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Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good

“We can always try.”

‘More Bad than Good’ was definitely more good than bad, though it was a little less substantial than ‘Anchors.’ This week we were thrown right into the thick of the search for Malia, and though the episode lacked many major revelations until the final few minutes, it was still full of Teen Wolf’s trademark fun and games.

The eeriness and drama from last week carried over with some more cool horror tropes. The director this week clearly had a lot of fun with Allison’s “surgery” scene, and as gross as it was, it was pretty cool. Teen Wolf really takes its suitability rating to the limit, but never goes so far as to ruin it for the overly squeamish.

Peter’s torture scene definitely falls into the same category, but they really offset it with the humour of it all. Only a Hale could take losing a finger with that much sarcasm. Mystery Girl/Braeden showing up was a little odd considering I had completely written her off back in last summer’s season premiere. It even took me a few seconds to recognise her. That she was hired by the man who ripped her throat in the first place is even weirder, but it could be fun having her around. More fodder for Peter’s sarcasm is always a good thing.

Malia’s transformation back into a teenage girl provides a serious wealth of story potential. A character that has not only spent the last few years as a terrorising werecoyote, but ended up killing half her family in the process, is a great addition to the already screwed up Teen Wolf family. Shelley Hennig playing said character is just a sweet bonus.

I remember strongly disliking Stiles at first. Dylan O’Brien’s faux weirdness just made it hard for me to like him, but either Stiles has gotten more entertaining, or Dylan O’Brien has gotten better. A combination of the two is probably true, and he really sold that panic attack, and the struggle to get his head back again.

We finished this week with very little having changed, but with the addition of new characters that have great potential, and fantastic use of all of the remaining characters, I wasn’t left disappointed.

4 out of 5 werecoyotes that are now pretty teenage girls.


Arden Cho is incredibly likable. More of her please, show.

Coyotes tiptoe.

What “she wolf” are those weird torturers after?

Those hashtags are so distracting. I liked #whatsupwiththescarf though.

He Said, She Said

Lydia: “You don’t need the instructions. When is the last time you have ever used instructions, am I right? You don’t need them, because you are too smart.”

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  1. The 2nd half of Season 3 is still going strong, I like that this show rarely if ever has any true "filler" episodes. There's always some measurable forward momentum in the big storylines. I'm especially glad they didn't wait to long for Scott to get at least some of his Alpha mojo back. I didn't want it to be like Clark's flying power in Smallville's S4 premiere or Chuck's Intersect 2.0, no take-backs!

    I agree, Arden Cho is very likable as Kira. Besides being quite stunning, she's doing a great job at playing the awkward new girl trying to find her place. You can easily see why Scott would be drawn to someone like that.

    Does anyone else find Isaac as annoying as Stiles & I seem to? I've wanted to smack that guy multiple times over the last couple of episodes. And it's not like I'm some big Scott/Allison shipper who's being territorial(Im actually looking forward to the Scott/Kira romance they're blatantly foreshadowing), he's just being REALLY annoying.

    Of course, the other guy I've been wanting to slap is Scott's dad. Will the positive resolution to Malia's case been the FBI stops their investigation of Sherrif Stilinski? I have a hard time believing that's the wast we've seen of Agent McCall. In a way I hope it's not, just so we can see Melisssa tell him off again. She ranks right up there with Joyce Summers and Martha Kent when it comes to awesome mothers of super-powered teenagers. Much more of her please. :)


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