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Teen Wolf: Echo House

"Screw you and your stupid riddles.”

‘Echo House’ was less propulsive than the last few weeks, but still retained the intelligent writing and creative strength that we’ve all become accustomed to since the winter premiere.

Removing ourselves from the insanity of ‘Letharia Vulpira’ and sending us into the dark and terrifying setting of Eichen House gave the series not only the chance to breathe, but also to show how strong it’s really gotten over the past seven episodes.

An asylum that is the epitome of creepiness is the perfect opportunity for us to see just how far the series can push the teen horror. With wacky residents, shocking suicides and a few disturbing visions, ‘Echo House’ was pretty much the creepiest episodes of the series so far.

There were a couple of familiar faces thrown in, too, to keep the show’s major plots moving forward. Most importantly, Malia, who is suffering since being made human again by Stiles and his merry band of wolves. It’s odd, and kind of brilliant, that she seems them as the bad guys. Being a wolf has kept her from feeling a tremendous amount of guilt over killing her parents. And she’s also freezing her ass off ever since she had to ditch the fur coat.

The other familiar face was Ms Morrell who helped Stiles to hold on in the face of losing himself to the Nogitsune. Her presence in the asylum made less sense than Malia’s, but I enjoy Bianca Lawson’s appearances too much to complain about that.

Outside the asylum’s gates, Scott, Allison, Lydia and Kira attempted to save Stiles. This part of the episode was a nice distraction from the heaviness of Stiles’ side inside the institution. Scott is proving more and more why he deserves to be a leader above every other Alpha we’ve seen. He isn’t a mindless monster like Ennis, or a manipulative psycho like Deucalion. He’s a leader, and it shows in everything he does, and the people who are falling in line behind him out of respect.

There’s a lot of fuel left to burn through before this season closes out, story wise. Now I’m less concerned about how the show is going to sustain the excitement, and more worried about how it’s going to fit everything in on time. There are worse things, I guess.

4 out of 5 tiny scrolls.


Stiles needs his pillow to sleep wherever he goes. How adorable was his dad about it?

Stiles and Malia definitely win the “Most Inappropriately Timed Sex Ever” award.

The wolf hunter from ‘More Bad Than Good’ finally came back. Will she be sticking around?

Dylan O’Brien continues to slay.

It’s starting to look more and more likely Stiles will be made a wolf. I’m not sure how I feel about that, yet.

He Said, She Said

Sheriff Stilinski: “I saw an MRI that looked exactly like my wife’s, and it terrifies me.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

1 comment:

  1. I'll have to watch the episode again to see if I have any further comments, but for right now I'll just say that I am very much NOT in favor of Stiles being made a wolf. The only real upside I can see to doing it is I can imagine the scene where they tell Stiles' dad what they want to do, and what the risks are. I'm pretty sure Linden Ashby would knock it out of the park. I really hope they find another way to save Stiles, though.

    My best guess is still that the big death will be one of the wolves. That line from a few episodes ago when Derek asked the twins if they'd be willing to die for Scott just seemed to be major foreshadowing. On a slightly related note, I think it's high time Scott started officially taking the other wolves on as his pack. If he's already done so with Isaac & Derek, then I'm miffed we didn't get to see it. Then again, maybe that's what this whole story arc is leading to, Scott growing into his leadership role and accepting the responsibility of actually being an Alpha.


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