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The Originals: Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Klaus: "Go ahead. Have fun. Kill them all."

This was really the Klaus and Marcel show, with all their subtle hostility and false smile politics.

I absolutely loved the scene where Klaus suggested they rule side by side, because I honestly couldn't tell if either of them were being sincere. Later on we learned that Marcel wants that declaration to be sincere, which would give him a chance to perhaps pull his people out of Klaus' shadow. However, wouldn't it be better to figure out a new way of ruling? One thing is for sure, things have definitely moved forward since the first episode.

I think it was a good sign that Klaus asked Elijah and Rebekah back into his life. They are better together, and perhaps Klaus is beginning to see that. I even got the impression that he partially acknowledged that his actions couldn't have been predicted by his family. Given his history, there was no way to know if he was being honest. Yet the honesty in Elijah's apology really did make that offer from Klaus work.

On the other side of the family, we got some semi-hostile/romantic back and forth between Marcel and Rebekah. I'm not sure I buy them as a couple yet, but I'm feeling the spark a little more now. Though I wonder what this big secret is that they keep hinting at. Also, I simply loved Rebekah and Elijah protecting the wolves. Their interactions with Marcel's daywalkers were all a lot of fun.

Then we had another great moment between Elijah and Hayley. The way Rebekah called Elijah out on his feelings made that later scene between Elijah and Hayley all the more romantic. Elijah is beginning to accept that Klaus and Rebekah are right, he does have feelings for the little wolf. Although Hayley does bring up a very relevant point, what is to become of her after the baby is born.

Cami's role in things just got interesting. After being Klaus' secret friend for awhile now, Marcel is finally in the know. It also looks like Davina is no longer willing to be a pawn, although why she would go to Cami is beyond me. But I loved Davina just looking at Cami, going you're compelled, and then immediately going all witch-fu on her. Cami without the compulsion will probably be a very angry person. I'm also really happy that Davina is no longer in the dark about the last Elder witch being dead, because it frees her to become a big player in the events to come.


Marcel and Klaus' retaliation on the human leadership was brutal. Killing all the main city officials would be national news. I wonder if Klaus even thought about that.

Klaus revealed all the things he's done up to this point to Marcel, and gave him permission and cause to revive Thierry.

Looks like there are two groups of important werewolves. Hayley's cursed family, and the surviving members of Klaus' paternal side of the family. The wolves haven't played a huge part in the series so far, but I have a feeling they will from this point forward.

What Cami did with the recorder was very smart.

Joshua and Davina are really cute as friends. I hope he doesn't die soon.

Where did Tyler go? Rebekah snapped his neck in the last episode, so what happened to him?


Marcel: "I thought you really liked me."
Cami: "So did I."
Klaus: "To be clear, I only compelled you to give him a chance, so anything you felt for him was quite real. And for the record, the level of awkwardness we're all currently experiencing is entirely genuine."

Elijah: "I'm not trying to impress the girl"
Rebekah: "I should bloody hope you are. Why else are we out here? Come on, Elijah. You've fallen for her. Admit it. It may do wonders for the stick up your enduringly stoic ass if you did."

I've really enjoyed this half of the season, and I'm very much looking forward to the show's return in January.

3 out of 4 vampire hunting parties.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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  1. OK seriously, how is Daniel Gillies not a big-time movie star by now? The dude has an ability to own the screen like few others, and his skill at delivering lines is fantastic. His second showdown with Diego out in the bayou, when he oh-so-politely informed him that yes this is a threat was awesome. :)

    The scene with Rebekah teasing Elijah about his feelings for Hayley was adorable, it's always nice to see the genuine affection between those two.


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