just by exhibiting leader-like qualities, and not taking the power from someone else. It makes sense that out of anybody, it would be him who becomes an Alpha by his own hand, and not at the expense of another wolf. Though it’s the reason for Deucalion coming after him and his friends, it will hopefully be the reason that Scott finally beats him at his own game.

There was a lot going on here between the Alphas trapping Derek, Lydia trying to commune with the spirits (scene of the week), more sacrifices and the death of one of our own, so it’s a miracle that this episode was paced as well as it was. The show is definitely growing up along with Scott, and it’s a great thing to see happening.

4.5 out of 5 Ouija Boards.


We didn’t see much of Allison this week, but her relegation was understandable. I loved that scene between her and Scott, though. The awkwardness of the situation was too adorable. Hopefully she’ll back properly again next week, after confronting Gerard.

He Said, She Said

Deucalion: “There’s a difficult choice you’re about to face, ‘cause someone is going to die tonight, and whether that’s Derek or Deaton is up to you.”

Deaton: “Every once in a while, a Beta can become an Alpha without having to steal or take that power.”

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  1. I agree - it was a good one, Panda. The alpha stuff even worked for me because Scott has matured so much this season; it fits. I liked the closet scene :) too because it was played so well with such gentle humor. And I liked how Scott looked at his mother after she saved Danny.

  2. I'm starting to really like the twins - Ethan, at least. And Scott and Isaac watching over Melissa was pretty adorable. I think Scott and Melissa are just what Isaac needs.

    I will undoubtedly miss Boyd and Erica though. It was nice having some closure with Erica's death.

    I don't like Kali. I'm not sure if it is the way the actress is portraying her, or just the character. I do not like her at all.


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