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The Big Bang Theory: The Hofstadter Insufficiency

"Your husband's weird and his clothes are ridiculous."

Did someone say Big Bang Theory Season 7? Double-episode of The Big Bang Theory? The Big Bang Theory extravaganza?!!! Yes, folks, it's no search engine optimized hyperbole to say the gang returns from summer vacation with a cute double-episode premiere. I'll be reviewing them separately because it's prettier on the episode list that way. Where's Leonard? What happens now that Raj can talk sober to women? How much do Amy and Bernadette really have in common? These and more questions answered through the process of scientific inquiry right now...someone get me a control group...

So, Big Bang began with a good episode. I'll start by saying that. Was it a classic for the ages? Probably not, but it was fun and it was a relief to see the show seems to have a grasp on make the usual dynamics cover new ground.

Case in point: we've seen Sheldon and Penny together without Leonard before. But here we have that combo and it's got a new twist: Sheldon actually seemed to care that Penny blew off his "emotional" revelation about youtube rankings- to the point he called her on it. And of course if you give Sheldon an inch, he'll take a mile and Penny was quickly sucked into spending serious quality time with him. He was also less insulting to her than usual- though he did get in some nice drinking jokes (and coming soon: he thought Penny was cheating on Leonard, but still...) And we've seen Leonard be upset because Penny is cool and he's a dork. But here, he's on a ship having the "best" time of his life - without Penny. Luckily, no major friction was called by this. Because, they're like, so past that.

There was some good bonding...sort of ....between Bernadette and Amy. They were enjoying being free chicks out on the town at a convention, but eventually, their pet peeves about each others' mates came to the surface- which was super funny. Love is blind. Your friends aren't. But they made up and had some good girl talk -- and when it seemed like they preferred each other's type when it came to randoms in a bar, that was funny, too.

And then we had a nice few beats with the Human Resources lady and Raj, where he fumbled with his new found words yet ended up being a "sweetheart" to her. An interesting seed planted or ships passing in the singles mixer night? Wingman Wolowitz didn't think there was much there, but, Raj was sure there was a moment...We'll have to wait and see.

And now, for the next recap. In three, two one...


  1. For me, the best plot was Amy and Bernadette, because it's absolutely true that they are always communicating on Penny's level. And their subconscious desire to switch guys was pretty funny, considering how much Bernadette knocks Sheldon and Amy knocks Howard.

  2. The chemistry between Penny and Sheldon has always been great. They "play off" each other wonderfully.

    The best part of the Amy and Bernadette scenes was when they were so excited that men were hitting on them - and not to get to Penny. Very funny!

    Btw, it's Hofstadter (not Hofstader). :-)

  3. I always love watching Amy in a social situation and watching how she has changed over the course of her run on the series. I love the fact that she now finds joy in men buying her a drink -- I'm not sure that would have happened when she first met Sheldon on her one date a year.

    Sheldon and Penny are comedy gold and this week was no different. His coming over to sleep in her bed was another example of how they all have grown. Now, Penny just smiles and (I presume), curls up on the couch.


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