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Doux News: September 29, 2013

This Week: Sigh No More – Martha the Immortal Waitress – This Week in Casts – Serenity Sequel – To My Future Husband – Breaking Battle Creek – This Week in OMG – This Week in Cats

Sigh No More

Geeky heartthrob and all-around intelligent guy Tom Hiddleston waxed ecstatic about Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in an excellent interview with the A.V. Club this week. Hiddleston says he loves the comedy because it is “about love. It’s about your last chance. You might have sworn off finding the right person and think, ‘Love’s not for me. Marriage isn’t for me. I will die a bachelor, or I will die a maid. None of your romance, none of your love poems.’ It’s about these two old cynics who are like, ‘Nah, it’s not going to happen for me.’ And it does. I think that’s just very redemptive and sweet.” Awww.

Martha the Immortal Waitress

Entertainment Weekly has finally made its Joss Whedon cover story (from last month) available online. The full interview is here, and features Joss’s take on why The Avengers isn’t a perfect film, a really depressing story about when he got mugged as a thirteen year-old, and the new-to-me information that the first draft of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie script was called Martha the Immortal Waitress.

This Week in Casts

• Titus Welliver, who had some notable guest roles in Lost and Supernatural (but who I like to think of as That Guy Who Shops at my Trader Joe’s) has been cast in Amazon’s first TV show, Bosch, based on Michael Connelly’s excellent series of noir-tinged LA detective novels.

• Ken Jeong is developing a sitcom with NBC based on his first career as a doctor. Seriously.

• Zuleikha Robinson (Lost, Rome) will have a recurring role in the upcoming JJ Abrams show Intelligence. She will play Josh Holloway’s wife.

• Jack Coleman (Heroes, The Vampire Diaries) will have a recurring role on Scandal’s third season.

• Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit) has been cast in the William H. Macy role of FX’s 10-episode version of the movie Fargo. This presents me with an interesting dilemma: I like Fargo and therefore see no reason to watch a 10-hour TV version of the film. And yet I think Martin Freeman is adorable, and I want to pat his head. What’s a girl to do?

• Michael Rappaport has been cast in Justified’s fifth season as a member of the Crowe family. Crowe as in Dewey Crowe—so I assume the fifth season will be the funniest yet.

Serenity Sequel

Dark Horse Comics have inked (pun!) a deal with illustrator George Jeanty (who also illustrated the Buffy comics) for the upcoming series devoted to the loveable band of misfits aboard the spaceship Serenity. Dark Horse has put out Firefly-themed comics before, but this new series is the first to act as a “sequel”: it is set after the events of the film Serenity.

To My Future Husband

This is perfect. And I really do mean that:

Breaking Battle Creek

Breaking Bad mastermind Vince Gilligan has won the equivalent of TV’s Irish Sweepstakes: CBS has ordered, sight unseen—and committed to airing, which is unprecedented—a new 13-episode series called Battle Creek. According to the New York Times, the show is a “drama about two detectives in Battle Creek, Mich. One is a trusting naïf, the other a cynic who relies on guile and deception. They find themselves in competition with an F.B.I. agent whom they see as the epitome of a crime-fighter, though he is far from that.” That sounds deadly dull, but so did “a high school chemistry teacher gets some bad news and goes off the rails.” And that turned out okay.

This Week in OMG

The LA Times reported some truly frightening news this week: the sea sponges are turning into people! Well, not really. Photographer Mauricio Handler snapped a few pictures of a sea sponge that looks a lot like Cookie Monster. Because Handler makes his money from selling pictures, I don’t want to reproduce the horrific muppet-sponge freakshow here. But I recommend checking out the article for a glimpse of what our future squishy overlords will look like.

This Week in Cats

If you have a spare 10 minutes and nothing better to do, like folding the laundry or donating money to a life-saving charity, you may want to click on this enjoyable time-suck: a slide show of 50 beautiful women holding adorable cats from New York Magazine.


  1. Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch??? I am impressed with that bit of casting. Might have to watch it.

    Battle Creek does indeed sound meh, but it intrigues me more than Better Call Saul.

    Do you think Whedon was kidding about the Martha thing?

  2. Oops, one more comment. In Elmore Leonard's book Raylan, there is a Mags Bennett-like family that the producers obviously took to create season two, but they were headed by a patriarch named Crowe. So I'm thinking they're going to include more bits of that book in the next season of Justified.

  3. Martha the Immortal waitress should have been Sarah Michelle Gellar's new sitcom..

  4. Good one, Anna. :)

    I'm reading that marvelous seven page interview with Joss Whedon right now (thanks for pointing to it, Josie) and about SHIELD, he says: "This is basically a TV series of 'The Zeppo' [an episode of Buffy], which was a very deliberate deconstruction of a Buffy episode in order to star the person who mattered the least." Huh. I hadn't thought of that. Could a series centered around Xander have worked, though? Will a series about Coulson work?

  5. About Fargo, taken (and translated by me) from http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/film-tv/billy-bob-thornton-i-fargo-serie/:

    "Both the story and the characters on the TV-show are others than that/those in the movie. Billy Bob Thornton will play a manipulative man that leads an insurance-salesman from a small town to his doom."

    So, not a 10-hour version of the film, presumably.


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