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PoI: Spoilers of Interest? (Updated)

Person of Interest may vacillate between high-octane thrills and pretty-good-not-great, but the upcoming "three episode event" titled "Endgame" surely won't disappoint. One episode in, the previews are getting even more spoilery and ambiguous.

But we laugh in the face of spoilers and ambiguity. (Well, sometimes we run and hide.) We also ponder, theorize, and make silly guesses. Here's our chance to do so.


  1. I just hope Endgame does not turn out to be Fusco's swansong, especially after he has been so criminally underused this season..

  2. I agree with Casual Observer. I like Fusco. And since the promo makes it look like it's gently wafting curtains for Fusco, it will probably be someone else.

    For quite awhile, I've gotten the feeling that they're going to write out Jim Caviezel's character, Reese. Last season was very low on Reese, and so far this season has been, too. They just added two absolutely wonderful female characters to the cast, too. I avoid spoilers, so I have no idea -- but I don't think I'd miss Reese all that much. I love Shaw, Root, Carter and Fusco. I'd still watch for them.

    The one character they absolutely cannot lose is, of course, Finch. No, make that two. Finch and Bear.

  3. On the one hand, it does seem odd that they would telegraph his exit like this. This show doesn't tend towards the predictable, which is a reason to think Fusco's not actually gonna die. But that promo was pushing it SO heavily, that if it's not actually about his death, it would seem almost like a cop-out(no pun intended). Plus, it sure seems like SOMEONE is going to die, and I can't see them getting rid of anyone else on Team Machine. If I had to guess, I'd say that this three-part "event" will have Fusco dying at the end of Part One, and the other two parts will be the fall-out, presumably the final showdown with HR. They are an enemy well past their expiration date, and it's time for them to go. Making it a sweeps event actually seems like a cool idea rather than waiting for the end of the season.

  4. I agree that it is odd for any show, really, to so obviously telegraph a character's death in just a promo. (I haven't seen any more info elsewhere, although I haven't been looking that hard.) That makes me think this is one big Bad Robot misdirect.

    In that case, I think that the "hero [who] will die" is Carter. Here's why:

    1. She's been on a real vengeful streak lately, crossing all sorts of lines that she would never have crossed in Season One. TV tends not to reward that sort of behavior, although I hope PoI surprises me in that regard.

    2. The show has a lot of women, by PoI standards. That makes me think at least one of them is expendable, but Root isn't a "hero" (and her plot clearly isn't done), and Shaw doesn't seem to have completed her redemption arc yet.

    3. Process of elimination. Finch can't go; he's to inmeshed in the Machine storyline with Root. Same goes for Root. Shaw is mid-arc. I'd vote for Reese, but the tease about his relationship with Zoe makes me think they have places they want to go with that character. And Fusco is too obvious.

    I hope I'm wrong; Carter is wonderful.

  5. The promo makes it really, really clear that Fusco is going to die which leaves me thinking that is the one thing that is definitely NOT going to happen.

    Josie - If Josie ends up being right and it's Carter whose "number is up" and you live within 200 miles of Los Angeles, expect to hear me screaming very, very loudly when that happens. I don't think it will, though. There are still places they can take her character.

    I think that's pretty much true for all of them - but Fusco. If one of Team Machine HAD to die, I'd pick him, but I really don't want to lose anyone!

    It's definitely not going to be Finch (not sure the show would survive without him) or Shaw or Root (no one puts new characters in the main titles just to kill them off a few episodes later...except Joss, of course).

    They do say "Fall" which misleading promos love to use instead of "Die," so maybe no one will die? Maybe Internal Affairs will get to Fusco or something for his past misdeeds?

  6. Re: "Fall" instead of "Die":

    Maybe the reason Fusco is all bloody is that he tripped over Bear and took a tumble into a pile of hardcover library books. It'll be a three-episode slapstick arc.

  7. This week's preview REALLY made it look like it was lacy, gently wafting curtains for Fusco. The only other possibility I can see is Reese. Honestly, I think Reese is the second most expendable character on the show right now, which is weird, because he was supposed to be the star in the first place. Oh well.

    My list of characters in reverse order of how upset I will be if they are killed off:

    7. Fusco
    6. Reese
    5. Shaw
    4. Carter
    3. Root
    2. Finch
    1. Bear

  8. "The ultimate sacrifice"? Maybe that doesn't mean death. Maybe that just means less time with Bear?

    Or, perhaps Mr. Reese will die, and resurrect three days later.

    (Is that joke horribly tasteless?)

  9. I don't know if it was tasteless or not. It made me laugh, though. :)

  10. Josie - On the contrary, I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it first.


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