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The Big Bang Theory: The Deception Verification

The Big Bang Theory has done a lot of good episodes where secrets get out of control. Who knows the truth about Leonard's return to dry land? And who's left out in the cold with a Batman squirtgun? These questions answered as we apply the scientific process to ascertain a verifiable truth. See how I just worked in the episode title? Total accident!

So, let me get out of the way what is sure to be an unpopular position: I didn't find that estrogen cream and boob testing schtick to be all that funny. I mean, it was sort of amusing -- and better than it would have been on other shows because it had an extra kick of exaggeration and was well-acted. But overall, Howard being a stereotypical woman, whatevs. And then his getting into some kind of double-entrendre with Raj-- both oblivious to it -- that was sort of funny but we've seen it before and it went on too long. And while they managed to tie it in with the Penny/Sheldon story at the end with that joke- meh, that was kind of gross. I like how Bernadette just walked away - because really, what else can you do in that situation with those two dufuses.

Not to say there weren't good moments in this episode. The bit with Stuart rooking Sheldon was really good exploitation of Sheldon's achilles' heel: his naivete about the real world. Poor Aquaman never gets any respect. The sailor hat, also a nod at Sheldon's childlike enthusiasm for things, was also good. And Amy not taking Sheldon's guff about "the friend of the girlfriend of my enemy" warning. I love when she tells him off. It's so "real couple."

When Sheldon went back to knock again- I knew it was coming, but it was still funny. Speaking of doors, I also liked the high pizza man and Penny telling him off than Sheldon noticing his "earthy" smell.

I kind of liked Leonard and Penny having a secret from Sheldon. It seems like a lot of the time in the past, Leonard has been trying to keep something from Penny - and hilarity ensued. I like this variation. I'm sure we've seen it before. Anyone think of it? And I like their solid-ness as a couple.

Until next week, BBT fans. And please do share your thoughts on the season's first episodes below!


  1. OMG, the estrogen cream thing with the boobs had me laughing like an idiot and cringing at the same time. What I liked most, though, was Bernadette coming up behind them, just standing there, and eventually turning around and leaving. What could she say?

  2. I remember that Leonard and Penny tried to keep secret the fact that she paint-gunned the cushion on his spot on the couch. That secret didn't last too long, either.

    I love this show, so I'm very glad you're reviewing it. :-)

  3. As Bernadette walked off, all I could think is that it probably wasn't the worst thing she'd ever seen the two of them do.

  4. I have to admit, I didn't like the oestrogen plot at all, and found it mildly offensive (a lot of what Howard was saying was symptomatic of an eating disorder, and those aren't specific to women, for a start). The boob-clutching was quite funny, especially with Bernadette in the background, but this sort of massively sexist story really should have died a death ten years ago...

  5. I enjoyed the episode and thanks for the review Beth. I have to agree with you and Juliette about the offensiveness of the estrogen plot. This show tends to do that - it has smart women who have trouble being sexy and a sexy woman who has trouble being smart. They have played with this a bit but all too often they fall into the stereotypical when it comes to women. Which is a shame because there are many things I like about this show. I just wish they would stop pissing me off with tired sexist stupidity.

  6. I'm with the majority in that I felt the estrogen plot was mildly offensive. Yes, the boob clutching was funny and Bernadette in the background made me laugh, but the overall story took the joke too far.

    There was too much eating "humor" this week. All the stuff with Howard and then Sheldon's throw-away line about Amy not eating doughnuts bothered me. I did like how Amy came back and told him she's had one for breakfast. Good for her.

  7. They stole the oestrogen joke from a BBC3 comedy called 'Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps' from circa 2002 in which one of the male characters takes his girlfriend's late mother's hormone replacement pills with hilarious results.


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