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Teen Wolf: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

“I’m something!”

After a step back last week to give us some vital background to what’s been going on this season, ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ was a return to the present, as one of the season’s biggest mysteries came to a head. It’s an episode that boasts some impressive character work for the show’s supporting players, and some really great twists with regards to its more important regulars.

For the first time, we finally got to hear a little bit more about Ethan and Aiden and how they joined the pack. Beneath all the butchery, you can sort of see where Ethan was coming from with his story about himself and Aiden starting out as Omegas. And now that he’s become strongly linked to Danny, I don’t think he’s as big of a threat as fellow Alpha Kali, but his brother might not be too happy about him softening up, especially if it puts them on Deucalion’s bad side.

Aside from the twins, Sheriff Stilinski also got a lot more to do this week. I felt bad for Stiles when he failed to convince his father about the truth behind Beacon Hills and its seedy werewolf community. I really bought into him bringing up his mother when he couldn’t get him to listen. He sounded like a frustrated and relatable teenager in that moment.

Now that the Sheriff has been taken by the real Darach, Stiles will probably feel even worse for not being able to explain the full story to his dad in time. I really didn’t see that twists about Ms. Blake coming; it was a lot of fun to watch her go from helpless damsel to psychotic serial killer so quickly. I’m happy to see the show make use of its forgotten cast members like it has this week, with Sheriff Stilinski, Ethan, Aiden and Jennifer all becoming really important, but not overshadowing everyone else.

We always knew that Lydia was a vital piece of the puzzle, and I was happy that the reveal of what she truly is wasn’t a major letdown. It was satisfying to finally have something to attach to her, but I’m still excited to learn more about what she is and what she, as a banshee, can accomplish. I hope that something is made of that great moment between her and Scott when she finally embraced what she can do and promised to use it to help stop what’s been going on.

Nine episodes in and the season has barely shown a single sign of winding down. From what we’ve seen already, I think Teen Wolf might actually be one of the few series out there that actually deserves a boosted episode order. I hope I’m not proven wrong.

4.5 out of 5 banshees.


I really enjoyed Scott’s confrontation with Ms. Morell, even though I’m still not sure what her game is.

Yikes, death by piano.

He Said, She Said

Jennifer: “You’re just like me, Lydia. You look like the innocent flower, but there’s a serpent under it.”

Stiles: “You just don’t believe. Mom would have believed me.”

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