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Lost Girl: Faetal Attraction

"We're gonna need a safe word."

So you've been rejected (for the first time ever) by that cute wolf boy you really liked. Do you A) curl up on the sofa and consume large amounts of ice cream or B) smash up a car with your bestie, go out for drinks and pick up a couple for a night of steamy rebound sex? I’ll give you three guesses which option Bo goes for.

Lost Girl's main failing so far has been the case of the week plots. Everything else about the series is working. The characters are likeable (even Dyson has his moments), the dialogue is often very witty (especially everything that comes out of Kenzi’s mouth), and the Fae world the writers are building is interesting. But the various cases Team Bo have been dealing with week by week have left a lot to be desired. This episode was no exception, although I liked that Jenny, the seemingly innocent human victim, turned out to be a psycho serial killer who had quite the collection.

The thing that really annoyed me most about this episode was the use of one of my personal pet peeves - the pointless in medias res opening. It has become something of a cliché these past few years for TV episodes to open with a scene where the main character(s) are either in a dangerous situation from which there is no obvious escape, or are doing something completely out of character which will only make sense with context. The episodes then flashback so many hours/days/months to reveal how they got into this situation in the first place.

It's a lazy technique that writers only use because they want to start the episode with a bang. In this case, literally. Rather than kick off things with Bo lying in bed, sulking about Dyson, this episodes starts with our leading ladies running out of an exploding building. Hmm, I don’t think the writers of this show know exactly how this cliché is supposed to work. We’re supposed to see our heroes in a dangerous situation, not the resolution to that dangerous situation. And since there was no caption to let us know that what we'd just seen was a flashforward, the entire cold open just came across as awkward. At first I just thought it was just Bo and Kenzi wrapping up their latest case.

On the relationship front, Bo and Dyson were back together (in a sense) after being broken up for one whole episode. They've decided to now just be friends with benefits (yeah, because that always works out well for everyone involved). I’m still not buying the relationship between these two. Maybe it’s because the writers have rushed into it too quickly. It’s only the fourth episode and they’re going on like they’ve been dating for months. When she wasn’t moping about Dyson, there was some serious flirting going on between Bo and a certain human doctor. Lauren was practically blushing. I have no idea where Kenzi is getting cold and frigid from.

Fae of the Week

Olivia and her sisters were Furies, also known as Erinyes. In Greek mythology, the Furies were deities of vengeance. According to Homer they were "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath". Their waists were entwined with serpents and their eyes dripped with blood.

Note and Quotes

--Kenzi and a katana. A match made in heaven.

--How exactly did Jenny get Kenzi to her place? Did she have a car? Because she obviously didn't take Bo's?

--Bo must find it liberating to finally have sexual partners who won’t up and die on her. She can finally enjoy a bit of hardcore hanky panky without fear of killing anyone. And Bo sure does enjoy hardcore hanky panky.

--I could’ve done without all the scenes with Dyson and the police shrink. Along with pointless in medias res openings, therapy seasons are another one of my pet peeves, especially when they are as predictable as the ones here.

--Loved Kenzi swapping cereal for booze.

Kenzi: “Come on, are you a succubus or a succubust?”

Bo: "You, you are the Kenziest Kenzi ever."

Kenzi: “Oh my God, total 911! Goblins have stormed out kitchen and they are eating all our Sugar Pops!”

Two out of four safe words.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. This is one of the few Lost Girl episodes I really remember clearly. Probably because of "the pointless in medias res opening," which I also hated. Sometimes the format works, but it's been overused. It got to the point in Alias where it was every other episode. Annoying.

    Although I do feel Dyson and Bo is rather rushed, I will incur your wrath by saying I really like them together. They have great chemistry.

    I will also incur your wrath by declaring that I do not particularly like Lauren. *braces for incoming missile*

  2. sunbunny, you misjudge me. I don't send missiles at people because they have opinions contrary to my own.

    That's what I have a guild of assassins for.

  3. Let me know when to expect said guild. I'll bake cookies.


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