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Teen Wolf: The Overlooked

“We were the overlooked.”

Teen Wolf does this a lot; throws you into the midst of chaos with very little explanation, but it always seems to come together in the end. ‘The Overlooked’ follows that roadmap, with an episode that starts off with craziness from all angles, but pulls everything back in for a nice cohesive finish.

The opening in the hospital comes with practically no warning. We’re instantly faced with smashing windows, ambulances everywhere and patients being shipped away, and it barely gives you a chance to get your bearings. Of course, I did, like always, and things got off to a fun start with everyone trapped in the hospital looking for a way to get everyone out.

Everyone was split up into interesting sub groups, like Derek and Jennifer, because obviously we’re going to have to make them talk about what we learned last week. I wasn’t sure if we would get the full story of what the new high school teacher actually was this soon, but I’m glad we did. I’m also glad that the explanation wasn’t as straightforward as we would have thought.

The flashback becoming important now makes a lot of sense, especially since Teen Wolf is a series that always takes note of what goes on in the background. The reveal of Julia and her back story not only gives context to everything that’s happened this season, but also brings it all together in a really exciting way. Julia was responsible for the murders, but she’s also an enemy of the Alpha pack, and now she’s forced Scott into teaming up with Deucalion after all of the fighting between them for the past ten episodes.

The emotional payoff here was pretty great, too. Julia was given a lot of motivation for her actions, which held a surprising amount of clout. It’s also cool to see it fit in with Kali (who is suddenly a lot more interesting) and what Deaton and Ms. Morell are. It’ll be interesting to see if either of them will play a big role in saving the guardians from Julia.

I’m guessing the big plan is to create a lunar eclipse to give Julia a chance to kill all of the Alpha pack, and Kali, in retaliation for what they did to her. It’s a great place to build the show up to over the next two episodes before we take a painful mid-season hiatus.

4 out of 5 emissaries out for revenge.


I loved Isaac dropping in on Jennifer looking hot right in the middle of everything.

Another week off for Holland Roden.

The product placement was disgusting this week.

I pegged what Allison’s plan was straight away, but that over-the-top reveal was too fun to give out about.

He Said, She Said

Julia: “We were the overlooked: the emissaries. “

Derek: “You killed innocent people.”
Julia: “So have you.”

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  1. I don't have much to say except I love the series and really appreciate your reviews. Thanks Panda!



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