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The Originals: Tangled Up in Blue

"There's always a plan B."

It's weird that I'm actually rooting for Klaus since he's been a villain for so long. It's funky. Still, he was basically the villain of his episode, with Marcel the poor dupe who got tricked into punishing his own guy. It was fun though, and pretty diabolical.

The plot focused mainly on Thierry (Marcel's right hand and best friend) and Katie (the witch who gave up Hayley to Marcel's nightwalkers in the last episode), a vampire Romeo and a witch Juliet. It felt like a bit of a stretch since we haven't gotten to know either character to see how much they truly cared for each other. Sure, we got a bit of that in the episode itself, and the relationship was effective enough for plot purposes, but I just think this would've been a better plot for the middle of the season, once we'd gotten to know Katie and Thierry a bit better. Poor Thierry and Katie though, they never stood a chance.

I'm a little torn about Marcel. I'm not sure he's evil, since he prizes things like loyalty and friendship. However, he also buried his best friend for a hundred years in the Garden (which is an underground prison, where vampires are buried neck deep or walled into a nook ala Cask of Amontillado). That feels like a fate worse than death to me. At least Katie died quickly. Of course Klaus used what Marcel values most -- loyalty -- against him. It's Marcel's Achilles heel, but it's also his strength as well because he draws people to him. Though I doubt Marcel will fall for that trick again, he's not stupid. I'm not sure Marcel's entirely in charge, though. It looks like Davina has quite a bit of say in what's going on. It also looks like Marcel has the same sort of connection to Davina that Sophie has to Hayley.

I wonder if they are setting up Camille to be the Elena of this show? Although neither Klaus nor Marcel are exactly the heroic romantic lead type. Klaus could be an interesting choice, but isn't he still smitten with Caroline? Is he looking for a 'good for now' replacement, or does Klaus genuinely like Camille? Not that his feelings will stop him from manipulating her, either way. How many times has she been compelled so far this season? One thing is for certain, her taste in costumes is horrible. That angel outfit was okay, but the fuzzy white angel wings were awful. The symbolism was also kind of over the top too, I get it she's the angel in the room. The good person our two evil leads (Klaus and Marcel) are going to fight over, I guess the winner might get redemption in the process of falling in love with her.

Finally, I'd like to mention how much Hayley is growing on me. Having her constantly wandering around, snooping, and gathering information is so smart. She's quiet and lurky, but somehow she steals the spotlight in every scene with a great line. I love her crafty glances and how she's seemingly indifferent to her situation. All these little things keep coming through that are slowly defining her character as the most wily and manipulative of the bunch. I'm not sure if that's a survival instinct of hers, or if she is just very smart. I just hope we get to know more about her soon, and maybe more about her elusive past.


Katie likely betrayed Sophie's sister (Jean-Anne) who had tried to run after doing the spell that eventually brought Klaus to New Orleans.

Thierry was the one Klaus bit in the premiere, as well as being Marcel's best friend and right hand.

I think the Garden is Marcel's way of daggering people. A brutal form of punishment for sure, but he saw firsthand Klaus's brand of justice with Rebekah when he put her in a box for 52 years. I guess it all comes back to Klaus.

I knew it was too soon to hope they would bring back Elijah. Still, they're continuing to give us snippets of Elijah through narration and flashbacks so that he's not gone or forgotten.

Elijah's diary that Hayley was reading was written in the fourteenth century, but it's in perfect modern English. Oops.

I wonder if all the episode titles will be named after songs?

Marcel is living in the old Mikaelson house.

Forgot to mention last week that Marcel has a plan to kill the Originals, specifically using Davina, which is beyond idiotic because to kill Klaus is to kill himself. Which I bet comes up at some point before Marcel pulls the trigger.

The charity party was Gothic and a bit darker than parties at Mystic Falls. The masks gave it a touch of New Orleans.

So Hayley's baby is a girl (probably), and that little smile from Klaus was fun. It's cute that he wants a girl. Since Marcel is basically Klaus's son and there's too much competition with him, a daughter makes more sense. Though I'm worried about potential abuse after what he's done to Rebekah.

Nos omnia perdetu el eam -- I tried a few languages, but I have no idea what it is. If anyone knows, that would be awesome.


Rebekah: "Niklaus, for the love of Mary Magdalene, how long does it take to ask a simple question?"

Klaus: "Be quick about it. I have an army to build, and one compelled minion does not an army make."

Klaus: "You do look stunning."
Bartender: "You clean up pretty well yourself."
Klaus: "Well, don't be fooled, love. I'm the devil in disguise."
Rebekah: "You two chit chat. I need booze."

Bartender: "I'm beginning to think your sister's a bit of a bitch."
Klaus: "It's as though she invented the term."

Klaus: "I thought you might like to know: Elijah is returning to us."
Hayley: "Congratulations. I guess being diabolical has its perks."

Hayley: "Please tell me I'm not having a mini-Klaus."

3 out of 4 Fluffy White Angel Wings.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. It means something like "It will destroy/ruin us all" or the like.

    I'm really liking the whole Klaus/Hayley thing; not romantically, but as dysfunctional parents-to-be.

    Klaus needs to smile more.

  2. I am almost certain that Davina is going to be Klaus's and Hayley's Baby From The Future.

  3. My guess is Marcel doesn't know about the rest of the line dying when an Original dies. I'm pretty sure NO ONE knew about it until the siblings were killed in VD! Everyone seemed pretty surprised about it. Plus supposedly Originals couldn't be killed (except that stake)

  4. About the language - if it is Latin, then I don't think it is *real* Latin, or it is some other Romance language/vulgate.... I suppose we will find out!

    the first bit is something like this is a child of evil (bearing in mind that infantima is not actually Latin I recognise, and 'hoc est' ist pronounced very strangely)

    For the second half I might suggest:
    nos omnia perditu illiam/Eliam; perditu could be a supine, then it could maybe mean some variant of 'we must wholly destroy/loose Elijah/her'

    I suppose we will find out!

  5. nos omnia perdetu el eam means "It will destroy all of us"


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