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True Blood: Dead Meat

"Destiny's too much of a bitch to keep fighting."

This one just may have been about fate. Do you think?

Our favorite vampires are destined to die in the cylindrical room of death. Except that Eric is coming to the rescue after cleverly drinking enough of Adilyn Bellefleur to get into the fairy realm and drain Warlow. (I think of that place in the cemetery as the fairy anteroom.)

Warlow used his leverage to blackmail Sookie into becoming his fairy vampire bride because he thinks they're fated to be together. Sookie was buying into it, too. I sort of bought in to Sookie's change of heart. She considered giving up her light and being human (maybe if Sam hadn't been previously occupied, she might have gone that way) but finally decided to reject her parents completely and go in a non-human direction.

Personally, I really, really don't want Sookie to become a fairy vampire and I don't think she's fated to become one, mostly because the whole hybrid thing strikes me as sort of silly, and because Sookie's humanity is pretty much the emotional basis of the book series. And I still think Warlow has ulterior motives. Or was lying to Sookie. Or both. I bet she was thinking of that when she was in the bathroom remembering that scary thing she saw. That was supposed to be Warlow, wasn't it? And Sookie called Bill a "motherfucking monster." Doesn't sound like she really wants to be anything like him, does it?

We got a Bill versus Eric scene – and even though Bill came out the victor in a physical sense, Eric came out ahead in the responsibility and emotion department. I'm only sorry that we still haven't gotten anything substantial in the Sookie/Eric department for two freaking seasons. I thought, for just a second or two, that we might finally get something tonight. But no; it's like Eric doesn't care about Sookie at all. And Sookie didn't even seem to care about the fate of Eric and his vampire family. Did I just imagine season four?

Ah, Sarah Newlin. What a wicked web we weave. But murder by stiletto? Really? And the feeding frenzy beneath made me think of Shark Week. Sarah Newlin really needs to become a vampire, doesn't she? Look at what it did for her ex. (I knew the moment James told Steve not to drink the TruBlood that it was a mistake.)

And poor Jason. Victimized by Sarah Newlin, and now he's become the plaything of a type 1 vampire named Violet. I still feel a bit sad that Jessica and James were writhing in passion while Jason was thrown to the wolves. Or more appropriately, sharks.

The were/shifter part of the show was a bit more compelling this week. Sam cleaning out Terry's locker was touching. And Alcide has thankfully left the Pack, and shown up to tell Sam where Nicole and her mother were. It looked like Sam was about to offer Alcide a job. If they just wrote out the Pack stuff, I'm glad. But I wish it didn't feel like they just wrote Terry Bellefleur out and replaced him with a more popular character.

And come on. Nicole is pregnant with Sam's pup? We just freaking met her! Sam just freaking met her! Luna just died, like, five minutes ago! Talk about writing someone out and replacing them?

The funeral parlor scene was enjoyable. I wanted Arlene to put her foot down and give Terry the funeral he would have wanted, and she did. I liked that Holly backed her up, too. And that Arlene didn't give up the insurance money. Although I'm having a hard time picturing Arlene as a rich woman.

Bits and pieces:

-- Courtney Ford returned as Portia Bellefleur. Mrs. Bellefleur was recast, though. I don't remember her on Who's the Boss.

-- Nicole's mother called Sam the "silver fox." No, he's usually a dog.

-- Rikki and two other female weres trying to take over the Pack was reminiscent of a plot in one of the books.

-- When Eric glamoured Holly's sons, he said he was sorry to take away the one's memory of taking Adilyn's shirt off. That was rather sweet.

-- At one point, Sookie wearing an angel tee shirt that I remember from a couple of seasons ago. It was a nice reminder of how human she used to be.

-- Sookie told Sam that part of her had always thought they'd wind up together. Gee, I wonder where that came from?

-- Adilyn needs to take how to conceal that you're mind-reading lessons from Sookie.


Eric: "Are you taking me for a ride with your mind, Bill?"

Sookie: "Fucking eternity? Couldn't he just ask me to go to the movies with him next week? It's like all men are incapable of just wanting to date me."

Jessica: "Did you just have sex with him?"
Pam: "I did."
Jessica: "How was it?"
Pam: "Oozy, but productive.
LOL again.

Sookie: "Death is just a fucking pit stop on a road that keeps on going with no end in sight."
No, she's not depressed.

Maybe not as enjoyable as last week's, and of course I'm speaking only for myself, but not bad at all,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I'm enjoying off-the-rails!Eric at the moment. He's a hoot.

    Don't really care much for Sam's story-line, which is sad because I like Sam, or the werewolf story-line.

  2. I wonder why Eric got into fairy without Sookie's help but Bill had Warlow's blood and still needed Sookie's help to enter? It was a good episode. I'm glad that CH and AB didn't have the last laugh as far as Sookie and Sam and Sookie and Bill. I wonder if Eric will be able to day walk like Bill now that he's had Warlow's blood? I loved this episode and glad Eric saw right through Bill and hoped he heard Sookie's rant when she left fairy?

  3. Wasn't that Terry's mother, not Caroline Bellefleur?

  4. Am I the only one wondering how Alcide was able to leave the pack so easily? Taking into consideration that he didn't fight to the death and all.
    I feel bad for Jason. Seriously, first they have like 30 women rape him in the werecougar whatever community (another story that never wrapped up - are there 30 baby Jason's out there?) now he's got this crazy vamp that he's hers forever. I hope the season ends with a few less characters - Violet and the blonde Jesus freak and Warlow...I think we would quickly get over that.
    I love this show but back to basics would be nice - Pam, Eric, Tara, Jason and Sookie.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I honestly would love to see Sookie go in the hybrid direction. Why? It'd force her to grow as a character. She has been flatlining for the past few seasons and has been relegated to that side character no one cares about. Everything happens TO her and she never changes. I'd love to see some further character development. I'm starting to finally see a bit with the discovery of her parents and all, but she's been a one note character for a while now and it's gotten stale.

  7. I totally agree with you Adrianne. Sookie as a character is basically the same as she was in season 1, and to be honest I've never been all that fond of her (not because of the actress she does a great job with the material she's given). It would be nice to see her take more of center stage, and as a very powerful hybrid vampire she might be the bridge to helping the human/vampire situation come to a non-bloody resolution.

  8. Sookie has always said that she loves the sun too much to become a vampire, but doesn't the fact that Warlows blood enable vamps to walk in the sun kind of take away that excuse? Most of her friends are now vamps, and Sam has another life in the making, so what is keeping her from going down the turning path? I know that CH would not allow this and for this reason I cannot see this happening. Then again I cant see how CH book ending would end up happening either (Sam is not going to leave the child).

    I am really loving this series and really dont want it to end. 10 episodes is not enough!

    On the Alcide note - I think he made a deal to forfeit as packmaster in return for letting the 2 women free. I dont really see where his character could go now however.

    Final thought - Jessica's new love is 100% guaranteed for the cull!

  9. I thought it was a really interesting and exciting episode. There wasn't anything about it that I thought was horrible. The storyline flowed pretty smoothly and I was more excited by it than by Dexter's epi this weekend.(the end was a surprise though) Yes, some of it is old hat, but I've seen it done worse.

    The only part I didn't love was Sam/Nicole getting together so soon and him yelling at Sookie.

    Can't wait for Eric to save the vamps from the true death next week!

  10. Adrianne, I see how Sookie becoming a hybrid would develop her character in a different direction. But the show would lose the main premise, that of a life/death love issue. Both Bill and Warlow have proposed to Sookie, she has struggled with both proposals and has ended deciding to accept both. The main difference of Sookie's story with Bill (and Eric) vs. Warlow is that Bill (and Eric) never asked her to become vampire; in a sense, they loved to feel alive next to her. That's what made their stories dramatic.

    Does Warlow blood make vampires able to walk in the light forever? Then why didn't Lilith (who presumably fed from Warlow) die when he exposed her to the sun?

    I really hate where they've gone with Sam's character. If ABCD is "not even two weeks old", Luna has not been dead even a week. And Sam's already in love with someone else? Gee, he was one of the "stable" characters of the show.

    I must admit to not been a big Eric fan since about season 2. Now I realize it is because I LOVE Eric in his true vampire form (cunning, manipulative, loving his vampire self). I'm glad he and Pam are back. Now I'm hating the direction in which they are taking Jessica.

  11. Sarah needs to be vampire. That was a very bloodythirsty stiletto murder..oww.
    James seems too nice so I guess he's doomed. And yeah the Sam/Nicole thing is too fast. She's already with pup?
    Not loving Sookie being a fairy vamp at all. Come on show..don't go there..and maybe give us some Eric/Sookie in the future..


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