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Lost Girl: Dead Lucky

“This really puts the suck in succubus.”

For me, this was the episode where Lost Girl went from "new show I quite like" to "new show I am really starting to love".

As I said in my previous review, Lost Girl is one of those shows where I love the characters, but am constantly underwhelmed by the quality of the stories. I didn't have that problem with this episode. The case of the week was fun and interesting, the story arc is starting to pick up steam, and Kenzi sported another fabulous wig. What more could a fan ask for?

So far Bo hasn’t really lived up to her unallied status. We frequently see her taking jobs for Light Fae, hanging out with Light Fae, sleeping with Light Fae, and flirting non-stop with adorable human doctors who work for Light Fae. For someone who prides herself on not picking a side, it sure does look like she picked a side, and it’s the side with the hunk werewolves and sexy doctors. It’s long past time that Bo branched out from her Light Fae comfort zone. She needs to start mingling with the Dark so we can learn what exactly makes them so different from the Light.

So far the only major encounter Bo’s had with the Dark Fae was in the delightfully evil form of the Morrigan. She didn’t show up here, despite being mentioned, instead we were introduced to Mayer, a Lucky Fae working as a crooked bookie. I really liked Mayer (who looked like he could be John Noble's seedier brother), he was a great character, as was his niece, Cassie, the lollipop sucking Oracle. Mayer showed us that the Dark, while far from goody goodies, are really no different from the Light. With names like Light and the Dark, it would’ve been so easy for the writers to simply portray the two sides of the Fae community as basically good and evil. But that would be boring. Far better to have some ambiguity about both sides. In fact, Mayer was actually more honourable, and sane, than most of the Light Fae we’ve met so far. I know I’d sooner trust him than the Ash.

Cassie’s reading provided us with a lot of new information about Bo’s past and future. As is often the case with scenes like this, we were left with more questions than answers. Who are Bo’s parents? Why was her mother locked up? Is her father also looking for her or is he content to be a deadbeat dad? Unsurprisingly, Cassie also told Bo that she would be a major player in some coming battle. Well, she is the lead character in a supernatural show. They tend to have chosen one status. Will this major battle be between the Light and the Dark? Humans and Fae? Cats and dogs? And what exactly will Bo’s role be? Is she destined to save the world or destroy it?

Fae of the Week

We didn’t find exactly what species Mayer was. He was simply described as a Luck Fae.

Cassie was an Oracle. Her name is no doubt a reference to Cassandra from Greek Mythology, who was blessed with the gift of prophecy by Apollo, turning her into an Oracle. When she did not return his love, he cursed her so that no one would believe her prophecies.

Eddie and Lucas were Hsiens, Faes who likes to wear human corpses. Hsien likely refers to the Pa Hsien (the Eight Immortals) from Chinese mythology.

Jasper was a Frost Giant. In Norse mythology, the Frost Giants (also known as the Jötunn) resided in the realm of Jötunheimr, one of the Nine Realms, and were frequent the enemies of the gods. In illustrations they look something like this:

But thanks to Sir Kenneth Branagh most people think they look like this:

Notes and Quotes

--As long as you pay in real life money, Kenzi will take your case no matter how crazy it is.

--Another wonderful wig for Kenzi. I wonder how many she has.

--I wonder if the two sides are called Light and Dark because that's how they like their humans to be cooked.

--Loved the body jumping from fight between Lucas and Bo. A morgue is really not the place you want to fight someone who can take control of cadavers.

--Bo and Dyson’s loud healing sex session made Trick think his troll got out. Which begs the question, why does Trick have a troll in the first place?

--Speaking of loud healing sex sessions, it’s clearly taking more out of Dyson than he is letting on.

Bo: "But, riddle me this: How does a dead guy walk around town placing bets? I mean I've heard gambling's an addiction, but come on."

Dyson: "What are you back on Team Dyson?"
Kenzi: "You wish."
Dyson: "Come on, we're getting t-shirts."

Trick: "It's distasteful. Humans are for feeding off of, not wearing."

Three out of four lollipops.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. I remember really liking this one, too. I think I remember being at the point of dropping the show, and this episode made me change my mind. Solid review, Mark. You have such a good feel for this show. I love Lost Girl but find it hard to review!

  2. Are you seriously complaining that we have Tom Hiddleston instead of gross icey caveman looking things? Look at that smile!

    Like Billie, I was almost ready to give up on Lost Girl but this one made me keep going. One of the strongest stories of the first season imho.

    It also bugged me that Bo kept saying she was unaffiliated while she was pretty obviously affiliated with the Light. I also like that the Light Fae aren't the good guys and the Dark Fae are the bad guys.


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