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Doux News: August 11, 2013

This Week: Casts – Ender’s Game – Alec Baldwin – Loki – Comment Poetry –Everybody’s An Expert – Not-So-Random Recommendation – This Week in Categories


There’s not much to report in the dog days of August, but we did get some fun casting news to get us excited about the fall television season:

Tamhoh Penikett of Arrow, BSG, Castle, Continuum and Dollhouse will have a multi-episode arc on Supernatural’s ninth season.

Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars, Moonlight) will guest-star in an episode of the CW’s upcoming show Tomorrow People.

• Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones, Rome, Doctor Who) will play a character on the upcoming Outlander series based on Diane Gabaldon’s novels. The character will be smarmy, because he is played by Tobias Menzies.

Ender's Game

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game:

Alec Baldwin

Everyone’s favorite Baldwin brother has been tapped to host a weekly news show on MSNBC. Despite Baldwin’s occasional moments of utter jerkishness, I really like the guy and have enjoyed watching his head increase in size over the years. (I’m not speaking metaphorically. His head has gotten larger. It’s an Irish thing, I think. Happened to my dad, too. And his dad, and all of his brothers.) A political talk show seems like the ideal place for Baldwin to showcase his strong opinions, especially since a career in politics seems out of the question.


Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki in Thor and a little film by Joss Whedon that had something to do with saving the world, said that he was open to guest-starring in the upcoming TV show that I choose to call SHIELD. Since His Whedonness has already gone on record as saying he would welcome characters from the Avengers if the story called for it, now seems like a good time to start sending Mutant Enemy some sort of gag item (perhaps an actual gag; get it?) to convince them to Lokify SHIELD as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Loki already looks poised to feature prominently in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World sequel due in November. Here’s a trailer—looks like there’s lots of Asgard, which is frakkin’ awesome:

Comment Poetry

The Agents of D.O.U.X. not only read every comment posted on the site, we track the "Recent Comments" right-hand sidebar, which only gives the first 1-3 words of the comment to avoid spoilage. When we’re lucky, the result is “comment poetry,” and ChrisB discovered this gem last week:

Having lived
My favorite
No one has
Eh. Not great.

Everybody's an Expert

Sean Young, who played Rachel in Blade Runner, has gone public with her discontent over being left out of the upcoming prequel or sequel or whatever. Her “official opinion is that, if they don’t include me in it, everybody should boycott it. Because it’s stupid not to have me in it. It’s really stupid. That’s my opinion! I mean, you try to tell people something sensible in Hollywood and sometimes they just don’t listen, you know. And they usually pay the price too, because everybody’s an expert.” Indeed.

Not-So-Random Recommendation

Behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of TV-show creation are becoming more common. Perhaps inspired by the Sundance Channel’s The Writers’ Room (which ChrisB reviewed in her most recent New Shows post), the New York Times convened a roundtable of top names in today’s television (Shonda Rhimes, Carlton Cuse, Robert and Michelle King, Terence Winter, and Beau Willimon) for a discussion of “Post-Water-Cooler TV.” It’s a fun read, available here.

This Week in Categories

Our very own Sunbunny discovered this beauty on Tumblr. Click on for a delightful statistical analysis of various Supernatural things like the number of times Dean eats (in all eight seasons) or an inventory of plaid shirts. Be careful on her Tumblr page, though—lots of spoilers for many shows, including Buffy!


  1. When I read Sean Young's comment, I was kind of hoping it had some kind of missing context. It might -- but it probably doesn't. Shame that.

  2. The NYT article was fascinating. I especially liked the bit about the length of seasons which we have discussed on this site in some detail.

    Another plug for The Writer' Room. This week they did Parks and Rec, another show I don't watch. But, watching the writers discuss how they come up with story lines and how they develop characters is really interesting.

  3. Alec is probably my favourite Baldwin brother despite his unfortunate rage tendencies..umm with Daniel slightly after him cause he was great as Beau Felton om Homicide..
    Still boycotting Ender's game.
    Saving my pennies for Thor the dark world.

  4. Alec is also my favorite Baldwin brother and a progressive news show feels like the perfect gig for him. But I'm seriously addicted to Rachel Maddow and probably won't be able to handle two hours of news show per night.

    That Supernatural graphic is fabulous. I remember a Buffy site that was up during the run of the show that listed when every character got hurt. Giles got knocked out several times a season.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that everyone filming Blade Runner, including Harrison Ford, couldn't stand working with Sean Young. Is she really so deluded that she expects fans of Blade Runner to boycott the sequel for her? Wow.

  5. I'm sure someone has done something with the amount of times people got knocked on the head in Smallville..poor Lana must have lost many braincells that way..oh ok that was mean.

  6. Not so sure about the Alec Baldwin show. His last rage rant might've done it for me. Still, the slot means that there will be one hour less of one of MSNBC's stupid prison reality shows. So, yay. But it does mean that Rachel no longer gets to make fun about sending her audience to prison on Fridays. :/ Plus there are about a half dozen talking heads I'd rather get their own show. If I wanted a melodramatic Irish guy to shout at me, I could just watch Lawrence O'Donnell.

    I do not know who Sean Young is, except an actress who clearly needs to get over herself.

  7. I agree that Sean Young needs to get a life but sunbunny you just made me feel really old :). If younger people don't even know who she is, it's not likely that they will boycott a move for her!

  8. Can I get some kind of royalty every time someone says that to me? :)

  9. Where abouts is your Dexter review from last week Billie?

  10. Anonymous, I am a victim of the freaking Time Warner/CBS blackout war. I don't have Showtime because Time Warner won't give it to me, and I won't download anything illegally. So I guess I'll have to wait.

  11. Ohh you poor thing. As an Australian I have a limited understanding of the blackout. But to not be able to watch your favourite shows must be torture. I admire your will to not download illegally. Hopefully it gets resolved for you soon :)

  12. The most highly anticipated watch this week is Phineas and Ferb mash up with the Avengers this Friday.


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