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Lost Girl: Of All the Gin Joints

“Holy high-pitched hangover.”

So Freddie Lounds, who apparently moonlights as an opera singer in her spare time, bursts into the Dal and begs for Bo's help. You brought all this on yourself, Freddie. You play with stylish cannibalistic serial killers, you're gonna get served for dinner. Wait, I'm getting my shows confused. Shame, because that probably would've been a more fun episode than this one.

Before I get to reviewing the episode, I want to grumble for a minute about Tamsin and how she is now AWOL. Seems our baby Valkyrie has gone off to find herself, leaving behind nothing but a confusing goodbye note to anyone who doesn't speak teen. Dammit, we only just got proper(ish) Tamsin back and now she's gone again. She better not be gone too long. And hopefully when she gets back she will be a bit more like her old self. Considering how vulnerable she has been lately I am surprised Bo and Kenzi aren't more worried about her.

There has yet to be an episode this season where the central story wasn’t connected to one of the ongoing story arcs in one way or another. 'Of All the Gin Joints' is probably the closest we’ve come all season to an old fashioned case of the week episode. Although Ianka's story was connected to the Wanderer arc, it was such a tenuous connection that this episode would've worked just as well without it. Ianka could've just been any random Fae asking for Bo's help. And she would've got it, because Bo has never been one to turn away those in need, especially women who are being treated as possessions by men.

Episodes like this usually end in one of two ways. Either a) the person who has the information our heroes want to get their hands on is killed before they can tell them anything or b) the information they provide is so vague that our heroes are no better off with it than they were without it. Surprisingly, we actually got both here. Ianka died, but not before giving Bo a way to access her lost memories, which only revealed that the Wanderer has left his mark on her. All that hassle and all we learned was that the Wanderer leaves prettier hand prints than angels.

All the really interesting stuff in this episode was happening across town, in what is soon to be Lauren’s former apartment. The good doctor was packing up to move and getting her groove on when the Morrigan, or should I say Evony, stopped by with beer and pizza. The last time on this show someone showed up with beer and pizza at someone's apartment naked times quickly followed. But that is unlikely to happen here. Not between Lauren and the Morrigan, right? Huh, maybe not. Honestly, I think the writers will make every possible romance combination canon before this show is over. So don’t lose hope, Trick/Dyson fans.

Nice to see that Lauren won’t make the same mistake with the Dark she made with the Light. The Morrigan may have tried to seduce her with the twin evils of alcohol and science books (which is basically porn for Lauren), but Lauren isn’t going to be the pawn of another Fae leader. I have no idea what she has planned, but I doubt it will end well for the Morrigan.

Hale and Kenzi finally sat down and had the talk they’ve been avoiding (mostly because Hale has been absent for the last three episodes). Now that they have finally admitted their true feelings for each other and officially become a couple I am worried that one of them (likely Hale, Ianka’s death song seemed to do more damage to him than he was letting on) is going to suffer a horrible fate. The Whedon Bible, that most holy of texts, tells that no couple on TV can ever be happy for long. The more hopelessly in love the couple are the greater the inevitable heartache will be.

Fae of the Week

Ianka was an Alchemist Fae. Trick described them as the very delicate descendants of Bird People. Their singing evokes powerful memories which they draw in and feed upon. Their singing can bring good and bad memories and certain songs can also kill.

Marcus was a Camazotz Mayan Bat Warrior. Camazotz was a bat god in Mayan mythology.

Notes and Quotes

--Lauren is a Trekkie, although she doesn’t seem to be a fan of DS9. Why not, Lauren? It’s the best one!

--I'm glad to see the Morrigan liquefied the stylist responsible for her look in the previous episode.

--Bo and Dyson are told to not have sex and what do they do? They have sex. Now they're in trouble with the Una Mens. Well, Dyson is. How come Bo seemed to get off the hook for their forbidden hook up? Does she get special compensation for being a succubus?

--The Morrigan has her own personal beer label, Dark Belch. It's 25% alcohol and from her redneck phase.

--Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie were apparently all Fae.

Kenzi: (taking someone's drink) "Toll for being non-helping douche-balls!"

The Morrigan: "You would've killed at Studio 54. Just like I killed the busboy that served me tonic instead of soda."

Kenzi: "Hello alternate reality Lauren? I'd like to talk to the real Lauren. Please go get her thank you."

The Morrigan: "You would not believe the shit humans will sell for a few sawbucks. My Van Gogh, my Stradivarius, two Faberge eggs. Stuff that Faberge would lose his shit if he knew."

Kenzi: "It's dead, done, a fake, just like the Mayan apocalypse. God what a rip that was."

Two out of four clear Atlantean quartz.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.

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  1. I have to get a copy of that Whedon bible.

    I caught up with Lost Girl tonight and I'm just posting a comment on this lovely review, Mark, before rushing to post a comment on the next episode.


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